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Top Speakers On Inspiration

We are constantly gathering recent reviews and references on both our existing speakers as well as new additions to our roster. We tabulate the data to see who clients are picking as the best.

As of November 11th, 2014 here are our highest rated Speakers with Inspirational Stories:

Top Inspirational Speakers

Stacy Allison
Author, Mountaineer and Speaker on Risk, Teamwork and Leadership

Captain Larry Brudnicki
Former Coast Guard Captain and Speaker on Leadership and Decision-Making

Yossi Ghinsberg
Adventurer and Inspirational Speaker

Miles Hilton-Barber
Blind Explorer and Inspirational Speaker

W Mitchell
Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Mike Mullane
Former Astronaut, Inspiring Leadership Speaker

Aimee Mullins
Record-Breaking Paralympian, Leader in the Next Generation of Prosthetics, Actor, Model and Speaker

Jeff Salz
Explorer and Inspirational Speaker

Laurie Skreslet
Mount Everest Climber and Inspirational Speaker

John Wood
Inspirational Leadership Speaker and Founder of Room to Read

Sharon Wood
Mount Everest Climber and Inspirational Speaker

Marc Woods
Paralympian, Author and Cancer Ambassador

*Speakers are listed in alphabetical order