Making the Speaking Business More Customer Focused

The Key to Building a Successful Remote Organization? Data.

By Mike Walsh | Speaker on the Change, Technology and Innovation The Covid-19 crisis forced many businesses to suddenly adapt to having an entirely remote workforce. And once we all got past the novel challenges of family interruptions, #funnycatvideos, and virtual etiquette, a more complex problem raised…

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After COVID-19: Where Do We Go From Here?

By Mike Walsh, Author of Futuretainment and Speaker on Change, Technology and Innovation. Over the last few months, leaders have had a chance to respond to the impact of COVID-19. Plans for contactless service, process automation, remote work, Cloud infrastructure, and virtualization have been accelerated and implemented. While…

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Look to the Future for Help Working Through what Bothers You

By Josh Linkner, Tech Entrepreneur, CEO, and Best-Selling Author In stressful times, it’s easy to get derailed by matters that might be viewed as trivial under ordinary circumstances. A colleague shows up late to a Zoom call, the client changes her mind mid-stream, the boss unleashes an unnecessary…

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