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About Robert Vallee - Communication Speaker:

Robert Vallee, for 3 decades, has been the expert in the field of coaching and training communicators in delivering excellent speeches and presentations. He has been the personal presentation coach for over 15,000 professionals and for over 84 CEOs. As President of Public Speaking Consultants, he has delivered effective presentation workshops for over 1,150 private and public sector clients. Robert is bilingual, and will enthusiastically present in both English and French.

Many organizations have enjoyed Robert's dynamic and witty style while benefiting from his thought-provoking message. They include: TD Asset Management; Life Communicators Association; Equifax Food Group; Canadian Association of Financial Planners; and many others.

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What Robert Vallee Talks About:

Keynote presentations
Robert offers six presentations, packed with new, relevant information on the latest presentation and communication techniques:

  • Freedom From PowerPoint Presentation Junkies!
  • The P.E.I. Technique!
  • Speak & Impress!
  • The F.O.E.I.Q. Technique
  • The Y.I.P.I. Technique
  • The A.S.C. Technique!

These 6 techniques are very effective and will showcase your people as clear, versatile and relevant communicators.

Training and Seminars
Are you a Human Resources or Performance Leader seeking to transform your organization's culture for the better through personalized consultations and customized solutions? Your mandate is to bring about dramatic improvements in specific areas of communications, presentations, meeting management and leadership speaking abilities. You recognize that generic, off-the-shelf workshops will not meet your needs. Robert Vallee's expertise in coaching communicators to a high level of proficiency will help you achieve your goal: taking your people's performance to a higher level and, in turn, setting new and higher standards for all team members to achieve.

In collaboration with Robert Vallee, your training and development sessions will be comprised of pre-training skills and needs assessments, customized training modules for small groups of key players, on-site and off-site individual coaching sessions, plus on-going personal follow-up with coach Vallee for specific events. Your organization will see dramatic improvement because you led the way and them to outstanding performance.

Are you a Director of Business Development initiatives and are seeking superior presentation messaging, as well as more capable presenters to showcase your story? The five critical success factors to your successful business development initiatives are:

  • Strategically-targeted potential clients who value the importance of partnering with you in meeting their mission-critical objectives.
  • Precisely-defined analysis of your potential clients' needs, goals and challenges.
  • A compelling story that showcases how your organization's solutions, value-added insights and uniqueness will satisfy your potential clients' requirements.
  • Outstanding communicators on your behalf who are very skilled in one-on-one and group presentations.
  • Excellent presentation materials for both paper-based meetings and stand-up group presentations.

Call upon Robert Vallee's expertise as he will help you with the crafting of the compelling story, the training of your outstanding communicators and the design of high-quality presentation materials. You will enjoy the targeted results because your message is relevant, meaningful and clear. Furthermore, you will have presenters who will deliver in all circumstances.

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