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About David Solie - Speaker and Author on Communication and Sales with Seniors:

David Solie is an author, educator, speaker, and thought leader in communicating with seniors. As a marketing consultant he provides unique and inspiring training programs to financial services organizations that improve their relationships and sales with seniors. His clients include Merrill Lynch, U.S Trust, Northern Trust, Harris myCFO, and Genworth Financial.

His book How To Say It To Seniors: Closing the Communication Gap with Our Elders is a landmark text that has been read and reread by legions of baby boomers searching for a better approach to working with their aging parents. It offers insights and proven, practical communication strategies that help professionals and laypersons alike interact more compassionately and effectively with seniors.

David Solie is a gifted speaker whose keynote and breakout presentations on communication between generations have won critical acclaim from audiences throughout the United States and Canada. His compelling stories, unique insights, humor, compassion, and inspirational delivery have made him a favorite of financial advisors, attorneys, accountants, healthcare providers, senior service professionals, planned giving specialists, caregivers, and general audiences.

His program Unlocking the Communication Code with Senior Clients is featured at the Annual Securities Industry Institute at Wharton Business School.

David Solie is a graduate of the University of Washington, University of Manitoba, the University of Colorado Medical School, and practiced for a number years in family medicine as a licensed physician assistant.

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What David Solie Talks About:

The New Work: Reframing the Retirement Conversation
Why is retirement planning not finding a more receptive audience with boomers? David Solie, a nationally recognized thought leader in redefining the psychology of the second half of life, knows why. His research has demonstrated that the standard retirement conversation is dead on arrival because it doesn't match the reality that boomers are experiencing. These new generational experiences require new conversations that not only make sense but offer a viable alternative that is both practical and inspiring.

The New Work is a presentation about this new conversation, the viable alternative that boomers have been waiting to hear. Utilizing his expertise in the psychology of aging, Mr. Solie offers audiences a breakthrough perspective on the role of work in the second half of life. In his innovative model, work does not vanish with the selling of a business or relinquishing control of a company. It moves into a new stage that preserves the essential benefits of work while offering a transformational freedom to configure its purpose, occasion, and location. As important, it honors the time, talent, and experience that boomers have accumulated, an invaluable societal resource that is poised for new assignments to address the needs of family and community alike. This opportunity to enhance the well being of others means for many boomers that their most important contributions lie ahead.

Attendees will learn:

  • The new role of work in the second half of life
  • How sustainability is replacing retirement as a primary aging focus
  • The primary triggers that shift the stage of work
  • A new framework for assessing and mapping the new work
  • How to recognize and navigate false starts and setbacks

Adrift in the Tsunami: Boomers Arriving at 65
The boomers are landing on the shore of late age at a rate of 12,000 a day. While turning 65 is officially classified as young-old, there is little doubt this is a quantum shift in the boomer life cycle. As important, this involuntary transition is not just leaving behind middle age bodies; it is also about leaving behind middle age psychology. The developmental tasks of fifty-something are being replaced by the tasks of seventy-something. Adding to the complexity is the persistent turbulence of post-meltdown world. Now what?

This new presentation by David Solie offers a breakthrough perspective of the developmental dilemma that boomers are facing as they turn 65. Based on his research on the psychology of the second half of life, this program offers both advisors and their boomer clients critical insights and much needed navigational strategies to successfully negotiate this involuntary transition.

Unlocking the Communication Code of Senior Clients: Practical Communication Strategies for Working with Older Clients
David Solie is a nationally recognized geriatric communication expert who offers proven, practical solutions for professionals working with older clients in a 24/7 world. His moving and inspiring presentation on how to unlock the communication code of senior clients has led to dramatic and heartfelt changes for countless professionals, older clients and their families.

Advisory Relationships in Turbulent Times: New Communication Strategies
The financial meltdown has taken a heavy toll on the second half of life population in the U.S., the 125,000,000 adults who are 50 and older. Understandably, they are feeling confused, panicked, and fearful about the about the future. They are also looking to their trusted advisors to help them understand their current situation as well as provide a sense of direction as to where to go from here.

David Solie's presentation offers a new approach to the art of communication in turbulent times. He begins with a review of his work on the psychological agenda of second half of life clients: the developmental tasks of middle and old age. These important insights from his pioneering work on aging provides advisors with a unique framework to understand the underlying psychological needs that influence all aspects of their second half of life.

The Secret Mission of Baby Boomers: Practical Communication Strategies for Working with Middle Age Adults
What do professional advisors need to know about the psychological developmental tasks of baby boomers in order to build and sustain successful relationships with this important clientele? How will the knowledge of the secret mission of baby boomers better prepare professional advisors to position their products and services as middle-age friendly?

When Are They Going To Grow Up?: Practical Communication Strategies for Working with Emerging Adults
This presentation examines a provocative new stage of development called emerging adulthood. Unique to industrialized societies, emerging adulthood is not merely generational (i.e. Generation X, Y, Z), but represents a significant and permanent shift in the maturation process from adolescence to full adulthood. The presentation offers new insights into why the road to adulthood has become so long and frustrating for today's youth. Using stories and practical examples, David Solie demonstrates how these insights can be used to improve communication and collaboration with emerging adults as they crossover from education to the workplace.

Against All Odds: Five Strategies for Preserving Quality of Life in a 24/7 World
This presentation looks at the clear and present danger to quality of life posed by the 24/7 lifestyle of the twenty-first century. Through research and stories, David Solie offers unique and compelling insights into the physical, psychological, and spiritual price we all pay trying to navigate a seemingly unending flow of complex, urgent, and unpredictable information and transactions. Refusing to accept this 24/7 invasion of information and tasks as our destiny, he offers five strategies he has discovered that can improve our chances of reversing this trend and preserve quality of life. Rejecting quick fixes, David Solie maps out practical game plan to systematically checkmate this invasion and restore balance in our lives. Audiences throughout the United States and Canada have been enthralled and transformed by his fast paced, poignant, and humorous approach to the epidemic of too much information, an approach that combines the best of traditional and non-traditional medicine into a new, heart-based vision for preserving what matters the most in our lives.

The Longevity Code: Eight Habits of People with Extend Life Expectancy
The Longevity Code offers a new and exciting look at common themes in extended life expectancy in the U.S. population. It reflects the most recent findings from clinical medicine, psychology, and spirituality. The Longevity Code shows how these lifestyle choices not only enhance quality of life but also enhance longevity. The Longevity Code has nine themes, which can be viewed as sectors of a life management portfolio. Research has shown that the more balanced the life management portfolio, the greater the odds of preserving quality of life and promoting longevity in a 24/7 world.

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