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About Karyn Buxman - Business Speaker on Humor and Hope:

Karyn Buxman is a research-based expert on applied  humor, whose latest undertakings are her TEDx talk—“How Humor Saved the World”—and her upcoming Forbes book, Funny Means Money. Strategic Humor for Influence. As a neurohumorist Karyn’s career resides at the intersection of humor and the brain. She is as masterfully funny, but her passion and calling is sharing the practical benefits of humor. 

Karyn is one of 194 professionals (and one of only 43 women) to be inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Speaker Hall of Fame. Karyn speaks internationally to organizations that grasp the important role humor plays in business, health and life—including NASA, the Mayo Clinic, the US Air Force and the Million Dollar Roundtable. 

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What Karyn Buxman Talks About:

Humor Is Power: High Performance Humor for Leaders
Successful people—in business, politics and life in general—have something in common: they understand that applied humor is an important trait for effective leaders. Churchill, Kennedy and Reagan were all masters at using wit on the world stage; the characters in M*A*S*H used gallows humor to retain their sanity amid horrendous conditions; and your audience can learn how to use humor effectively in their daily work lives. Properly used, High Performance Humor is a dynamic strategy that enhances communication, strengthens resilience, and boosts engagement. Karyn uses (hysterical) anecdotes, (solid) research, and (practical) tips to help your audience leverage humor in the service of better leadership.

In this 1 to 3-hour keynote/breakout/workshop, Karyn Buxman will cover:

  • How to lead more effectively by using strategic humor
  • How to manage risks and avoid landmines that could potentially undermine your leadership
  • How to skillfully SEE funny without having to BE funny

Funny Means Money: High Performance Humor for Sales Professionals
You don’t need to use humor in sales…unless you want to be successful! Any salesperson worth his or her salt knows humor is an important sales skill. But knowing it and doing it well can be the difference in closing that sale—or not. Neuroscience reveals that “Logic tells, but emotion sells.” Humor is a fast, simple and cost-effective route to the emotions. When used strategically, humor helps the seller break down objections, hold the buyer’s attention, open the buyer’s mind, increase the seller’s likability, and strengthen rapport. When used incorrectly… well, don’t go there. Instead, join neurohumorist Karyn Buxman and laugh all the way to the bank.

In this 1-3 hour keynote/breakout/workshop, Karyn Buxman will cover:

  • The role of humor in the various stages of the sales process
  • How to avoid humor landmines that could potentially ruin a sale
  • How to skillfully use humor—even if you’re not funny!

High Performance Humor for the Tired, Frustrated & Stressed-Out
Expanding responsibilities, shrinking budgets, cranky clients, family demands, too much to do and not enough time to do it! Is it any wonder that we’re all a little edgy? Find out how taking care of yourself can affect your sanity, your success and everyone’s bottom line. Learn how to get through the toughest of days and still remain smiling. Discover how to survive and thrive in a world of change.

In this 1-3 hour keynote/breakout/workshop, Karyn Buxman will cover:

  • The insidious drain stress can have on your health, your relationships, and your business
  • How humor can boost your resilience physically, psychologically, socially, and even spiritually
  • How to add humor to your life without adding more stress to your life (even if you’re humor-impaired)

Amazed & Amused: High Performance Humor as a Social Survival Skill
Success is not measured only in dollars and cents, but also in the moments that you live amazed and amused. Customers are not really “yours” until they have been amazed and/or amused by your products, your services, or your people. Leadership finds its inspiration not in duty, but in grasping the amazing power of one's vision and will, and in motivating the amusing diversity of many people’s personalities and skills. Neurohumorist and TEDx speaker Karyn Buxman will take you on a life-changing journey of humor and hope. 

In this 30-60 minute keynote Karyn Buxman will cover:

  • The power you hold in your hands to experience success, significance and happiness
  • How to create an amazing life
  • How to create an amusing life

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