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About Beth Terry - Speaker on Change, Management and Balancing Work and Life:

Beth Terry is a professional speaker and author. She has been in management and public speaking for more than 30 years. Her first book Walking in a Crowd of Angels has been a huge hit with her audiences all across the US and was distributed to the families of those who were killed in the 2001 Pentagon attacks. Beth Terry's down-to earth style, practical message, and sense of humor have earned her high marks with meeting planners and attendees alike. Her presentations are carefully crafted to meet the needs of her audiences. Beth engages her clients, learns about the challenges they may be having with the work/life balance, leadership, teamwork, or change and then brings real life examples and practical advice to her listeners.

Beth also wrote a regular column in the Honolulu Star Bulletin called, Make it Easy. From that column, her second book 101 Ways to Make Your Life Easy was born.

Early in her career, Beth was with Mutual Benefit Life in California. Then, in Hawaii she was involved in the Tourism business and was the Executive Director and Host of a TV show called Making Your Life Work. She was then hired as Vice President of Administration for Monroe & Friedlander, a Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing corporation in Hawaii. In time, The Shidler Group, owners and operators of Commercial Real Estate, hired her to be their National Manager of Administration for 18 offices in 16 states. There she managed teams of Office Managers, and Admin and Clerical staff, and was the HR Liaison to Partners in each office.

In 1989, Beth Terry opened Pacific Rim Seminars in Hawaii and began presenting programs internationally, largely based upon the programs and experiences she gained as an Executive in Insurance, Tourism, and Real Estate. She has since presented her programs to more than 340,000 people in six countries. She is currently President and CEO of Beth Terry Seminars, Inc. operating internationally out of Phoenix, Arizona.

In 2006, Beth was presented with the highest earned designation from the National Speakers Association: the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). To date, 615 speakers out of thousands internationally have received that designation,192 of those are women.

Bring Beth Terry, CSP, in to your conference, meeting, or training program. She enlightens, enlivens, and entertains with style, substance, and humor. Beth is unique and unforgettable.

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What Beth Terry Talks About:

The Successful Leader: Creating a More Resilient Workforce
One of our greatest challenges going forward in this new economy will be retention of our good people, and utilization of their skills to get our organizations back on track. Resilience (or bounce-back-ability) can be fostered with good strong leadership and the proper tools. Our employees are reeling with the recent economic situation: even if their job is secure, their families' lives may not be. Research has shown Seven Areas where Resilience can be encouraged and taught. This course provides solid take-aways and practical tools to re-engage your teams and empower their bounce-back-ability. Get them away from the water cooler and back to productive work.

Creating Accountability in Your Teams
The economic situation has the public seeking a higher level of Accountability from their organizations. This course gives leaders tools to create greater buy-in and productivity from their teams. From creating an understanding of position benchmarks and standards, to communicating expectations and engaging employees in problem solving, this program gets to the heart of the matter. Presented in an interactive fashion with exercises, case studies, and practical tools, the attendees will leave the program with solid tips and techniques to improve Accountability at all levels.

Getting Out of Overwhelm - Digital and Otherwise
The Information Revolution was supposed to make our lives easier. It just made everything more complex. We get into overwhelm just opening our email every morning. And now with Social Networking, it is easy to spend the entire day just Facebook-ing, LinkedIn-ing, Tweeting, and emailing. On top of that, we busy women have families, friends, sweethearts, and LIVES! This busy professional woman will share how we get ourselves into trouble, and some solid ideas on how to manage it all.

Managing Change: Coping with an Ever-Changing World
In business as in life, there is one constant, one thing you can always count on: CHANGE. Look at how you have dealt with change in the past. Explore some new ways to negotiate the waters of change successfully. Learn to stay ahead of the game and not only survive, but thrive in this rapidly changing world! Walk out of this session renewed, hopeful and better able to deal with the changes that life will inevitably throw your way.

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