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About Alisha De Lorenzo - Human Connection Expert, High Performance Coach, and Positive Disruptor:

After decades spearheading groundbreaking initiatives in the education space, Alisha De Lorenzo's ascent into the corporate world is nothing short of remarkable. She has emerged as a guiding force in reshaping the way companies cut through the noise, lean into positive disruption, and solve for the disengagement, disconnection, disparities and declining morale plaguing our organizations. Alisha has come to believe that the only way we fight overwhelm and burnout is not lowering our standards or doing less, rather, unleashing a level of aliveness in our people.

An acclaimed international speaker, award winning educator and therapist, Alisha has shared her thought leading insights and frameworks with hundreds of thousands of audience members from the US to Africa. Her work has been featured on PBS, NBC and NJ Spotlight News while her influence has impacted organizations like Mondelez, Wawa and the US Army as well as the NJ Department of Education and many government officials.

Alisha's profound understanding of the human spirit sets the foundation for companies to unlock innovation, differentiation and growth to drive engagement, productivity and high performance. Stepping into the realm of the extraordinary requires leaders to create cultures where people feel seen, heard and valued and that is the foundation to the aliveness we all seek.

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What Alisha De Lorenzo Talks About:

Unleashing the Power of Positive Disruption: The Path to Aliveness, Innovation and High Performance
The way we fight overwhelm, burnout and disengagement is not less work. The only way to do more with less is by unleashing the next level of aliveness in our people and teams.

In this high energy keynote, Alisha takes audiences through a transformative framework that guides them to embrace the edge of thier positive disruption where the next level of aliveness lives. With 43% of employees feeling invisible and 85% of workers around the world psychologically absent, the cost of workplace disengagement cost shundreds of billions of dollars worldwide.

By unpacking the distinct organizational profiles that predict expected work outcomes, we can help people not only feel valued but add value to others. By the end of this presentation, teams will have the tools and frameworks for high performance and rediscover the spark within to unlock innovation and growth.


  • Learn the framework for unlocking aliveness in your people and teams to combat disconnection, disengagement and overwhelm.
  • Understand the four social significance profiles and the role they play in contributing to a high performing culture.
  • Discover how to scale the social spread of positive disruption to unlock differentiation, growth and high performance


Mattering and Mental Health: Healthy Minds Create High-Performing Teams and Workplaces
Through compelling research, personal stories, and practical strategies, Alisha dives into the powerful influence mattering has on mental health and explains how belonging does not equal mattering.

In today’s fast paced and demanding work environments, the mental wellbeing of employees is a critical factor in driving organizational success. Audience members will learn how mattering acts as a catalyst for employee engagement, motivation and productivity, which is essential for high performing teams.

Leave inspired, equipped with actionable insights, and ready to champion initiatives that prioritize employees’ mental well-being, leading to enhanced productivity, engagement, and overall organizational success.


From Invisible to Invincible: How Valued People Add Value
In today’s diverse and interconnected world, Alisha makes the case that “mattering” serves as a catalyst for DEIB initiatives and enhances employee engagement and overall organizational performance.

During this highly interactive, relevant, and future-forward presentation, audiences explore how fostering a culture where individuals feel seen, heard, and valued cultivates an environment where diverse voices can thrive, leading to innovative problem solving and greater risk-taking for every member of the team.

When teams take on the systemic and unconscious biases that stand in the way of the work, organizations can proactively dismantle the barriers of invisibility that lead to “anti-mattering.” Alisha offers strategies for creating inclusive cultures that prioritize mattering for everyone. Leave inspired, equipped with practical tools, and ready to champion initiatives that cultivate an inclusive environment of innovation, collaboration, and high performance.

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    Alisha takes us on a transformative journey each time she works with our team and members. Through her magnetic presence and skillful creation of nurturing and inclusive
    spaces, Alisha cultivates healing, wellness, and a profound sense of belonging that resonates long after the session ends

    Director Professional Development, NJEA

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