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About Meg Soper: Corporate Entertainer and Motivational Speaker:

Meg Soper is a keynote motivational speaker and Humorist who combines her skills as a comedienne with hands-on experience in health care to provide motivating and inspiring entertainment for her audiences. Her experience as a standup comic, operating room nurse and mother of two teenagers enable her to deliver a unique package of humorous anecdotes, and stress-busting strategies for everyday living.

Meg's emergence as a corporate motivational humorist was inspired by her belief that laughter is one of the most effective ways to deal with the day-to-day stress in our lives. Her comedic skills enable her, as a leading motivator, to connect with the audience, break barriers and deliver practical tools and strategies to be more effective at work and at home.

Meg has appeared as a feature performer at events across North America, and has shared the stage with such celebrities as Ray Romano and Ellen DeGeneres. As a Registered Nurse, Meg has a very strong following in the health care community, and an incredible ability to find the humor in every situation. She has appeared on the CBC Television Network, Women's Television Network and Prime TV, as well as being featured in many radio programs and comedy festivals. Meg has a tremendous ability to connect with her audience and take every event to a higher level.

In the book, From the Stage to the Page: Life Lessons from Four Funny Ladies, Meg is one of the four authors, who shares life lessons, funny stories and everyday tips.

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What Meg Soper Talks About:

Bring It On: Communication Strategies for a Positive Workplace
This interactive session focuses on working with different personalities and generations in the workplace. People are different not necessarily difficult. We may not be able change a person's behaviour, but when we understand them we will be able to communicate with them more effectively. The work culture is shifting. We have to look at ways to engage the different personalities and generations in the workplace. Participants will leave armed with practical, relevant strategies geared towards a healthier, happier and more productive workplace. We can learn to appreciate our differences and recognize the value that each of us brings to the workplace.

Wit, Fit and Balance: Strategies for Success
Meg Soper's twist on life provides her motivational life balance presentation with a perspective only a stand-up comic could possibly deliver! This presentation takes you through the stuff that happens to us every day and sheds a humorous light on it. You will leave in stitches, armed with a number of strategies to enhance your life experience and maintain a sense of balance.

Wit, Fit and Balance: Strategies for Retirement Success
Meg Soper's background in healthcare has given her a tremendous opportunity to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities that people face as they make the journey from a working life to retirement. Using humour and real life examples Meg inspires audiences to seize the day and plan a retirement that is fulfilling rewarding and free of worry.

This presentation takes audiences through the ups and downs that happen to everyone facing retirement and sheds a humorous light on how we all respond. The audiences will leave laughing but armed with real practical ideas and solutions that they can use to make their retirement a success.

Audiences will learn

  • What you need to be doing 6 months before you retire
  • How to develop a real plan for the first 6 months of retirement.
  • What the most common health issues are for new retirees.
  • The important process of learning to retire successfully
  • How to see your new role with your spouse/family/community
  • How to eliminate the "I'm finished" self talk
  • Ideas from people who have found a whole new life in retirement.
  • Ideas on food and diet for retirees
  • Examples of activities and exercises that will keep the mind and body sharp.

Humor is One Size Fits All
Find levity in any life situation. Whether you're facing the perils of middle age or juggling a career and family, Meg will help you find a laugh along the way. Run some of Meg's pithy, stress-relieving ideas up the flagpole and learn to embrace her philosophy that life is too short to stuff a mushroom.

Get Connected and Stay Plugged In
This light hearted interactive presentation focuses on effective communication, conflict management and dealing with difficult people. Develop strategies to enhance relationships on both a personal and professional level. Challenge existing perceptions about what you are capable of and strive to reach new levels of performance.

Customized Presentations
Meg's humorous and inspirational presentations are designed to achieve a special connection with every audience. Schedule a consultation with Meg, and she will develop a presentation that will meet all your needs. Titles, description and content can be customized to fit the theme of your event. Whether it is an international conference or speaking in Canada you can rely on Meg to deliver humor with a heart.

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I highly recommend Meg to anyone looking for a guest speaker. She is funny, smart, and she cares! She makes people laugh - not just polite smiles - but wonderful bursts of laughter!

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