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About Cara Brookins - Inspiring Speaker on Motivating and Building a High Performance Team:

Cara Brookins is best known for being the mom who built her own house using YouTube tutorials. She is also a best-selling author who has been entertaining, educating, and inspiring audiences with her keynotes and presentations since 2004. 

She’s the author of eight books, including Rise, How a House Built a family, which tells the story of building her 3500 square foot house with the help of her four children by watching YouTube tutorials and googling things like foundation work, plumbing, and gas lines. News of Cara's family story went viral in more than 75 countries and was viewed over two billion times. Rise, has now been optioned to become a major motion picture. 

Cara’s biggest passion is motivating audiences to stop procrastinating and take a massive leap forward to build bigger lives. 

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What Cara Brookins Talks About: 

My Story : Build a Bigger Future
We can change our career, our relationship, and our mindset by watching expert’s YouTube videos anytime we want. But most of us just feel stuck with no idea how to make the first step. Cara pushes audiences to reach for a massive goal and provides them with strategies to keep focus and momentum strong. 

Leadership : Build Outstanding Leaders
Leaders at every level become more successful at guiding teams of varying ages, skills and temperaments with Cara’s subtle but vital behavioral shifts. She shares real life examples of leading from the trenches while building a 3500 square foot house with her kids by watching YouTube videos. 

Teamwork : Build High Performance Teams
Diverse skill sets can lead to an unstoppable team instead of a team that just stops. Cara helps get your members in sync to create supportive, effective teams who achieve impossibly big goals together. Using examples from building a construction team with her kids, Cara challenges audiences to take advantage of the wide skill sets and diversity of your members. 

Productivity : Build Productive Habits
Attack your to-do list with realistic productivity strategies based on the way real people focus their attention. Cara shows productivity methods in action by replacing the ineffective habits with those that really get you to the bottom of your to-do list. Learn to maintain your focus and motivation while reaching for complex goals and confidently reach even higher. 

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She inspired. She uplifted. And she thoroughly convinced our attendees that they can accomplish far more than they believe is possible. I would highly recommend Cara to any audience!

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