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About Alden Mills - Former Navy SEAL Platoon Commander, Co-founder/Inc 500 CEO of Perfect Fitness:

Odds are that you or someone you work with uses Alden Mills' inventions. He is a former Navy SEAL who has been awarded more than 40 patents, which have sold over 10 million products (and counting) worldwide. He’s created five #1 ranked infomercials, and is the author of Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything.  Alden's latest book Unstoppable Teams: The Four Essential Actions of High-Performance Leadership (Harper Business) addresses how to build CARE-based teams to help people achieve more than they thought possible.

The company he co-founded and led, Perfect Fitness (e.g. Perfect Pushup, Perfect Ab-Carver, etc.), gained national acclaim through Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing consumer products business from 2007 to 2009, with an astounding 12,000%+ growth-rate from $500k to over $63M in just three years.

His mantra is “Success is a team sport.” Mills learned his mantra early in life as an uncoordinated, asthmatic who persevered to be a one-time Olympic rowing hopeful before going on to be a three-time #1 ranked Navy SEAL platoon commander. He applied his lessons learned in motivating and leading SEAL platoons to building and leading a hyper-growth company. He has over 25 years of military and business leadership experience building, leading and innovating with teams.

Tested and proven, he has been called the modern-day “Zig Zigler” because of his magnetic presence, riveting story-telling and innovative teaching methodologies. His simple and effective frameworks help organizations build high functioning team players and leaders that can innovate. His sought-after Unstoppable speaking series is transformative and scalable to those organizations seeking continuous improvement. He works with clients to tailor presentations for lasting results. For Mills, it is all about enabling his audiences to achieve more than what they originally thought was possible.

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What Alden Mills Talks About:

Be Unstoppable: From SEAL Team to Start-ups – The Secret To Success
Over 25 years of leading SEALs and businesses, Mills failed more times than he succeeded and transformed his lessons from both his failures and remarkable successes to create a process for succeeding. Based on his book, “BE UNSTOPPABLE: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything”, Mills condenses his message down to the only two things that lead to success: Actions and Attitudes. A riveting storyteller, Mills shares lessons and stories to prove that success is the result of deliberate actions and “can-do” attitudes, leaving audiences inspired and armed with news tools to tackle any obstacle.

Build & Lead Unstoppable Teams: Learn To Lead Teams Like A Navy SEAL
Mills challenges conventional management principles with his proven track record of turning individuals into teammates and teammates into Unstoppable teams. With lessons that might surprise you from a three-time #1 ranked Navy SEAL platoon commander, he shares his 4 pillars to building and leading Unstoppable teams and why his leadership mantra, “To lead is to serve and to serve is to care|” is the foundation of his Real Leaders C.A.R.E. methodology.

Create Unstoppable Innovation: How To Build Innovation Teams
Organizations create hit products because they are disciplined and follow what Mills calls an “Innovation Code”. He shares the 5 steps to building your own code for creating products that sell and reveals his R.O.C.K. innovation method, which he created while inventing more than 40 patented products that have sold over 10 million units. With inspiring and fascinating stories from his innovation journey, Mills energizes audiences to embrace their creativity and offers the tools to build their own innovation code.

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