10 Most Requested Speakers on Technology

A colleague recently called down to the front desk of a hotel in Germany for some extra towels, 5 minutes later a robot delivered them. A Speaker just appeared on stage for a presentation in Australia without leaving his office in Florida thanks to the latest hologram Technology.  Businesses need to understand the technologies that are coming down the pipeline that will affect their business, their industry, and their client relationships. Here are the Top 10 Speakers on the current and future technologies that are shaping businesses:

Erik Brynjolfsson | Expert on Progress and Prosperity in the Technological Age

Professor Erik Brynjolfsson’s research is extensive. He has been awarded 10 Best Paper Prizes and holds five patents for his work in Information Technology. He has also been called one of five e-business visionaries by Business Week and was rated one of the top most influential IT researchers in a poll of business executives. Erik Brynjolfsson’s keynotes explore how data can be used to analyse where a particular business is headed and what kind of technology is needed to drive further growth, speed, and innovation.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Erik-Brynjolfsson

Daniel Burrus | Technology and Innovation Futurist, Best Selling Author of Flash Foresight

Daniel Burrus’ emerging technologies presentations are eye-opening for audiences in every industry – he can identify what is coming and how it will impact everything from what you sell to how you sell it. He focuses on how to use these technologies to accelerate growth, increase innovation, improve speed and mobility, and how all of this will leave your competitors behind. The “old way” of doing business is gone and any organization that does not adapt to the “new way” will be the ones who are left behind.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Daniel-Burrus

Dr. James Canton | Leading Global Futurist, Social Scientist, and Innovation Advisor

From Healthcare and Life Sciences to Climate change and Globalization, Dr. James Canton’s presentations address how emerging technologies are impacting all industries at an ever-accelerating speed. His keynotes equip audiences with the practical tools they need to keep pace with these “technofutures” and how they can be used as catalysts for growth and innovation.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Dr.-James-Canton

Jim Carroll | Futurist, Speaker, and Author on Trends and Tech

Jim Carroll is a sought after speaker for his invaluable foresight when it comes to tech trends – and his observations concerning total global connectivity are some of his most popular speaking topics. Carroll discusses how hyper-connectivity has been one of the most pervasive business model disruptors and how organizations can use this to stay ahead of the competition.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Jim-Carroll

Peter Diamandis | Author and Speaker on Inspired Innovation & Technologies

Dr. Peter Diamandis covers a variety of tech topics in his keynotes – from computational systems to AI and robotics. His presentations address how breakthrough technologies will transform almost every facet of how we do business. His keynotes will not only demonstrate how businesses will be affected by the hyper growth of new technologies but also how they will transform governments, global connectivity, and all of humanity.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Peter-Diamandis

Scott Klososky | Technology and Trends Guru

Technology is not just the IT’s business anymore. Technology has become so vital and ingrained into every facet of an organization that it is now everyone’s business. Scott Klososky’s presentations explain how technology has become integrated into our daily lives and business and how organizations can leverage this to increase their bottom line. Scott’s strategies and unique perspective on technology, trends, innovation, and leadership make his keynotes memorable and applicable in every industry.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Scott-Klososky

Robert Scoble | Futurist for Rackspace, Expert on Trends and Technology

Robert Scoble’s vast knowledge and analysis of all things tech allows him to advise organizations in almost every sector whether to adopt or dismiss specific tech trends and how they may impact certain businesses as they evolve. His knowledge of the emergence of wearable technology has made him a highly sought after speaker in the tech industry – his knowledge and research is so extensive that he is a tech expert for tech experts. Although he is popular within the technology industry itself, his uncomplicated keynotes are a hit at any and all industry events.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Robert-Scoble

Mike Walsh | Bestselling Author of FUTURETAINMENT, Speaker on Technology and Innovation

Mike Walsh analyses fast approaching emerging technologies and their possible disruptive shifts – investigating what they could mean for local and global businesses.  Rather than looking into the distant future, Mike looks to the near future and develops efficient and pragmatic plans for organizations to implement today – effectively bringing companies into the 21st Century.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Mike-Walsh

Richard Worzel | Leading Futurist and Best-selling Author

Richard Worzel’s presentations cover a vast array of potential sectors and how technology can seriously impact the future of specific industries. By exploring the future of technology, geopolitics, environmental issues, and shifting demographics, Richard’s forecasts allow audiences to clearly see where the business world is going, but also how to capitalize on the potential for innovation through these emerging tech opportunities.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Richard-Worzel

Steve Wozniak | Co-Founder of Apple Computers, Inc. and Chief Scientist at Primary Data

As the co-founder of Apple and the recipient of the prestigious Heinz Award for Technology, Steve Wozniak knows a thing or two about innovative technologies and staying relevant and ahead of the curve. His presentations are highly focussed and customized, yet conversational, allowing audience members to participate in the discourse. He can speak to an audience about anything from the founding of Apple to Big Data and the future of wearables. Steve is a highly entertaining and sought after technology speaker whose expertise can be put to use in any industry.

Video: https://thesweeneyagency.com/speakers/Steve-Wozniak

*Speakers are listed in alphabetical order

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6 Speakers that Will Inspire Your Audiences with the Power of Hope


What role does Hope play in your life?

Hope is a powerful force for good that can get you through your darkest hour and motivate you to go on  even when you can’t see that light at the end of the tunnel. Listening to stories about hope triumphing over adversity inspires audiences to raise the bar, helps them unleash the power of the  human spirit, and opens everyone’s eyes as to what’s  possible. Here are 6 speakers who will help you understand the importance of  hope both personally and professionally:


Captain Gerald Coffee | POW Survivor, Inspirational Speaker and Author

While flying a combat mission during the Vietnam War, Captain Gerald Coffee’s jet was shot down by enemy fire. He managed to parachute safely to the ground only to be captured and detained as a POW in North Vietnam. Surviving the terrible conditions of the prison, Captain Coffee spent 7 years as a POW. His story of survival is compelling and truly inspiring; however, the story of what he did after he was released (earning a Master’s degree in Political Science, studying at the prestigious National Defense University, authoring a best-selling book, and contributing articles in numerous publications) leaves audiences with a sense that any obstacle can be overcome, and to never give up hope.

Dr. Peter Diamandis | Author and Speaker on Inspired Innovation & Technologies

Dr. Peter Diamandis has a very clear rallying cry: There is No Challenge that Cannot be Overcome! Dr. Diamandis is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of X PRIZE Foundation, a non-profit organization that develops and launches large incentive prizes to drive innovative breakthroughs that benefit humanity in the fields of life sciences, the environment, and global education development (to name a few). Dr. Diamandis challenges and inspires his audiences, propelling them to set high expectations for themselves and their organizations. He gives them the tools, insights, and motivation to not only meet, but go beyond what was previously thought possible.

Libby Gill | Expert on Employee Engagement and Emotional Connections

From her personal experiences in a family afflicted with many challenges, from alcoholism to mental illness chronicled in her book Traveling Hopefully: How to Lose Your Family Baggage and Jumpstart Your Life to her in-depth research with hope theory and how it impacts success in the workplace; Libby Gill is an expert on Hope. Libby inspires leaders to take on new approaches in communication and branding, challenging the status quo and increasing employee engagement. Her presentations have infused a new-found sense of vitality and exuberance into attendees – making them more excited and hopeful about what is yet to come.

Frank O’Dea | Author of When All You Have is Hope & Inspirational Speaker

Frank O’Dea has faced many difficult challenges in his life – and has tackled every last one of them with vision, determination, and hope. In his early 20’s, Frank found himself destitute, panhandling, and living in flop houses. Today he is the co-founder of Proshred Security – a pioneering company for on-site document destruction. He is also the co-founder of Second Cup – a popular gourmet coffee and tea franchise in Canada. His entrepreneurial spirit and determination has not been applied to simply business; he is also the founder of several charities whose aim is to educate and support children who struggle with homelessness and abuse. His personal story has moved audiences all over the world and his philanthropic work with children heartens all who hear him speak.

Marci Rossell | CNBC Chief Economist and Optimistic Speaker on Finance

In today’s economic and financial climate, we are often presented with forecasts of doom and gloom. Marci Rossell, however, provides a ray of light through these dark economic times. An animated and dynamic speaker, Marci takes an optimistic approach to finance, offering insights into how we can emerge from economic turmoil and take steps to ensure our financial future is bright. Marci has electrified audiences with her hopeful outlook on domestic and global finance, resonating with people as she takes complex issues and makes them relevant to people’s lives, families, and careers.

John Wood | Inspirational Leadership Speaker and Author of Creating Room to Read: A Story of Hope in the Battle for Global Literacy

John Wood didn’t set out to make a global change, he simply went on vacation: After visiting Nepal, he recognized the need for better quality education in the developing country and started a book drive. The response and generosity of others towards this simple book drive compelled John to leave his high-powered position at Microsoft to form the charity Room to Read. His story of change, generosity, and how he is positively impacting the world have inspired audiences to give more, follow their dreams, and live with purpose, passion, and hope.


*Speakers are listed in alphabetical order