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3 Tips for Helping Employees Take Ownership In Their Jobs

Are your employees owners or renters? Studies have shown that employees who take an ownership in their jobs are more accountable for their performance, helping lead the company to greater success. A leader’s first step in building accountability in a company’s culture is making sure everyone owns something. Everyone needs…

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Underdog Leadership: The Necessity of Stacking the Odds Against You and Your Organization

When I was growing up my dad had a variety of sayings that he repeated many times. His favorite was, “I always cheer for the underdog.” If two teams were competing and he didn’t know either one, he would ask, “Who’s the favorite?” After I told him, he would say,…

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Polly LaBarre and Gary Hamel on How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

Polly LaBarre, co-author of Mavericks at Work and a founding writer of Fast Company magazine, has worked for nearly 20 years to change the way leaders and their organizations think about working and winning. She has teamed up with Gary Hamel, one of the world’s most sought-after management experts, and wrote…

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