6 Questions To Ask Before You Book A Speaker


What do you want the audience thinking at the end of the presentation?

  • “I’m Inspired what’s next?”
  • “I can’t wait to get back to my job and use those ideas”
  • “That was fascinating I should talk to my colleagues about what I just heard”

How much detailed content do you want the Speaker to deliver on their topic?
This is a factor if the Speaker is on late in the day or the sessions before or after the Speaker also have a lot of content.

Do you want the session to have Q&A?
This works well with smaller high level audiences that know each other and can ask specific questions. It can be more challenging with larger groups who have no direct connection to each other as the questions can be off topic.

Do you want to deliver ideas about professional or personal development?
Professional development presentations focus on ideas/skills that help people do their jobs. Personal development focuses more on ideas that help people lead fuller lives.

Do you want the ideas/message delivered in a story format or in a more practical approach?
Stories work better later in the day. Detailed practical approaches need to be on early,

Do you want the topic discussed in a big picture overview or in a more customized detailed format connected to the audience’s world?
Big picture works great if someone from your Company gets up after the presenter and connects the dots back to your audience’s world. Detailed customized presentations can be very empowering as long as the speaker has the opportunity to speak to several contacts inside your organization in advance.

7 Things You Should Ask Your Speaker Before They Take The Stage


During the past 15 years of successfully finding the right Speakers for our clients events in US, Canada, Asia and Europe we have kept careful track of what make a Speaker a great success at an event.

Here is a great check list to run through with your Speaker before they take the stage.  

  • Are you clear on who is in the audience and their connection to our organization?
  • Do you know  how long you have to Speak?
  • Do you need a signal to wrap up your talk?
  • Do you have all the AV supplies you need to deliver your talk?
  • Is this the correct introduction to use for you?
  • Have you met the person who will be introducing you ?
  • Will  you be taking questions from the audience?

What Makes a Great Opening Speaker?


Great Opening Speakers:

  • Set the tone for the rest of the event.
  • Break the ice and gets people talking.
  • Inspire people to interact and connect with each other.
  • Energize the audience with a call to action.
  • Motivate people to make their time at the event count.

Here are 5 of our highest rated Opening Speakers:

Dan Clark | Inspirational Speaker on Teamwork and Sales
Motivational speaker Dan Clark encourages attendees to raise the bar and push themselves to the next level. Teaching a solid foundation on Perspective, Authenticity, Service Before Self, and Commitment to Excellence in All We Do, attendees will be inspired, energized and ready to learn what the rest of the event has in store.

Chip Eichelberger | Motivational Speaker
Chip Eichelberger’s interactive presentations break the ice and get attendees Switched On! Through his motivational keynotes, audience members feel empowered, engaged and ready to achieve peak performance. Eichelberger leaves attendees feeling ready to tackle new challenges; he works with them to look at what they’re doing now, find more effective options, and commit to change that creates productivity and value for your organization.

Carol Kinsey Goman | Speaker on Leadership, Body Language, Collaboration, and Change
Body language expert Carol Kinsey Goman, teaches attendees the importance of appearance, posture, gesture, touch, facial expression, eye contact, voice, space and time. Through an interactive presentation, she teaches them how to read verbal and nonverbal messages in those around them, and brings awareness to the attendees own body language. By learning how to better read others and express themselves, attendees will be ready to communicate, make themselves more approachable, and discuss their new found knowledge.

Polly LaBarre | Speaker on Innovation, Leadership and Management
Innovative speaker and captivating storyteller Polly LaBarre, offers fresh perspectives on the modern organization. Attendees walk away with mind-flipping insights on how to evolve their management model – the most powerful source of competitive advantage today – and build an organization that is truly fit for the future: endlessly adaptable, relentlessly inventive, and genuinely inspiring.

Cam Marston | Generational Expert and Motivational Speaker
Cam Marston focuses on opening communication between multiple generations in the workplace. Through his engaging presentations, he will teach attendees how to effectively build connections needed to boost employee performance and retention. His practical ideas and techniques will start Matures, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials engaging with each other at the event and practice their new found knowledge before taking it with them back to the workplace.

*Speakers are listed in alphabetical order.

Should We Do Q&A with Our Speaker?

To make Q & A work, you need to manage it properly. The greatest challenge is stopping people who say they are going to ask a question but turn that question into a speech which frustrates the rest of the group. The most successful approaches are to either ask for questions in advance and then have a key leader from your group ask the speaker those questions or if you want to be really high-tech, have people submit their questions through Twitter during the talk.