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About Norm Smallwood - Leadership and Business Management Speaker:

Norm Smallwood is a recognized authority in developing businesses and their leaders to deliver results and increase value. In 2010, the Harvard Business Review described Norm Smallwood as doing innovative and ground-breaking work on effective leadership.

Norm co-founded The RBL Group with Dave Ulrich in 2000. Much of his current work relates to increasing business value by building organization, leadership, and people capabilities that measurably impact market value, and connecting firm brand identity with leadership brand capability. Leadership brand capability occurs when investors, customers, and employees have confidence that leaders are able to deliver present and future results in a manner consistent with the desired customer experience or firm identity.

He has co-authored six books: Real-Time Strategy, Results-Based Leadership, How Leaders Build Value, Change Champions Field Guide, Leadership Brand, and Leadership Code. He has published more than 150 articles in leading journals and newspapers such as Washington Post, Forbes, and Financial Times, and has contributed chapters and forewords to multiple books. He has published two articles in Harvard Business Review and is a frequent blogger on HBR Online. Norm was also a faculty member in executive education at the University of Michigan in the Ross School of Management.

For several years, Leadership Excellence magazine has ranked Norm as one of the top 100 Global Voices in Leadership and the RBL Group as one of the top leadership development firms in the world.

Prior to co-founding the RBL Group, Norm was a founding partner and managing director of Novations Group, Inc. where he led business strategy, organization design, and human resource management projects for a wide variety of clients spanning multiple industries. Before this, he was an organization development professional at Procter and Gamble in a start-up business in Georgia and in Calgary, Alberta, with Esso Resources Canada. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Human Resource Management and an Honorary Colonel for the West Valley City Police Department.

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What Norm Smallwood Talks About:

Result Based Leadership
Much of current leadership practice is focused on developing leadership competencies. In Results-Based Leadership we argue that this is half right. The other half of effective leadership is delivering the right results to organization stakeholders such as employees, customers, investors, and line leaders.

Leadership Brand
Leadership Brand occurs when an organization is recognized both internally and externally as a leader feeder firm- an exporter of talent. Market share increases because investors have confidence that current and future results will be achieved the right way. When a company has leadership brand leaders at every level ensure that employees deliver the desired customer experience every time anywhere in the world.

How Leaders Build Value
Market value is comprised of two parts--earnings and intangibles. Intangible value is the confidence that investors have in your business compared to other businesses in the same industry. Learn the four steps that guide wealth-creating leaders as they increase stakeholder confidence in the future

Leadership Code
If you Google the word leader there are 176 million hits. What does it all mean? Why are there so many conflicting theories about what effective leaders must do? The Leadership Code synthesizes years of research to build a unified theory of leadership, and explains 60-70% of what makes a leader in any company or industry effective.

HR Strategy and Strategic HR
We see the role of HR as creating value for the business and helping business leaders convert customer expectations into employee actions. How do the best HR departments do this? What practices make the difference in ensuring that HR is an essential and powerful contributor to the achievement of business strategy?

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