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Top 10 Closing Speakers for July 2015


A great closing speaker is one who sends your audience away on a high note. They are inspiring, motivational, and energizing – often with a compelling story that reaches people on an emotional level. After two or three days of heavy content, a speaker who entertains and engages your attendees will leave them feeling excited and ready to implement everything they’ve learned. Here are the Top 10 Closing Speakers* for July 2015:

Mike Abrashoff | Formal Naval Commander and Speaker on Inspired Leadership

Mike Abrashoff’s story of turning one of the lowest performing naval ships into one of the finest in the Pacific Fleet will have audiences inspired to take initiative within their own leadership and collaborative roles.  Mike’s keynotes are an engaging combination of great storytelling and practical advice on leadership, teamwork, and peak performance.

Stacy Allison | First American female to reach Mount Everest summit, Speaker on Risk

Stacy Allison’s stories of adventure will inspire audiences to undertake their own exciting ventures. Attendees will no longer want to run from risk but rather they will be ready to approach it with eagerness and excitement.

Dr. Robert Ballard | Deep-sea Explorer and Discoverer of Titanic Wreckage

Dr. Ballard will have audiences captivated with his tales of the deep. His presentations will inspire attendees to develop a culture of teamwork as well as motivate them to venture into uncharted territory – leading to new discoveries and innovation.

Robyn Benincasa | CNN Hero, Firefighter, and Motivational Speaker on Teamwork 

As an adventure racer and firefighter, Robyn Beninicasa has amazing stories about leadership, change, and human synergy. Her high energy keynotes will have audiences feeling empowered to perform at their maximum potential both personally and professionally.

Tom Flick | Former NFL Quarterback, Authority on Leadership, Teamwork, and Peak Performance

Tom Flick draws on his extensive knowledge as an athlete and leader in corporate America to deliver a high intensity, and inspirational message to his audiences. He is a skilled storyteller who will galvanize attendees to take the necessary steps to achieve greatness.

Adam Kreek | Olympic Gold Medalist, Adventure Rower and Motivational Speaker

A gifted storyteller, Adam Kreek will captivate your audience with his amazing adventures. His focus on preparation and teamwork will motivate your audience to foster a culture of collaboration and development.

Dr. Janet Lapp | Authority Change Management and Employee Engagement

Dr. Janet Lapp is one of the most dynamic and entertaining speakers on the circuit. Her presentations are funny, engaging, and highly motivating. Dr. Lapp’s keynote will leave attendees feeling energized and ready to face challenges with fortitude and positivity.

Mike Rayburn | Musician, Entertainer, and Speaker

Hilarious and unique, Mike Rayburn’s presentations are like nothing you’ve seen before. As a guitar virtuoso, Mike will inspire audiences to challenge their perceived limitations and teach them how to push themselves and their organizations beyond existing barriers.

Steve Rizzo | Motivational Speaker on The Power of Positivity

Steve Rizzo’s interactive presentations will have attendees laughing and learning. He will teach your audience how to develop and maintain a positive attitude – creating a more cohesive and healthy working environment.

Rick Searfoss | Astronaut and Inspiring Speaker on Teamwork and Leadership

Rick Searfoss will have audiences fascinated with his presentation which combines exciting imagery and moving stories of leadership, teamwork, and personal performance. He will leave attendees committed to holding themselves and their business to new and higher standards of greatness.

*Speakers are listed in alphabetical order