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About Tyler Hayden - Author and Speaker on Leadership and Teamwork:

Tyler Hayden has been a full-time professional speaker and innovative team builder for almost two decades. His business is personal development and non-traditional team-building programs. Tyler’s clients include some of the world’s largest corporations and associations. Groups such as the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), Project Management Institute (PMI), Bell, and Honeywell have all benefited from Tyler’s programs. 

Tyler is a keynoter, team builder, and author.  He has developed program solutions across industries in leadership, structured mentoring, team building, staff motivation, personal development, and quality improvement.  

Tyler is the author of over 16 books, plus audio CDs, educational programs, interactive CD-ROMs, board games, card games, apps, and full-length DVDs.  His training materials have been sold worldwide, and he has delivered several thousand high-energy keynotes and train-the-trainer programs internationally.

As a keynoter Tyler has spoken to groups ranging in number from 20 to 5,000.  He delivers a professional presentation that ensures that the message is designed with the audience’s learning in mind.  Tyler’s electric energy on stage is second to none–in fact some say he is our planet’s answer to alternative energy.  

Working with Tyler as a team builder and keynoter is fun.  Whether he brings his 9-hole mini golf course, paints and canvas, or remote control cars, his bag of tricks always delivers a great time!  Tyler’s team events are high energy and information packed.  Tyler works diligently beforehand along-side your team leads to ensure the delivery of consistent and powerful messages that resonate with your team.

Finally, a description of Tyler would not be complete without a word about his greatest source of affluence: family.  Tyler is a loving husband to Laurie, a teacher, and proud father of Tait and Breton, his beautiful little girls.  Tyler and Laurie look forward to building a loving family and continuing to make a difference in their quiet seaside community in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, where they operate a chicken farm and Tyler sits on Town Council.

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What Tyler Hayden Talks About:

Livin' Life Large
Based on Tyler’s bestselling book Livin' Life Large: Simple Actions that Create Success, this show will not only have your group rolling in the aisles with laughter but will also have them leaving the presentation room with simple changes that they can easily make to begin to create a balanced lifestyle in both their personal and professional lives.

Tyler delivers keynote speeches like you've never heard before! The content for Livin’ Life Large combines expert storytelling, current research about your custom learning objectives, engaging audience participation, and Tyler’s clean corporate humor.

This presentation is all about creating long-term life satisfaction by living “every single moment of every single day.” In doing so we are able to effectively and efficiently balance the rigours that work and life throw our way.

This presentation has been a hit at conferences and conventions from 50 to 5,000 people. It’s hilarious. It’s high energy. It’s impactful. It’s 100 percent Tyler Hayden.

Building a Message in a Bottle
The Message in a Bottle
book series is a collection of letters from around the world. The book is a content-rich destination for messages that promote caring connections between people. The letters are donated by the contributors, and 40 percent of royalties go directly to charity. The book series is the wisdom behind this impactful presentation that focuses on linking your people together in meaningful ways. Building a committed, caring, and engaged culture is what we help you do. 

The presentation focuses on bringing people together in real time to get to know one another, investigate more about what makes us “tick,” and engages the audience in meaningful content-rich fun. As one contributor in the series says, “A family that plays together; stays together.”

This event is a perfect opener or closer to your conference or meeting. It is high energy. It’s content rich. And it is a perfectly hilarious blend to your busy meeting schedule.

The Big MC
Do you have an event or conference coming up and need someone to keep all the moving parts in sync? Then, check out Tyler Hayden's Big M.C. offering. 

The Big M.C. answers a meeting planners’ need to build a conference experience that will not be soon forgotten. 

Tyler carefully and hilariously weaves the business of the day with innovative and exciting audience interaction. The Big M.C. is a custom conference solution that maximizes Tyler’s impact throughout your conference schedule. Some components recently chosen for the Big M.C. have included: 

  • Keynote
  • Workshop
  • Keynote Speaker Interviews/Games
  • Icebreakers
  • Networking
  • Full Conference Team Building 

Connect your people in real time and take the pressure off with The Big M.C.

14-Minute Mentor
How to retain and engage critical employees in this very competitive job market is the subject of many sleepless nights for business leaders. The Philosopher and Professor: 14-Minute Mentor, a book collaboration between Industrial Psychologist Dr. Bill Howatt and Business Consultant Tyler Hayden, that presents a solution to this very problem. 

In this presentation, philosopher Tyler Hayden weaves a wonderful fable about an entrepreneurial business leader who struggles with losing key talent in his expanding business. On a whim he reaches out to a more established business executive to find the secret to his business success over the decades: mentoring. 

From here Tyler guides your group through the educational underpinnings of mentoring and how to bring it alive in your organization 

The Philosopher and Professor: 14-Minute Mentor offers rich, easy to apply content in a unique presentation that reveals the importance and value of mentoring. 

Be sure to ask about our pre-order options to receive deep discounts on book and follow-up learning tools for your group.

Team Building with Intelligence (MIQ)
Some of the top reasons people leave organizations are:

  • Issues with management;
  • Lack of opportunity for challenge and growth in their position; and
  • Lack of recognition of a job well done.

You are invited to spend an interactive (and hilarious) session exploring simple solutions that we can implement to keep our teams engaged and functioning collectively.

You will learn:

  • What is needed for effective team building program design (3F’s);
  • How to assess your team’s building style (MIQ); and
  • Simple tools to engage and keep employees.

Our exclusive MIQ process is a way of gathering information on your team members’ individual learning intelligences and then applying them to the collective group to help managers discover and create phenomenal opportunities for leadership.

Get your pens ready. Because this session is like drinking from a fire hose. (But don’t worry this session is in true Tyler fashion – you’re going to bust a gut laughing too!)

Everyday Adventure
If you are not pushing the envelope you aren't living.  But really, are you going to climb Everest?  The closest we will probably get to Everest is the ride at Disney.  But just because we aren't climbing Everest doesn't mean that we can’t live an adventure lifestyle. Walk with Tyler through some everyday adventures that you can find in your own community or with a quick commuter flight.  Learn about the psychological and physical benefits of injecting adventure into the everyday.  Find out why an adventurous workplace is a profitable workplace.  Develop a new mantra of instilling the power of adventure in your everyday. Explore quick techniques of imparting that sense of adventure to your community, children and co-workers. Tyler is an everyday adventurer, from driving breakneck speeds in a NASCAR and naked wilderness survival to swimming with Great White Sharks and playing restaurant roulette.  You will learn some really simple and effective ways of energizing the every day, without having to climb Everest. 

Team members will learn:

  • Identify 3 ways that they can immediately add adventure to their lives; 
  • Explore some new adventures to add to their bucket list; and
  • Become energized by humorous and inspiring real life adventures.

Friday State of Mind
With text messages flying, Facebook posts burning up cyberspace, and Twitter tweeting like a hungry crow – the plans are in the works for the best weekend ever!  So much so you can already taste the Martinis! Friday! is the best day of the week because it is a gateway to freedom…  But, you know that, that freedom is not yours because of looming deadlines, emails to respond to, and product to deliver.  So somehow you innately change your state of mind to meet the needs of the day.  You will seamlessly achieve everything, cause it’s Friday!, and you've got plans for the weekend.

Friday! is truly is a state of mind, and with the Friday mind set you can achieve corporate well being. It is a time when you pull out all the stops, get busy, and get ‘er done.  Join Tyler as he explores the 9 ¾  most important skills to living the Friday! state of mind, every day.  Laugh along with Tyler while you learn among other things to: drop old behaviors, boost creativity, master meaning, create connection, optimize optimism, vet vision, and peak perform.

So mix up a Martini, turn up the tunes and lighten your load. We’re unleashing Tyler to change your Monday morning blues, into a Friday! state of mind.

Catchin' The Carrot - Building a Personal Strategic Plan
Using Tyler’s powerful personal strategic planning tool, you can actually Catch the Carrot you have been chasing for a long time.

In this powerful session you will begin to explore how to effectively create a plan for prosperity that has been proven time and again. Tyler has masterfully taken a complex planning process and distilled it into an elemental format that will efficiently and effectively help you in creating a personal mission, vision, values, objectives, environmental scan, SWOT analysis, action and five year plan.

The greatest gift you can give today’s new workers is the opportunity to begin to shape the future they aspire to create. This show does that in an entertaining and engaging way. This presentation will take your success planning from crawling to running – with the finish line only as magnificent as you can imagine!

Team Avatar - Team Building Virtual and Co-located Teams
Teams work everywhere, and unfortunately that means not always in the same place. In fact, some teams never get to see each other eye to eye – well at least ones that aren't digitally enhanced. Whether you work in a virtual office setting or just get distanced by the constant use of email with little or no face time due to hectic workloads—this team building workshop is for you! Effective teams need trust, respect, and camaraderie to get the job done. Building that when you aren't always in the same area code can be tricky. That’s where this team-building workshop comes in! Come and explore some fun and efficient ways to get your group to know each other in a digital world. Explore some out of the box, unique team building ideas for getting the group to share insight about themselves individually as well as a group.

You’ll learn how to build team albums, find commonalities, and much more. This session will help you find some activities that will help to build meaningful relationships within your working environment.

Leader's Pack - 81 Ideas for Team Building Every Manager Can Do
Explore out-of-the-box experiential and adventure based learning experiences that you can immediately apply to your group or team to increase engagement in your projects or objectives. The things you will learn in this high energy event are essential for framing your team’s structure and long-term dialogue.

You will explore 81 different team-building solutions that can be applied immediately. Explore Virtual and On-Site Team options that will help you develop a great team of engaged colleagues.

Take your team from good to great by developing their soft skills. Join Tyler as he crafts your team into a highly cohesive unit. Leader’s Pack is based on experiential and adventure based learning, blended with Tyler’s exclusive MIQ design. The result is a program your team won’t soon forget. Tyler will work with you to choose from a wide assortment of soft skill development activities that precisely target your group’s needs. If you’re ready to be outside the box, then you’re ready to jump into Tyler’s Leader’s Pack.

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It was a very high energy, fun session that got everyone involved and laughing! Your technique of delivering the message of paradigms and change was unique and well demonstrated and one that our sales force will definitely remember. A truly high energy, entertaining way to deliver the message! Thank you.

Sales Manager, Air Liquide Canada - Atlantic

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