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About Dr. Frank Murtha - Behavioral Finance Speaker, Coaching and Strategy for Traders and Investors:

Dr. Murtha began his career at the New York-based consulting firm of RHR International Company, where he developed senior executives and pioneered a specialty in the emerging field of behavioral finance.  In 2001, he co-founded MarketPsych LLC, the first Behavioral Finance consulting firm in North America, where he has specialized in helping financial professionals apply behavioral finance to build better relationships, gain referrals, increase assets under management and improve investment returns.  Over the last decade, Dr. Murtha has performed hundreds of speeches and workshops for many of the world’s leading financial institutions.  What most distinguishes Dr. Murtha from other speakers is his ability to take the weighty scientific and academic subjects of his training and communicate them in a practical, and often humorous way.

His path to the financial services industry is a non-traditional one.  Dr. Murtha holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from The University at Buffalo and has taught at numerous colleges and universities including UB, Penn State and New York University.   While obtaining his Ph.D. he carved out a niche as an expert on the psychology of gambling.  His groundbreaking dissertation was the first to explore the effect of cognitive errors in gambling behavior.

An investing psychology content expert, Dr. Murtha is interviewed frequently by news and print media outlets and has been featured numerous times on National Public Radio, Nightly Business Report, CNBC and World Business Review.  He works as a consultant, speaker, and writer based out of the New York City area.  An award-winning author, his book, MarketPsych: How to Overcome Fear and Build Your Investor Identity was honored by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance as one of “Three Best Financial Books of 2010”.

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What Dr. Frank Murtha Talks About:

Behavioral Finance  
Why is it that the investing performance of so many smart people reliably and predictably falls short? The answer is not that they know too little about the markets. In fact, they know too little about themselves. Combining the latest findings from the academic fields of behavioral finance and experimental psychology with the down-and-dirty real-world wisdom of successful investors, Dr Frank Murtha guides audiences through the psychological learning process necessary to understand their Client’s  financial goals.

In an easy and entertaining style Murtha makes complex scientific insights readily understandable and actionable, shattering a number of investing myths along the way. You will gain understanding of your clients true investing motivations, learn to avoid the unseen forces that subvert Client decisions, and build a better understanding of your investor’s identity - the foundation for long-lasting investing success.

Other Topics Include:

  • Neurofinance and Neuroeconomics
  • Financial decision-making (money, investment, and trading psychology)
  • Price patterns in the financial markets
  • The neural reward system
  • Investor Psychology

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