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About Bob Gray - Entertaining Memory Expert and Communication Speaker:

Bob Gray is a recognized authority on memory systems who has spent the last twenty five years traveling the globe - entertaining and training corporations, governments and associations to adapt memory systems and communications for their particular needs. He has developed a series of sales-oriented personal development keynotes and workshops, which have been popular on six continents - as well as writing the best-selling book Right Brain Rapid Recall (currently available only in e-book format). Bob has also developed a new App called MemoryEdge - it's an invaluable tool for remembering the names, faces and important information of new clients, customers and acquaintances - even if you’ve only met them once! A must for any salesperson (downloadable from the AppStore).

Bob Gray discovered his first memory technique when he was seven. He was given a magic book that showed him how to remember a twenty-item list. Shortly thereafter he was called on to do the memory trick at family parties and gatherings. Encouraged and motivated by praise at home - he began to find that memory techniques could have a valuable role in other aspects of his life. With a little ingenuity, he adapted the memory trick to help him with his work at school. The reward was a significant rise in his grades.

Traveling and entertaining under the stage name of Backwards Bob the Memory Man - Bob demonstrates the unique abilities that have netted him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. His many media credits include Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show, CBS News, and BBC One.

To date, Bob’s clients have included Wells Fargo, Ford, FedEx, GE, General Motors, Hilton Hotels, DuPont, and Great West Life - to name just a few.

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What Bob Gray Talks About:

Digital Amnesia: How Technology is Stealing Your Memory (and How to Steal it Back)
Digital Amnesia: The experience of forgetting something important because you trust a connected device!

Since we’ve been able to place more memory power in the palm of our hand than was used to land a man on the moon, we’ve banished our own memory to the back burner. The more we rely on technology to retrieve information, the more we erode the process to recall that information ‘naturally.’

So is this a problem? Well, aside from the mental health aspect – here’s just one scenario. You have a pre-arranged appointment, you have reviewed all the pertinent information about that client/customer/patient – you’re able to ask after their spouse/partner, kids, even their favourite sports team. They feel you have a great relationship.

A month later you bump into them unexpectedly, not only have you ‘forgotten’ their spouse/partners, kids, names – you can’t even remember THEIR name. How’s that relationship now? How helpful is that device now?

In this highly interactive, empowering, and humorous presentation, Bob shows you how to keep your memory in shape, how to steal your brain back from technology – and how you’ll never again need to say “Sorry, I forgot your name”.

This same method, which is the foundation of all memory systems dating back thousands of years – can also be adapted to recall presentations, lists, safety procedures and more.

Right Brain Rapid Recall
In this short interactive keynote presentation, Bob reveals the untapped memory potential in each of us. He begins by sharing the hilarious story of how his unique skills enabled him to immigrate into Canada. The fact that he was able to write extemporaneously upside down (plus upside down/backwards with both hands/feet while blindfolded and speaking phonetically backwards) – pretty much proved to a stunned immigration official that he was not taking a job from a Canadian or for that matter, anyone else on the planet!

Bob then delivers two incredibly powerful memory demonstrations, which never fail to astonish. After entertaining the audience with his own memory, he enriches their minds by teaching the hilarious and practical ‘Chain’ system. (A system dating all the way back to ancient Greece – which is an invaluable tool for memorizing speeches, presentations lists, complex equations and more!)

I’m No Good with Names… But I Never Forget a Face!
How often have you bumped into clients, or customers, or someone you know you have been introduced to, perhaps two or three times before – but for the life of you, can’t remember their name? And the harder you try to remember, the farther it seems to slip from your mind? Socially, this can be extremely embarrassing, but in business – it can be disastrous. With our lives already so hectic, and the number of people who are important to us increasing every day – we need an instant and easy way to keep each and every one of them active in our memory.

The sweetest sound to someone is the sound of his or her own name. By forgetting a person’s name, you show not only a lack of respect – but you might just as well say that this individual is of no importance to you. Conversely, by recalling a correct name, especially after only one introduction – you will not only engage and flatter its owner, but you will be remembered for your thoughtful interest.

In his amusing, unusual and empowering presentation – Bob reveals a wonderful method to easily recall and store into memory the names of new friends and business acquaintances. Having been taught the system, participants are quickly and easily able to recall both first and last names of several new acquaintances as they are introduced during the presentation. It’s a hilarious system that will have the audience in hysterics – and it works!

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Bob, your closing general session was the perfect finishing touch to our meeting. With an attendance of about 1,500 mobility professionals representing 37 countries - your message has resonated around the world.

Executive Vice President, CAE Inc.

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