Denise Lee Yohn


  • Denise talks about how to future-proofing your business with a strong brand and vital culture.
  • Audiences learn how to align and integrate employee and customer experience to unleash their combined power to fuel growth. 
  • Denise is a leading authority on building great brands and exceptional organizations, as well as an author of the best-selling books What Great Brands Do and FUSION.
  • Past clients include: Sony, Frito-Lay, Pursuant, Burger King, Lexus, Facebook, and Target.

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About Denise Lee Yohn - Leading Authority and Speaker on Building Exceptional Brands:

Denise Lee Yohn delivers fresh ideas and clear-cut tools to build a breakthrough brand. She inspires and teaches business leaders to realize the full potential of their organizations.

Blending a unique perspective, over twenty-five years of experience with world-class brands including Sony and Frito-Lay, and a talent for energizing audiences, Denise is a leading authority on building great brands and exceptional organizations. As author of the best-selling book What Great Brands Do and the new book FUSION, she cracks the code on how to achieve brand leadership.

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What Denise Lee Yohn Talks About:

Ready & Resilient: Leading Through Challenge and Change
The new world of work requires leaders to lead differently. Emotional intelligence, people development and engagement, and the ability to align short-term changes with long-term goals are the new leadership competencies you need now.

Denise Lee Yohn shows how to navigate the way work and business has changed and lead your organization to greatness. Drawing upon her work with business leaders around the world through financial crises and major disruptions, Denise Lee Yohn has cracked the code on leadership and will teach you:

• The roadmap for aligning and motivating your workforce and addressing employees’ and customers’ elevated expectations

• How to develop organizational resilience and agility by operationalizing your purpose and core values

• How to inspire confidence and instill clarity so employees are productive now and prepared for what’s next



Employee experience has been disrupted and a new work reality is emerging. You must rethink your approach to organizational culture and employee engagement, now that employees are dispersed, divided, distracted, and demanding authentic diversity and inclusion.

Denise Lee Yohn, author of FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies, shows how to ensure your workforce is engaged and productive today and ready for tomorrow.

You will learn:

• How to design employee experiences that address today’s challenges and anticipate the future of work

• The tools to engage employees with empathy and motivate them with meaning

• How to transform your culture into a force for growth and thriving, and avoid common culture-building mistakes


BRAND LEADERSHIP: How to Break Through, Blaze New Trails, and Build a Great Brand

New market conditions require your brand to be more authentic, powerful, and valuable than ever before. Bestselling author of What Great Brands Do Denise Lee Yohn shows how great brands inspire trust, establish competitive advantage, and lead their field.

Drawing from case studies, analyses, and interviews with business leaders from the world’s leading brands, Denise will show you:

• The seven actions that successful brands consistently implement to achieve brand leadership

• How to cultivate sustained customer and employee engagement and loyalty

• The proven tools and templates for positioning your brand and delivering superior customer experiences


Ignite Experience: Fuse CX and EX to Drive Your Growth
Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield where customer loyalty is won or lost. And among employees, the war for talent is intensifying. How do you win on both fronts?

Denise Lee Yohn shows you how to align and integrate your employee and customer experiences—and unleash their combined power to fuel your growth.

Learn how to design and deliver employee experiences that fully engage your people and translate into customer experience excellence. Denise lays out the complete game plan you need to win the hearts and minds of customers and employees.

The FUSION Formula: Brand + Culture = Results
Forget everything you think you know about workplace culture! You don’t need perks and parties. You need engaged employees who produce the right results and help you build a great brand. Denise Lee Yohn shows you how to infuse your culture with your core brand values and align your people with your unique brand identity, so you produce a healthy organization and a valuable brand.

Based on her new book, FUSION: How Integrating Brand and Culture Powers the World’s Greatest Companies, Denise shares the secrets behind the world’s greatest organizations and lays out the leadership playbook for achieving the brand-culture fusion you need to improve your competitiveness, create measurable value for customers and employees, and future-proof your business.

Brand Leadership: How to Build a Rock Star Brand
You know how great brands dominate their fields. You experience it every time you pay a premium for a certain type of jeans, or see a line of people camping out to catch the newest smart phone release. Denise shows you how to achieve rock star brand status. Drawing from case studies, analyses, and interviews with executives from the world’s leading brands, she shows you what great brands do and how to achieve the kind of brand leadership that everyone — from customers to employees to investors — wants a piece of.

Extraordinary Experiences: How to Win Customers’ Hearts and Dollars
How do some companies break through the clutter; compete with bigger, better-resourced competitors; and manage to grow and thrive when so many others fail? They earn customer love and loyalty through extraordinary experiences. Restaurant and retail consultant Denise Lee Yohn gives you the complete blueprint for creatively designing and consistently delivering customer experiences that win over customers for life.

Learn how to get the edge that everyone else wants and excel at customer experience.

Brand-Building Isn’t Just for the Big Guys
It’s true!  You don’t have to be big to be great.  Even if you’re an entrepreneur who’s short on time and money, you can build a brand that stands out and has a big impact.  Denise shows you what you need to beat the big guys at their own game.  She reveals the Minimum Viable Brand (MVB) framework and how to lay the foundation for getting traction in a crowded, cluttered marketplace. Learn the 6 “What’s” that every start-up and small business must answer — and how the most successful entrepreneurs have built powerful, profitable brands.

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Thought provoking and focused. I highly recommend Denise to anyone who wants to better understand the value of great brands and how they can be cultivated in any organizational setting.


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