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About Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter - Grammy Award-Winning Guitarist & National Security Consultant:

Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter is currently a consultant/contractor for a number of US Government agencies and advises top military, government and civilian groups on missile defense, terrorism & counter-terrorism, cyber-warfare, intelligence, virtual reality, war gaming, next-generation technology and unconventional strategies

He is a Senior Fellow and member of the Board of Regents at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, a member of the Director's Strategic Red Team at MIT/ Lincoln Laboratories, a consultant for the Global Security Sector of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and a Senior Thinker for the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, as well as holding consulting agreements with SAIC, Northrop-Grumman, Parsons, RadiantBlue Technologies and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He was a Specialist Reserve Officer with the Anti-Terrorist Division of the Los Angeles Police Dept. for 15 years and a founding member of the Terrorism Early Warning Group, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.  Baxter has appeared on CNN and Fox News and written on the subjects of national security and technology for the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired, and Money Magazines. 

He has also had a long and successful career, (18 Gold & Platinum Albums, 2 Grammys), in the music and entertainment field as a founding member of the group Steely Dan, Grammy winning guitarist with the Doobie Brothers, as a record producer for such artists as Carl Wilson, Nazareth and The Stray Cats and studio musician for hundreds of recordings.

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What Jeffrey "Skunk" Baxter Talks About:

Tipping the Scales: Using Asymmetrical Thinking to Change the Rules in Your Favor
Is it possible to acquire the ability to mastermind the kind of agile business practices and innovative thinking that separates the great companies from the good? Is it possible to devise new ways to out-think your competition? Jeffrey Baxter thinks so. There are plenty of self-proclaimed “out-of-the-box” thinkers in the world, Baxter has a proven track record that spans the gamut from the music and media world to US Government agencies. What is the difference, you ask? The difference is, Baxter doesn’t just avoid the box – he transcends it.

Jeff Baxter not only strips down the 19th-century business model to show the outdated flaws such as the rigid, hierarchal and policy-driven roles for workers and management, he also shows how new technologies, practices and new ways of thinking are reaping huge benefits for organizations and individuals. These new models foster and stimulate a more agile and creative action/reaction to today’s modern, rapidly changing, and competitive environment that the corporate management, government entity or student body of the past would have difficulty understanding and recognizing, much less anticipating.  The university experience has changed dramatically, as well, and it is an imperative for today’s college student to realize and cognize how to take advantage of that experience as well as how to best leverage it for future success.

Problem Solving in the 21st Century
Many of the problem-solving models we are familiar with are based on or 19th or 20th-century problematics that either don't exist now, or have morphed into something very different. Baxter knows that providing great decision makers with the best skills, tools and capabilities greatly increases the probability for positive outcomes.  A world that is real-time connected is truly global in nature and affected by threats, struggles or competitions that flash up from unexpected sources, requiring, indeed demanding new approaches to problem solving. Yet, until people and organizations are willing to reevaluate the way they solve problems, approach challenges and exploit the types of tools, concepts and practices that Baxter describes, they will find themselves falling behind in a world where learning and experience progress at an exponential rate.  He uses examples that range from personal experience, history and even music, to illustrate his viewpoints in a way that avoids complicated and obtuse explanations and gets to the heart of the subject in a cogent, lucid and sometimes entertaining manner.

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Your sharing of many diverse life experiences, while connecting to non-traditional, “out of the box” thinking stimulated the group to look at and approach things with a new mind set

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