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About Dan Veto - Keynote Speaker, Retirement Guru, and Demographic Trends Authority:

Dan Veto for more than 25 years has undertaken pioneering research and consulting that has influenced leading organizations across diverse industries, as well as countless retirement professionals and their clients. His work illuminates the exciting promise and critical new financial and lifestyle responsibilities associated with longevity and the new retirement. 

Over the past decade, Dan has been instrumental in developing and implementing Age Wave’s innovative, research-based professional and consumer learning programs. He specializes in educating financial advisors, clients, and other constituent groups on the unique priorities, needs, and challenges of longevity. 

Dan is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on the changing nature of life after 50, particularly regarding the boomer generation’s unprecedented relationship to retirement. His dynamic presentation style consistently receives high praise, and his unparalleled insight into the real-life challenges and triumphs of aging and retirement is frequently featured in the media, including the New York Times, BusinessWeek, SmartMoney, and Financial Planning Magazine

Prior to joining Age Wave, Dan served on the board of directors and was Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning at Bankers Life, a firm focused on meeting the financial security needs of retirees. He began his career at McKinsey & Company, a leading management consulting firm, where he advised financial services and health care clients in the United States, Mexico, and throughout Europe. 

Dan earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, and an MBA from INSEAD, the international business school in Fontainebleau, France. He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two daughters.

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What Dan Veto Talks About:

How the Age Wave Will Transform the Marketplace, the Workplace, and Our Lives
Increasing longevity, declining fertility, and aging baby boomers are triggering an enormous age wave. This demographic tsunami has the potential to create tremendous marketplace and work/talent opportunities—and equally pressing social and financial challenges. 

This informative and entertaining presentation will explore: How will people use their new found longevity? How will a cyclic lifeplan replace the traditional linear model? How will aging boomers change established paradigms of work, leisure, learning, and retirement? What’s the most effective way to market and sell to “middle-scent” boomers? And why is managing a four-generation workforce the new diversity mandate?

Re-Visioning Retirement: New Timing, New Purpose, New Planning, New Funding
With the convergence of rising longevity, today’s uncertain economy, and insufficient savings by many, the retirement clock has been reset. But highly acclaimed current Age Wave research reveals a surprising finding: This could be a good thing, for individuals, the consumer marketplace and financial planning professionals.

This presentation will explore: Why financial “peace of mind” has become far more important than “wealth” in the new American dream. What impact the modern family will have to and through retirement? How women’s rising financial power is transforming the field of retirement planning. How the adult lifestage demands of eldercare, sibling care, grandparenthood, singlehood and rehirement will dramatically impact retirement preparation and funding. How to safeguard a successful retirement while avoiding the five retirement “wildcards” that could shatter their dreams.

How the Modern Family Is Transforming Aging, Retirement and Community
We are all familiar with families like the Cleavers or the Simpsons—Dad, Mom, and 2.5 kids happily living under one roof in the suburbs. But over the past 100 years, significant demographic and economic changes have dramatically transformed the American family and communities across the country. How is today’s modern family–or post-nuclear family–different? How do–and will–family changes impact health and care needs, the workforce, housing, legacy, leisure, social services, and financial planning? What are the implications for businesses and aging service providers? This presentation covers four trends that will transform today’s families: Unprecedented longevity, family complexity, financial interdependence, and women’s rising influence.

Optimizing Generational Diversity: Four Cohorts Rethink Work, Money, Family, Retirement and Success
For the first time in history, four generations of active adults are simultaneously participating in the workforce and marketplace. Each has its own lifestyle values, attitudes about work and money, means of connecting and communicating, role models and marketplace preferences.

This high-impact presentation will examine: What key social forces have shaped each generation and produced their distinct, core lifetime characteristics? What does each generation hope to get from—and give to—their jobs/careers? How do you manage and motivate each generation, from “encore” workers seeking stimulation and self-worth, to older workers looking for balance and purpose, to mid-career workers trying to reboot their enthusiasm for a longer and more demanding work-life, to young workers struggling to enter the workforce during tough economic times. How does each measure success? Can flexible work arrangements, innovative learning, sabbaticals, mentoring, retraining, and creative compensation and benefits programs attract and retain valuable talent? 

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Dan Veto’s presentation style is a powerful blend of ENERGY and INSIGHT!

Jeff Gundersen, Chairman Direct Marketing Association, Financial Services Council

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