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About Dr. Will Miller - Comedian, Psychologist, and Speaker on Stress and Well-Being:

Dr. Will Miller is originally from New York City and is a health psychologist as well as hospital and police chaplain. He has worked in Community Mental Health Centers as well as in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. Simultaneously, for 17 years Will had an active career as a professional stand up comedian, headlining clubs and theaters across the country. He has made numerous television appearances and hosted the NBC Daytime program The Other Side. For many years Dr. Will appeared on the Nick-At-Nite network as well as the Bob & Tom Show.  Currently Dr. Miller lectures and conducts research at Purdue University and is a nationally recognized authority on stress, coping with change. The author of several books Will hosts a free  weekly podcast on health and wellness.

We are a culture characterized by our anxiety, high expectations and stress. It seems that at every turn we face a new worry. Using his five graduate degrees, media savvy and life experiences, Dr. Will presents a new approach to finding balance and fulfillment in your life.

His insight into the American psyche is astounding. With clarity and approachability, he weaves together a presentation that combines groundbreaking research with hilarious comedy.

Dr. Will and his wife, Dr. Sally Miller live in Lafayette, IN.

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What Dr. Will Miller Talks About:

Refrigerator Rights: Creating Essential Relationships
This is a lively performance-presentation packed with perspective and practical advice on achieving equilibrium. The key to an improved quality of daily life, he tells audiences, are rooted in our social support network. We need real and claimed family—those relationships where people feel comfortable opening each others’ refrigerators. And its impact is felt at work and at home. Inspiring, instructive and based on the best social science research, Dr. Will mixes message & comedy in a welcome break from technical sessions. He hits hard with insights on stresses that affect achievers, then steps away from the podium with clean comedy routines to underscore his points.

The Graduation Jolt! (The Struggles of Our Twenty-Somethings)
It is well understood that college graduates face unprecedented challenges. Saddled with debt, an unstable economy and even the uncertainty of career direction for many, this age group in their 20s are struggling with adjustment to daily life. Even when functioning, they are experiencing high levels of depression and anxiety. Some are wondering why they went to college at all. And even for those who continue to push ahead, their well-being is a cause of worry for parents, family and higher education professionals. “Graduation Jolt” is a compelling presentation describing the plight of this new, gifted generation. Miller, co-author of the book “Refrigerator Rights” is a recognized authority on the challenges of living in the era of social isolation and media immersion. With five graduate degrees, Will shares the wisdom of his experience as a therapist and lecturer at Purdue University. And along with his two decades experience as a professional standup comedian, Dr. Will offers a funny but incisive perspective to help alleviate the worry about the future.

Letting Life Change You
Controlling the events in one’s life is often interrupted with the unpredictable challenges and crises that intervene. What are the changes you organization is facing? Is it a merger? Downsizing? Sudden growth & expansion? For 25 years as a mental health professional, Dr. Will Miller has helped people cope with their life challenges and continue their growth and development. Whether physical or emotional difficulties, Will teaches people to re-frame their present perspective and allow the events of our life to reshape and renew our future.

It is the opportunity to renew health rather than trying return to an idealized notion of a life once lived. The relief and joy made possible by allowing our life to change us rather than trying to dictate the course of our life is liberating and the key to embracing the vision for a fulfilled human experience. Will delivers an engaging and entertaining presentation that can affect all who hear it. It is a presentation about resilience!

Caring For Caregivers
Healthcare workers and first responders have a high stress job. Lives are literally at stake. In most cases, these professionals assert that theirs is more than just a career, but a calling and a mission. How do we thank them, support them, and empower them? Healthcare corporations and organizations fully understand the vital role being played by their caregivers: the nurses, physicians, technicians and first responders. If you are thinking about a great way to honor and thank them, Dr. Will Miller has an answer. A nationally recognized expert on coping with stress and living a high quality of life, Dr. Miller has 25 years experience as a psychotherapist, teacher and author. In addition, Will was a nationally touring headline stand up comedian for 17 years in New York City. His presentation is rich in content based on the latest social science research, and has practical application of course. But it is also funny! Give yourself and your team of caregivers a gift: bring in Dr. Will Miller for a delightful keynote presentation for your team.

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Will’s teaching about the impact of popular culture on stress offers a unique and incisive analysis of the challenge of the modern lifestyle. And since these powerful ideas are wrapped in standup comedy, the reaction is always positive.

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