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About Andrew Deutscher - Thought Leader & Speaker on Science of High Performance:

As a charismatic and energetic worldwide keynote speaker, author, sales leader, performance expert, and change agent, Andrew Deutscher instills today's most critical skills of self-awareness, empathy, resilience, absorbed focus, and perseverance in the face of ever increasing demand and stress. The emerging science of high performance proves definitive links to today's most engaged, profitable, and progressive companies.

Andrew currently serves as a Vice President at The Energy Project, a company that helps individuals and organizations fuel energy by harnessing the science of high performance. He also is the author of a new book that captures the essence of story and purpose to overcome obstacles and achieve sustained excellence.

His increasing popularity as a speaker combined with his corporate and entrepreneurial background have attracted companies such as Apple, Intel, Coca Cola, Genentech, GE, Lego Systems, DPR Construction, American Express and many others to his speeches and trainings.

Having worked his way up from an account executive at a small television station to Senior Vice President of Sales for Sony Pictures Television in the furiously competitive entertainment industry, Andrew forged his path to success with personal connection, fortitude, persistence, creativity and humility. A corporate wide reduction at Sony leaving him unemployed and the subsequent chronic illness diagnosis of his youngest child served as the turning points to live a life with greater energy, passion, deeper meaning and purpose.

Andrew's determination and triumphant comeback personally and professionally is the backdrop for a rich, inspiring, and uplifting experience that changes lives. Delivered with authenticity, humor, command and the desire to lift others yields personal breakthroughs that help them attain their highest potential both at work and in life.

Grounded in real-world business case studies, individual achievement, personal experience, and a growing science of high performance, Andrew has helped thousands improve their overall health and well-being, deepen relationships emotionally, cultivate absorbed and flexible focus, overcome obstacles and ultimately, live lives with deeper meaning and purpose.

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What Andrew Deutscher Talks About:

Transforming The Way We Work: The Science of High Performance
The Energy Project’s scientifically-grounded PeopleFuel curriculum is designed to help you get more done, in less time, at a higher level of quality, by more efficiently managing your energy rather than your time. Time is finite, but energy can be systematically expanded and regularly renewed.

Energy is multi-dimensional in the human system. In this program, you will be introduced to the groundbreaking work of The Energy Project and how it can transform your life, on the job and off.

In this highly interactive and experiential process, you will discover the hidden costs of habits that serve to deplete your energy, diminish your emotional resilience, inhibit your focus, and weaken your motivation. Once you’ve gained awareness, you will learn how to build Energy Rituals – highly specific behaviors that become automatic over time – in order to more skillfully manage your energy across all four dimensions.

Founded by Tony Schwartz, bestselling author of The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working, Andrew lays out a step-by-step blueprint for a better, more sustainable way of working, grounded in the multidisciplinary science of high performance. Immerse yourself in The Energy Project’s innovative, instantly applicable approach and it will transform the way you work.

Insulin Resilience: How Chronic Disease Shapes Lives for the Better
In our society, we make assumptions, we typecast about what chronic illness means, and we too often only see the negative.  A chronic diagnosis doesn’t have to be a limitation on your lifestyle. It can be an opportunity for a new typecast: to become a different type of person, a courageous, motivated, and resilient individual.

This keynote will inspire audiences to view attributes of chronic disease in an entirely new light – not limiting and excuse-riddled, but empowering and resilient. It is also a representation of all those overcoming chronic disease – unyielding and passionate.

The hidden gem lies in the stories we tell, our own narrative. The stories we tell ourselves are the most powerful impetus for the lives we lead. Many chronic diseases, despite their complications and inherent risks, become a force that shapes lives for the better.

Find your passion, find your purpose, find your own path forward. What’s your story?

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The inspiration and motivation that was conveyed by Andrew in his presentation is unmatched by any other “class” I have ever attended


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