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About Eric Baron - Professor at Columbia University Business School:

Eric Baron is the founder of The Baron Group Global, LLC, a sales process training and consulting company that has been training salespeople and sales managers for over 30 years.  His unique body of knowledge introduces salespeople to more sophisticated approaches to interacting with clients.  His primary focus is to position the sales call as a problem solving opportunity.  He believes that the highest level of selling is when salespeople use their skills to help their clients solve their business problems.  These programs introduce skills that fall in five key areas—interpersonal, communication, problem solving, presenting and facilitation.

Eric teaches at Columbia Business School, and has received both the prestigious Dean’s Teaching Excellence Award for his extremely popular course, Entrepreneurial Selling, and the Marketing Association award for the Class that Best Prepared You for your Future Career, which is decided by students.

His first book, Selling Is a Team Sport, was a business best seller and explains how sales teams can become more effective by applying proven problem solving skills to both their internal strategy sessions and their sales interactions.  His second book, Selling, provides sales professionals with specific insights to build relationships, understand client needs, make creative recommendations, resolve difficult objections and gain customer commitment.  His most recent book, Innovative Team Selling, builds on the concept of Team Selling and explains in-depth what sales teams can do to be more innovative.  He tells a story about how a sales team wins a major piece of business by applying these skills.

Eric was educated as a Chemical Engineer, receiving his degree from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1968.  After graduation, he joined Union Carbide Corporation where he spent eight years, holding positions in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing and Sales Training.  In 1976, he joined Synectics® Inc. where he spent five years teaching and researching creative problem solving and innovation.  He left as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  It was at Synectics that Eric became fascinated with the similarities between problem solving and selling which led to his forming his own business. 

Eric is an internationally recognized public speaker and has worked in-depth with clients that include JPMorgan, Kraft, Ogilvy and Mather, UBS, Prudential, NetJets, BNY Mellon, Gartner, AT&T, American Express and Pfizer.

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What Eric Baron Talks About:

Coaching for Improved Sales Performance
Salespeople need feedback from their managers on a consistent basis, especially in difficult times. Unfortunately, few receive it. Research shows that Managers rarely have formal coaching sessions with their people. This presentation introduces managers with the skills they need to plan, conduct and follow-up effective coaching sessions. They learn how to collect data through joint sales calls, how to provide feedback in a balanced, non-threatening helpful way, how to manage resistance, and how to gain commitment.

Team Selling
More and more companies realize that cross-functional sales teams are necessary to deal with the complex issues of the 21st Century. Eric discusses how sales teams can work together effectively internally to develop unique strategies, and how they can make outstanding joint calls when they visit their clients and prospects.

Beyond Consultative Selling
Consultative Selling is a term that has been used for 40 years. Most people use the term but not the approach. This presentation addresses how sales professionals can be more consultative in their approach, enter strategic dialogues with clients and become true trusted advisors. He introduces the skills required to make this happen.

Making Effective Sales Presentations
Too many salespeople and sales teams fail to reach their potential when they make sales presentations; particularly finals presentations. This presentation explains what to do before, during and after a sales presentation. It addresses ways to tell your story, differentiate your company, use your resources, discuss your value proposition, involve the client, and demonstrate your professionalism.

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I would recommend Eric to anyone whose sales and marketing teams are asked to add value to their client relationships!

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