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About Chris Heeter - Wilderness Guide & Speaker on Leadership and Teamwork:

Chris challenges and inspires organizations and individuals toward Wild leadership, compassionate presence, and daring authenticity. Featured on The Discovery Channel's “National Geographic Today,” she brings decades of leadership experience indoors, to conferences and offices, working with teams and leaders, helping us recognize that leadership and teamwork doesn't have to be so complicated.

Selected as a Top Ten Speaker of 2014 by MeetingsNet, Chris was the highest rated speaker of Meeting Professional International's 2014 World Education Congress. She is out to create a Wild revolution in the workplace. A wilderness guide since 1984 and professional speaker since 2001, Chris has led and worked with a diverse array of teams, both canine and human!

With remarkable parallels to the work world, Chris shares hilarious stories from her sled dog team with their quirky personalities and from guiding whitewater trips, where successfully navigating obstacles (mostly) is part of the journey.

She sits on the board of the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center, is a Wilderness First Responder and a graduate of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). She holds a bachelor's degree in recreation and social work from George Williams College, where she recently received the Distinguished Alumnae Award. She is a poet and shares her writing and Wild Dares through her newsletter, Wild Thoughts.

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What Chris Heeter Talks About:

Join leadership speaker, wilderness guide, and poet, Chris Heeter, for a journey to the Wild side of teamwork.  Drawing on over three decades of guiding wilderness trips as well as breeding and training teams of sled dogs, Chris illuminates the nuance as well as practical down-to-earth skills for leading and being part of teams.  Rich with metaphors and life lessons in communication and working together, dogsledding offers a unique perspective and remarkably applicable tools for working with your "pack," whether they have four legs or two!  

Popular Keynote Topics Include:

Pulling in the same direction: sled dog wisdom on Wildly successful meetings and events
Hilarious stories from Chris' sled dog team are the backdrop as we explore the world of teamwork and work/life balance in meetings and event management at 3M. Goofy quirks and diverse personalities among the dogs are alarmingly familiar, offering humor, perspective and compassion as we explore how to work together, and how to bring your A game (sleep deprivation aside) whether your team has four legs or two!  

Wild Leadership: lessons learned from the back of a dogsled  
Hilarious stories from Chris' sled dog team are the backdrop as we explore the world of leadership in the accounting and advisory field.  Goofy quirks and diverse personalities among the dogs are alarmingly familiar, offering humor, perspective and compassion as we explore how to work together and lead, whether your team has four legs or two!  As leaders in the accounting industry, you have the opportunity to greatly impact organizations and individuals.  This calls not just for leadership, but for Wild leadership.  Join Chris and her dog team (virtually--they don't understand hot sand beaches, carpeting or lunch buffets) for an exploration into the joys and challenges of communication, teamwork, and pulling in the same direction.

Navigating Turbulent Waters: Turning obstacles into opportunities
Featured on the Discovery Channel’s “National Geographic Today,” wilderness guide and whitewater instructor Chris Heeter has explored the relevance of whitewater skills to work and life skills for more than 20 years. Whitewater has much to teach us about productivity, leadership, and diversity:

  • Worry and fear--how different the world looks when we focus on the route, rather than the obstacles along the way.
  • Staying in the present--how little it matters what has happened upstream, what is important is what is in front of us right now.
  • The value of working together/feeling like a team--no matter the route you choose, you are 100% more likely to stay upright if you listen and work together rather than try to choose 2  different routes in 1 canoe.

Whether times are frightening or exciting is up to each of us. Chris drives these points home with memorable stories of whitewater adventure -- a breath of fresh air from a different point of view.

The Wild At Work Approach
Are you tired of the same boring meetings, disengaged teams, and lifeless leadership? Attend this can’t miss luncheon program, where our speaker, Chris Heeter will bring the WILD to your meetings and company. Wild At Work enlivens organizations through perspective, hilarious stories, interactions, and easily memorable and applicable principals that help leaders, teams, and individuals be more creative, courageous, and collaborative. Bring your whole team and witness the transformation in your company when you see each other back at work.

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