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About Costa Michailidis - Co-Founder of Innovation Bound & Innovation Keynote Speaker:

In today's disruptive business environment, Costa’s fluency in creative thinking and adaptive execution make him indispensable to innovation projects.

In 2010, Costa co-founded Innovation Bound to cultivate creativity and innovation across sectors, and to solve new and meaningful problems in the world. He has organized innovation tournaments inside of Fortune 500s, guided NASA’s astrobiology roadmap creation, worked on life science education reform, and contributed to many other projects in science and business. Costa made his first appearance at TEDx at the United Nations in New York in 2013, and continues to speak at conferences and companies on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, in order to nurture the type of courage and curiosity that accelerate innovation and drive progress.

Costa has been finding ways to challenge himself and learn ever since he discarded the instructions of his first Lego set and put his imagination to the test. He has been a construction worker, building playgrounds and homes one brick at a time, as well as a web developer, an athlete, a coach, a writer, a professional storyteller (yes, that’s a real job), and a local president with an international NGO. Costa’s ability to innovate is predicated on his love for connecting with people and the joy he takes in building a deep understanding of a challenge within the context of a unique local reality.

Costa grew up in the world of competitive gymnastics. To this day, he still chalks up to swing high bar on Wednesday nights. If you spend enough time with him, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of him flying through the air or standing on his hands.


What Costa Michailidis Talks About:

Born to Innovate - How to find your courage, nurture your curiosity, and become a better innovator. This interactive keynote is about the attitude that the greatest innovators take when tackling challenges and how we can all tap into that attitude and be great innovators.

Boundless Imagination - How to cultivate creativity, the driving force behind every innovation. This talk is about tapping into the power of imagination and creative thinking to solve complex problems at our jobs and in our lives.

Adventures in Innovation - "Innovation is 1% inspiration 99% perspiration." Let's talk about the 99% perspiration! Roll those sleeves up! This is about what no one talks about, the actual work of innovation, what is it innovators DO after they think up great ideas?

Falling in Love - The secret to success in entrepreneurship and life. The greatest lesson he's learn in entrepreneurship is that success, and not just monetary success, is about falling in love with adding value to your clients.

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Costa is a powerhouse of creative energy, and embodies the case for innovative solutions in business

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