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About Allan karl - Adventurer & Inspiring Speaker on Overcoming challenges:

World traveler, adventurer, photographer, author, entrepreneur, Allan Karl inspires people to pursue dreams, overcome challenges, tackle obstacles, embrace change and smile -- especially in the face of adversity. And he knows how. Allan spent nearly three years riding around the world alone on a motorcycle.

Along the way, on a muddy dirt road miles from anywhere and 14,000 feet high in the Andes of Bolivia, Allan crashed and crushed his leg. But this didn't stop him. After a painful recovery, Allan, continued his journey, logging more than 62,000 miles over 5 continents and through 35 countries traveling alone on his motorcycle. 

Why does someone sell nearly everything he owns, pack up a motorcycle and travel for three years alone on a motorcycle? 

Many people dream about taking such a journey. Few pursue it. Fear, uncertainty and doubt usually stand in the way. During his three-year journey and through his inspirational keynote speeches and small group workshops, people are inspired by Allan's energy and infectious enthusiasm. Stories of his tenacious drive and positive outlook are relayed through his writings about the high and low points of his around-the-world odyssey at, an ongoing collection of his narratives, videos, podcasts and stunning photography. 

In a forthcoming book, The Beginning At The End of The Road, chronicling his three-year odyssey, Allan shares the places and faces he encountered during his journey, including visiting some 43 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Karl is principal of clearcloud, a digital marketing consultancy located in Southern California. clearcloud provides clients with brand reengineering, brand communications and digital marketing communications strategies and creative services. 

Prior to starting clearcloud, Karl founded Wirestone, one of the country's top 50 interactive ad agencies according to Advertising Age. At Wirestone, Karl served as director and chief marketing officer. Karl's client experience includes Apple, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard and Quest Software. 

A dynamic and inspiring professional speaker, Allan shares his message with captivating storytelling and award-winning photography that touch themes of adventure, travel as education, personal growth, creativity, innovation, tolerance, environment, effective communication and the importance of pursuing dreams. 

A graduate of Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communications, Karl also lectures, speaks and leads business-focused workshops on branding, digital marketing and strategic planning.

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What Allan Karl Talks About:

Obstacles Are Opportunities: The Beginning at the End of the Road
This popular presentation inspires people to see possibilities instead of obstacles. How to confront fear, take chances and accept challenge to succeed and achieve goals. The rewards reaped through relationship building and connecting with people, regardless of race, religion or culture. All powerful messages told within the context of stories involving extraordinary circumstances with ordinary people delivered through dramatic storytelling choreographed to awe-inspiring and stunning photography, animations and video. 

Embrace Change. Expand Your World View, Make Connections & Succeed
Why change in business, life, relationships and employment is good. Open doors and break down barriers by changing perspectives, increasing one’s sphere of experience and making connections. Allan shows that it’s embracing change and connecting and working with people that helps us grow and tackle obstacles and succeed. 

To trust oneself and to trust others is the best recipe for success.That’s how he tackled virtually every physical, emotional or technical obstacle that stood in his way of his success. Valuable lessons show how embracing change, communication and connecting with strangers and expanding our worldview with perspective and possibilities, will help everyone succeed, realize dreams and get what they want. A fast-paced program delivered with stunning visuals and dynamic storytelling.

Stay Curious
By convincing people to ask questions, wonder why and be open to change and possibilities, through storytelling from his travels and his journey through business as an entrepreneur, Allan shows audiences why and how to stay curious in order to lead, create and innovate. “In order to see the possibilities, we need to be recognize the possibilities, in order to recognize the possibilities we have to be open to the possibilities.” This program ties the notion that problem solving and innovation are the result of asking the right questions, and by encouraging teams to ask questions and to stay curious.

Vision & Perspective — The View Is Better from Here
With remarkable photography, real-world video and thought-provoking tales from the road, Allan shows how vision, setting one’s sights on clear, attainable goals and changing one’s perspective can make virtually any problem diminish. Through real-world stories with real people from places most wouldn’t dare set foot, Allan’s lessons show how patience and a good dose of perspective can turn a bad or seemingly impossible situation into one that is fun, entertaining and educational. 

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