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About Dan Clark - Inspirational Speaker on Teamwork and Sales:

As a modern day Napoleon Hill, Dan Clark has interviewed, studied and worked with the most powerful and successful business leaders, political and military leaders and world champion athletes of our generation. This is why companies around the globe bring Dan in for his expertise in developing emerging leaders, increasing sales and productivity, building winning teams in the midst of mergers and acquisitions, and transforming the culture of an organization from successful to significance.

Since 1982, Dan has been one of the most in-demand speakers in the world, having spoken in all 50 states, 54 countries, on six continents, to over 4,500 audiences, to more than 4 million people, and many times to our combat troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.

Mentored for over 25 years by the great Zig Ziglar in the art and science of motivational teaching, Dan was inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame and is continuously hired by extraordinary organizations including AT&T, NASA, Microsoft, National Football League, United Nations, Marriott Hotels, Lincoln Financial, Wells Fargo, Delta Airlines, McDonalds, Sotheby’s and countless trade associations who offer rave reviews on Dan’s unique ability to customize his speeches and connect with each audience member.

Dan was named “One of The Top Ten Motivational Speakers In The World” in 2015 by Espeakers. Dan received the same honor in 2000 from Achievers Canada and Achievers Europe.

Dan is a primary contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, a New York Times best-selling author, CEO, university professor, leadership trainer, international business consultant, athlete, philanthropist, and the 2012 Utah Father of the Year.

Add to this Dan’s incredible once-in-a-lifetime personal experiences of soaring to the edge of space in a U2 spy plane, flying twice the speed of sound with the Air Force Thunderbirds, racing automobiles at Nurburgring, running the Olympic Torch in the 2002 Winter Games, and fighting his way back from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career - and you and your people will see, hear, feel and know exactly what they need to do - to take themselves and your organization to the next level the moment Dan finishes his entertaining and emotional speech.

Hundreds of delighted customers report they have witnessed powerful and lasting change as they apply Dan’s positive approach to life - and incorporate his unique message built around his best-selling book The Art of Significance – Achieving The Level Beyond Success. Dan's latest book (released in February 2019) is The Art Of Significant Selling - How To Get People To Choose You Instead Of Just Somebody Who Does What You Do.

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What Dan Clark Talks About:

Dan teaches the purpose of a leader is to grow more leaders who believe what you believe – not generate more followers. In this way, everybody feels like a valued ‘influencer with a voice’ who will lead with and without a title – regardless of age, race, gender or experience. Dan uses his three step A.R.T. acronym, to:

• Increase Awareness of current personal and organizational ‘core values’ and teaches the culture of any organization is created between the strongest belief, highest expectation and best behavior the leader lives by – and the weakest belief, lowest expectation and worst behavior the leader tolerates;
• Refines the ways in which you prepare yourself and others for greater responsibilities by increasing self-worth, perfecting performance, cultivating the proper image and managing your exposure to decision makers;
• Delivers a Transformational plan that creates a culture of Significant Partners who hold themselves accountable and care as much about the organization as the leaders do

Mindset Take-A-Ways: Leadership is not a noun, it’s an action verb – it’s not assigned, it’s earned; It is not enough to say, ‘I will do my best.’ We must succeed in doing that which is necessary!

How to Network & Influence Through Speaking & Storytelling
Dan has been teaching the Law of Attraction for years and explains we don’t attract who we want – we attract who we are – we attract what we believe we deserve. Because we become the average of the five people we associate with the most, in order to attract extraordinary associates, we must first be an extraordinary human being and inspiring to be around.

Steve Jobs said, “The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller who unlocks a shared dream.” Warren Buffet said, “Mastering public speaking is the #1 skill to boost a career and raise your personal value by 50%.”

• Attendees will learn the Speakers Triangle that dissects communication into three questions: Why should I listen to you? (credibility) Can I do it too? (possibility) – How do I do it? (usability) – knowing people don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care.
• Attendees will leave knowing how to craft and tell a powerful story equipped with the skills required to choose the right story at the right time to release endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin or serotonin to influence why and how people take action!

Dan teaches his tools that helped him become a master storyteller so you can connect with your employees, customers and audience’s with emotion, empathy and influence.

“Under pressure, you don’t step up your game – you succumb to the level of your preparation and training. When you know what you’ve been trained to do, there is never any pressure!”

Dan’s 13 years as an American football star is coupled with his track record of turning NFL teams into Super Bowl Champions, and transforming ‘stuck’ organizations into ‘sensational.’ He’s a recognized Coach, turning organizations into high-performing teams. Dan’s time-tested strategies are based on core values, high expectations and increased
accountability to guarantee peak performance. Using his A.R.T. philosophy, Dan teaches the difference between training to fight and training to win. He walks your group through his TEN COMMITMENTS TO BUILDING A WINNING TEAM.

Dan explains: There is no ‘I’ in team, but there are two ‘I’s in winning:
− Individual preparation makes winning personal.
− Interdependent collaboration makes winning organizational.
This keynote/training program takes your organization to the next level by strengthening
your weak links and attracting, recruiting, inspiring and retaining top talent!

Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident

“It’s better to build a fence at the edge of acliff than to park an ambulance at its base.”

Known for his quick wit and unconventional examples of what happens when we lose concentration and become complacent, Dan reminds everybody that safety is the thread that connects Ownership, Management, Contractors and Organized Labor. When everyone makes safety a priority through increased Trust, Mutual Respect, SelfDiscipline and Service Before Self, employee morale and productivity increases to drive improved profitability.

Having fought his way back from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career, Dan teaches safety is more than following rules – it’s a way of life!

Using his A.R.T philosophy Dan shares his proven process for revitalizing your company safety culture by staying focused, eliminating distractions, being consistent and catching each other doing something right.


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No one is better than Dan! His amazing ability to take his audience on an emotional roller coaster ride and customize his remarks around our needs is unmatched by any speaker in the industry.

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