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About Scott Deming - Thought Leader on Branding & Customer Service:

Scott Deming is a highly accomplished senior executive with more than 30 years of success within franchising, food & beverage, automotive, healthcare, retail, pharmaceuticals, financial and professional services, technology, and more. He leverages extensive brand development and strategic planning experience to improve an organization’s standing while implementing innovative solutions to support growth. Scott has proven his ability to build and motivate teams while developing unparalleled customer experience, innovation and leadership initiatives with his internationally acclaimed keynote presentations, training sessions and consulting arrangements.

Scott works with companies spanning any industry with current clients including Kansas Hospital Association, Canadian Association of Fairs & Exhibitions, Hershey Foods, Pfizer, Delta Airlines, Verizon Wireless, General Motors, Farm Credit Bank, AT&T and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Scott works closely with clients to identify core requirements and develops solutions with an emphasis on culture transformation, employee motivation and engagement, and corporate goal attainment, drawing on 30+ years of corporate experience. Key indicators of his success are represented by his training and workshop sessions that have been considered so impactful, that The Vision Council issued CXO Certification to all attendees; his consultancy input to a national manufacturer recognized in supporting the company’s achievement of record sales figures; and assisting a Verizon Wireless subsidiary franchisee with customer service improvements which resulted in an 80% increase in sales.

From 1986 to 2003, Scott managed his own advertising company, establishing Deming Advertising and building a client portfolio prior to a company merger in 1991. By 1993, Scott had negotiated a buyout and returned his company to standalone status, re-branding the business as Ryan Communications Inc. He worked with B2B and B2C companies to formulate advertising solutions and grew the business to 70 employees and $30 million in annual revenue.

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What Scott Deming Talks About:

Create the Ultimate Customer Service Experience
The key to having a successful business is establishing an open line of communication between the company and the customer. To create the ultimate customer experience, you must understand what you do, who you are, and what you sell, and then identify those who not only need what you have to sell but will buy based on why you sell it. Scott will help you discover the answers to these questions to gain a new understanding of your sales and customer service direction. The goal is to turn every customer into a loyal evangelist for life. Scott has that formula.

Leadership and Corporate Culture
Scott is an expert at explaining the inner workings of leadership and culture. Scott illustrates how great leaders are comfortable with not being the smartest people in the room, but instead, surrounding themselves with people who are better than them in significant ways and who have aligning values. A great leader encourages everyone to come up with excellent ideas and doesn’t try to take the credit for the ideas of their employees or colleagues. Scott is experienced in speaking about cultures in many different types of agencies from non-profit organizations to international conglomerates.

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