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About Brendan Reid - Executive, Author, and Keynote Speaker on Career Strategies and Business Management:

Brendan Reid is an accomplished executive, career management expert and author of Stealing the Corner Office. He is the Senior Vice President at Ceridian, a global human capital management technology company serving more than 50 countries. He has built his career by breaking with corporate convention and questioning long held management truisms. For nearly 20 years he has studied the too-often-ignored human side of corporate dynamics that create the imperfect world we work in.

Unlike most business authors and experts who focus on the conventional side of business and career management, Brendan delves into the unconventional tactics people use to get ahead and stay ahead. In his speaking engagements and in his book, Brendan draws on his experiences as a struggling middle manager and the startling revelations about success that became the foundation for the career strategy that took him into the executive ranks. 

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What Brendan Reid Talks About:

Recruiting and Retaining Great People
Recruiting and retaining great people is actually getting tougher for hiring managers because there is so much information out there and so many tools designed to give candidates an edge. This leg up doesn’t discriminate either – all candidates benefit – bad ones and good ones. It’s gotten incredibly easy to do research on people and companies, and to study common recruiting strategies and download free tools. When used correctly, you can create the illusion you have more expertise than you actually do. Unfortunately, as the candidates have gotten stronger, the recruiters have not. The outcome, as you’ve experienced, is that it’s tougher than ever to consistently identify great people.

In this fascinating keynote Brendan Reid looks at the Art and Science of recruiting in the New World of Work. From his years of research on the topic he carefully outlines different strategies and ideas that Leaders can use to dramatically improve their recruiting skills, while staying ahead of the latest trends.

Brendan will explain:

  • Why it’s very important to always make the Candidate as comfortable as possible
  • How the Recruiter should always be selling the job
  • Why talking less will change the outcome
  • How important it is to always ask one more Question
  • Why you should always Test for Approach vs. Facts

Map to Mastery: How the Best Teams get Better Every Day
What really separates the best teams from the average performers? Is it talent? What makes some teams happier and uniquely motivated? Is it compensation? What causes certain teams to get stronger over time and other teams to fizzle out? Is it corporate culture?

For 20 years, Brendan Reid has been studying the attributes and habits that separate high performing managers and teams from everyone else. As an acclaimed careers author and learning technology executive, Brendan offers a unique perspective to this universal management dilemma. In his thought-provoking keynote, Brendan hones in on learning and mastery as the central philosophy today’s top teams use to get ahead and stay ahead. In the keynote, he dispels many of the common myths about workplace performance that so many of us perpetuate without even knowing it. Through a set of highly entertaining stories from two decades of corporate life, Brendan makes you think twice about your own approach to development and management. He describes a unique mastery-based regimen that top teams practice on a daily basis to continuously raise the bar on proficiency and performance. Your team will walk away feeling energized and armed with a practical set of tools to get a little bit stronger, happier and more valuable every day.

In the keynote you’ll learn:

  • How today’s best teams embrace a mastery-based culture and why it’s so important
  • Why top performing managers value practice over potential
  • Why only 15% of your team is engaged and how a collective pursuit of mastery can change that
  • How you can make each day of work experience 3-5 times more valuable
  • What new methods exist to develop and prove mastery in the workplace
  • What you can do differently tomorrow to build a team of masters

The Motivation Code: 5 New Habits Everyone Needs to Stay Focused
Everyone agrees that the path to competitive advantage starts with clear goals and a motivated, high performing team. And instinctively we all know that our own career success ultimately lies in our ability to stay focused and achieve our personal goals and objectives. But with so much riding on motivation, why are fewer than 15% of employees actively engaged at work? Why is our next generation of managers and executives the least engaged segment of the entire workforce? How do we win if we can’t get motivated? How do we develop our careers if we can’t find a reason to engage?

Careers author and executive, Brendan Reid, has spent the last two decades studying the habits that keep top performers engaged and motivated at work. In this energizing keynote, Brendan rips the Band-Aid off the conventional wisdom around workplace motivation and engagement. He dispels some commonly held myths about motivation and offers some tough love to the audience about what really drives engagement. Through a set of highly entertaining stories, Brendan sheds light on the real secrets for building a motivated team and staying focused on the goals that will have the greatest impact on success and happiness. The audience will walk away buzzing with energy from this new perspective and ready to put a practical set of tools into action that will keep them focused and motivated to succeed.

In the keynote you’ll learn:

  • How top teams and top performers get and stay motivated at work
  • Why we need to redefine personal success at work to kick start engagement
  • What the real sources for motivation are and how you can find yours
  • A new way to set goals designed to build momentum and motivation on a daily basis
  • 5 new habits you can adopt tomorrow to get focused and stay motivated

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Brendan Reid is hilarious. One of the rare speakers who can deliver a truly compelling message and do it in an entertaining way. The perfect guest speaker for a business audience.

Jefferson Marks, CEO

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