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About Neal Petersen - Extreme Adventurer, Award Winning Author, Motivating Thought Leader:

How do you navigate forward, deal with constant wind shifts, sudden storms, conquer fear, isolation, while dealing with an ever present changing world?  Neal Petersen will take you on a personal journey and show you by example ~ There are No Barriers – Only Solutions!

Neal Petersen has completed two amazing journeys in his life: A single-handed yacht race around the world, 27,000 miles, 9 months at sea, alone, and in the smallest yacht he designed and built himself; and, an even more arduous and eventful trip of overcoming racial prejudice during the Apartheid era in South Africa, poverty, and a childhood physical disability, just to make it to the start line! While sharing his riveting life story - and philosophy, Neal's personal messages and unique delivery  open the mind, with new hope and a determination to break down the barriers, real or perceived, that now exist and to take adversity head on and demonstrate that with determination and hard work you can achieve your goals. 

An award-winning author and the subject of a PBS documentary, Neal has the ability to correlate his story and connect to audience challenges, resulting in consistent extraordinary reviews and rousing standing ovations.   

Petersen carries a treasure chest on stage, and in it symbols of how he reached his dream by always turning barriers into opportunities, then into solutions. He empowers and challenges audiences to use their experience and treasures in navigating these economic challenging times to their advantage - it's an opportunity to excel by choosing a winning course. 

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What Neal Petersen Talks About:

No Barriers, Only Solutions
Neal Petersen's "No Barriers ~  Only Solutions" keynote addresses adversity, diversity, childhood physical handicap, and the need to excel with accountability and responsibility.

In sharing his adventure life-story, Neal carries a treasure chest on stage and in it examples of how he reached his dream by always turning barriers and set-backs into opportunities.  He demonstrates how others can use the same principles of knowing how to innovate, deal with constant wind shifts, when to tack, how to balance risk with reward and how it relates to success. 

Neal takes people on a vivid journey through his life story as he relates and connects it to their challenges, resulting in extraordinary reviews and consistent standing ovations. Sharing how his courage to dream, dedication to a plan, perseverance, passion and help from others have enabled him to reach his goals. He delivers thought-provoking messages moving people emotionally, inspiring them to make long-term, substantial changes in their personal and professional lives. His story of hope, resilience, and accomplishment is truly inspiring and reflects a powerful message that "in life there are no barriers ~ only solutions!"

The Power of Positive Attitude & How It Affects Performance
Neal has always defined himself by what he can imagine – rather than how others would define him and how he sustained his dream in the face of numerous barriers is compelling. Neal’s ability to apply his own attitudes, values and experiences to reflect on the values and mission of audience members will make this a powerful and meaningful experience for all.

The Importance of Realizing Goals: Perseverance & Determination
Overcoming fear, isolation and facing danger and the unknown has been central to how Neal approaches his goals and his life. Audiences will explore how to balance risk and danger with good judgment; how Neal coped with the unknown when making life-threatening voyages and will empower guests to better navigate their tough challenges ahead. 

With Choice There Is Consequence
Neal’s impact transcends age, gender, and race to promote the creation of leaders, life-long learners, and individuals who are mindful of the consequences their choices will have on personal, familial, community, and generational levels.  Neal communicates the fundamental processes needed to create the foundation of a vision and  provides validity for direct correlations between perseverance, determination, motivation, and dedication to successful outcomes. The choice is up to each one individually.

  • Neal represents the need to constantly expand the horizon of the possible; cross new frontiers; seek out new challenges and accept no limitations within oneself.
  • Neal’s accomplishments demonstrate that true exploration isn’t just about what you find in the world – it’s about what you discover within yourself.
Neal cares about your ROI and will work with planners to create a unique customized program. He can facilitate leadership programs, break-out sessions and booking-signing and he easily engages audience members in conversations post-keynote to provide an extraordinary overall experience.

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Neal Petersen’s powerful presentation was the perfect keynote for our Global Inclusion Summit! His dramatic storytelling ignited and captivated our audience...and left us with a fresh perspective on turning disadvantages into advantages...“No Barriers”...brought our Summit theme to life!

Donna A. Johnson, Chief Diversity Officer - MasterCard

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