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About Robert Spector - Customer Service Expert:

Robert Spector is a best-selling author, international speaker, and customer service expert. Based in Seattle, he has helped companies create their customer service experiences for over 30 years.

Robert is recognized worldwide as the ultimate authority on customer service and the Nordstrom Way. He is the author of the business classic The Nordstrom Way: The Inside Story of America’s Number One Customer Service Company.

Robert believes that the elements of world-class customer service are the same, whether they come from Spector’s Meat Market (his family’s mom & pop store), Nordstrom, or, the subject of his international bestseller Get Big Fast

He has contributed articles to publications nationwide, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and National Lampoon. He has been a guest expert on countless national and local television, radio, and internet programs, and is quoted in publications throughout the world.

A graduate of Franklin & Marshall College, Robert taught retail leadership at the University of Washington School of Business, drawing from the work he’s done on Seattle-based giants including Nordstrom,, Starbucks and Costco.

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What Robert Spector Talks About:

The Ultimate Customer Experience Keynote Program
Robert Spector's dynamic and engaging keynote program explains (in story form) the principles of the world-class customer service cultures he has written about in his books, including, Starbucks, and Nordstrom. This program sets the stage for creating, encouraging, and sustaining a superior customer service experience.

The Nordstrom Way Principles of Customer Service Excellence
Through vivid storytelling and examples, Robert takes the audience on a tour of the 10 principles that comprise The Nordstrom Way.

Creating and Telling Your Company Story
Developing a compelling narrative about who you are, how you started, what you stand for, and your purpose and vision, is the foundation for building an authentic and powerful company culture and brand. Learn how to tell your story to your employees, and infuse your culture with that story. Then discover how that story can be reflected outward to your customers in meaningful ways.

Building a Culture of Customer Service Excellence
World-class customer experiences are created from the inside of an organization out. Discover a wealth of ideas for creating a great customer service culture.

Multi-Channel Touchpoints
Today's customers want companies to know them - their preferences, their purchases, their history, and their credit card numbers - across all channels. They want the same brand experience whether in store, online or on the phone. The customers who spend the most money and shop the most often tend to shop multi-channel. Learn how to create a seamless customer service experience.

Creating Great Customer Experiences
To create the ultimate customer experience, you must view your business through the eyes of your customer. Would you want to be a customer of your organization? Learn how to deliver a consistently inviting, helpful and easy experience across all touchpoints. It's more than generating quality transactions, it's about building lasting relationships.

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