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About Dr. Michelle Rozen - Nationwide Thought Leader on Human Behavior, Change, Motivation and Leadership:

Dr. Michelle Rozen is an exceptional leadership through CHANGE expert, a featured expert on NBC, ABC, FOX News and a Huffington Post contributor on issues related to leadership, change, motivation and how the human mind works when it comes to becoming exceptional in every area of our lives, personally and professionally. Dr. Rozen’s expertise and passion are change management and motivation. She is one of the is one of the most booked female change management motivational speakers nationwide, as well as internationally. Dr. Rozen is NYC based and holds a Masters and a PhD in Psychology.

Dr. Rozen speaks to the audience from personal experience. Years ago, unhappy with her job, life and future, she decided to Hit the Change Button, embarking on a journey to achieve her goals. After achieving her PhD in Psychology, it became Dr. Rozen’s purpose and passion to help others.

Dr. Rozen bases her practical, down to earth approach on the most up-to-date science with real life applications, and speaks at her keynotes, training events and seminars about the power to Hit the Change Button and how the mind works when it comes to motivation, leadership and change.

Dr. Rozen’s talks, books and seminars are REAL, uplifting and engaging. She is humorous, she is engaging and she is all about real strategies to change our lives, accomplish our goals and become the best version of ourselves, personally and professionally, in a rapidly changing world.

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What Dr. Michelle Rozen Talks About:

How to Hit The Change Button: Leading Forward Through Change
Leading forward manifests itself through the challenges of changing times - management, procedures, technology and more. But what can be perceived as rocking the boat - is also a great opportunity for growth. Dr. Michelle Rozen ignites the audience with the most up-to-date, research-based tools and strategies, insights and humorous audience participation. Dr. Rozen is trusted by companies nationwide as a motivational speaker and top-notch expert in the areas of effective change management and powerful leadership strategies. Her extensive, science-based knowledge, along with her practical approach and engaging, entertaining and down to earth style, create a powerful experience with practical strategies that leaders and team members can put to work right away toward quick and powerful results.

You’ll learn to:

  • Identify potential obstacles in leadership through change
  • Understand the causes- and powerful solutions- for resistance to change
  • Master the CHANGE model for effective leadership through change
  • Master The Three Golden Rules for increasing motivation, engagement and growth through change
How to Motivate Yourself and Others
We all talk about motivation. How does motivation actually work in our minds? What can we do to keep ourselves and others motivated? Is there a secret to helping others stay focused and engaged? The answer is: Top cutting-edge scientific knowledge paired with practical, real-life applications. And, delivered in a light, humor based atmosphere.

In this experience, Dr. Rozen explains how motivation works in the human mind. She breaks down what motivates us, how to turn our engine on, and how to motivate others in a meaningful and powerful way.

Audience members will not only go through an entertaining and captivating experience, but will leave will real, science-based tools that will completely transform the way they operate on a daily basis.

You’ll learn to:
  • Master the 0-10 Rule for identifying your goals
  • Identify- and crush- potential obstacles to growth and success
  • Master the GROW model for powerful growth through obstacles and challenges
  • Gain powerful insights into the dynamics of purpose, motivation and growth in the workplace and in our personal lives
From Vision to Transformation: Powerful Leadership Strategies
Great leadership relies on the power to motivate through obstacles. This is centered around communicating effectively. This also has to do with creating a culture of powerful teamwork. During this presentation, Dr. Rozen provides leaders with science-based, real-life, cutting-edge strategies to do this. The core of this is powerful leadership toward growth, and success.

Dr. Rozen brings in the most recent research in the field of human behavior and winning leadership strategies. She provides your audience with practical strategies. These strategies will motivate and engage teams. It is done in a meaningful and powerful manner. Her goal during this interactive discussion is to teach them tools for turning on the engine, and moving forward full force, and quickly.

You’ll learn to:
  • Master the 0-10 Rule for identifying key leadership goals
  • Identify- and crush- potential obstacles in leadership toward growth
  • Master the LEAD model for powerful leadership through obstacles and challenges
  • Master the five steps for leadership toward motivation, engagement and powerful teamwork
Women Leadership in Action: Your Five Step Plan for Crushing Obstacles and Unleashing Success
No obstacles will stop any of us! This five-step strategy allows women leaders to define goals and work towards accomplishing incredible milestones. It gives them assistance in their personal and professional lives. Dr. Rozen ignites, motivates and inspires the audience to set high goals. She provides real-life, science-based tools to overcome obstacles to reach higher. Her talks are based on real-life stories and cases. They are armed with the most cutting-edge research-based knowledge. And done through humor, and audience engagement. This, along with a light and motivating atmosphere, gives audience members the motivation and inspiration they seek. Clarity, insight, and practical easy to use tips and strategies are used. These strategies will forever transform the way they operate in every aspect of their lives.

You’ll learn to:
  • Identify the potential obstacles for women leaders and typical challenges for women leadership
  • Get familiar with- and apply-the three essential questions that every woman leader must ask
  • Master the five essential steps for crushing obstacles and unleashing success for women leaders
  • Master the LEAD model for women leadership growth and success
How to Get Along with Anybody: Your Five Step Plan
Mastering winning skills in managing our interactions with other people are extremely important. Even more so through challenging situations and diverse personalities and backgrounds. This is critical to our success in working with anybody in our work setting: clients, employees and co-workers. Dr. Rozen provides a humorous, highly interactive presentations. Her talks are filled with cutting-edge, science-based, real-life applications and strategies. Bringing in the most recent research in the field of human behavior, communication and teamwork, Dr. Rozen will provide your audience with practical strategies. These strategies will motivate and engage everyone around them in a meaningful and powerful manner. They not only work effectively in a diverse and challenging work environment, but thrive and grow no matter what challenges that diverse work environment poses.

You’ll learn to:
  • Understand the power of winning communication strategies
  • Master using a simple and powerful five step plan for powerful people skills
  • Discover effective strategies to empower ourselves and the people around us to move towards our goals

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Thank you for helping the group get a better understanding of themselves, and how to deal with a changing world. You provided us great insight on what we should think about and get ready for. It was the highlight of the day!

Cyrille Walter / Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch / London, UK

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