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About Bobby Jones - Author, Speaker & Expert on Purpose as a Force for Good & Growth:

Bobby Jones is a pioneer in purpose transformation in business. He is a best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and one of the most influential voices in the worldwide movement of conscious capitalism. His work has helped leaders in over 150 countries to develop solutions to global challenges.

Since the release of his best-selling book Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give A Damn in 2016, Bobby's talks, books, events, and podcasts, have sparked a worldwide movement of creators using business and culture to implement bold actions that lead to positive change. His second book on 2021, Good is the New Cool: Principles of Purpose, has become a go-to resource for CEO’s worldwide who want to build a purpose-driven enterprise. He is also the founding partner of the purpose consultancy Conspiracy of Love, helping the world's leading companies, including adidas, a2, GSK, Unilever, AB InBev, Mondelez, Diageo, and PepsiCo, to grow their business through societal impact. B Labs recently recognized Conspiracy of Love as one of the Best for the World™ B Corps of 2022.

Bobby is a renowned international speaker whose keynotes and workshops provide business leaders with key principles and tools to drive growth and impact with purpose. Audiences walk away empowered with roadmaps to find lasting fulfillment and meaning in their work, igniting a fire that transforms their lives, work, and the world for the better. In 2023, Bobby will launch his latest entrepreneurial venture, Rivet, the world's first consumer-facing brand rallying youth worldwide to channel their collective power as consumers to fuel their work as activists, innovators, and social entrepreneurs. Over the next ten years, Rivet will invest $250 million in youth-led social innovation.

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What Bobby Jones Talks About:

As business leaders, we have all experienced turbulent times. The global economic crisis, political instability, technological disruption, and social unrest are just a few of the challenges we face daily. These challenges can be overwhelming and cause us to question our leadership abilities. However, leading with Purpose is more important during these turbulent times than ever.

In this inspiring keynote, you will learn how to lead with Purpose during turbulent times. Discover the five C’s of purposeful leadership: clarity, courage, compassion, collaboration, and commitment. Explore the power of Purpose to provide direction, motivation, and resilience.

Learn how to inspire your team, communicate your Purpose effectively, and create a culture of Purpose. You will leave this keynote with practical strategies and insights to lead with Purpose and positively impact the world.

Purpose is the growth story of the 21st century; the age of conscious capitalism is here. Bobby answers the critical questions facing C-Suite leaders today in this enlightening talk. What is Purpose? How do you discover it? How can legacy companies reverse-engineer purpose into their DNA in an authentic and meaningful way? And how can leaders harness their power to create compelling products and services for a new generation of socially conscious consumers
that attract the best employee talent who want to do meaningful work? Audiences will walk away with the 9 Principles that will create inspired innovation, engaged employees, and new frontiers for growth for any business.

Today, 87% of employees are disengaged in their work, leading to massive shifts such as The Great Resignation; What if you could turn that around, ignite the passion in your teams, and unleash their true potential? In this transformative talk, Bobby Jones shows you how to use the revolutionary GPS to Purpose framework to inspire and motivate your employees, helping them recognize how their personal purpose connects to their work, leading to greater engagement, retention, and productivity.

Are you ready? In this insightful and inspiration-packed keynote, purpose pioneer Bobby Jones and futurist Lucie Green dive into trends across six key macro themes: radical inclusivity, universal well-being, sustainable futures, community and connection, good culture, and civic and society. Together, they will demonstrate how these trends will shape how consumers think, connect, shop, and appraise brands in the years to come, with far-out predictions of where they might lead next.

This Future of Good talk will empower and show you how to act on the key emerging trends in sustainability, diversity and inclusion, wellness, and more. We will help you navigate the changing consumer outlook and the evolving culture of purpose and take inspiration from innovators leading the charge with tangible insights and takeaways.

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“Thank you for inspiring my team at our annual meeting. Your passion really came through. We are excited to apply the message of value and creating a sense of purpose into our work moving forward. Thank you for a successful event!

Menaka Gopinath, IPSOS

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