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About Brian Holloway - Former All American and NFL player, Motivational Speaker, and Teamwork Speaker: 

A Stanford All-American, 5 time NFL All-Pro, and All-Star front line competitor, Brian Holloway was the 6'7" powerhouse at the core of the 1985 New England Patriots Super Bowl team. In 1986, Brian Holloway was elected by his peers to forge a new direction in NFL policy, becoming the youngest Vice-President of the NFL Player’s Association at age 23. Brian Holloway retired from the NFL in 1992 after eight distinguished seasons with the Patriots and two with the Los Angeles Raiders. In 2013, Brian Holloway was hired by the Baltimore Ravens as a motivational Speaker/Coach/Mentor/Voice of Experience, several days before they became world champions, winning Super Bowl XLVII. 

Today, Brian Holloway is an international motivational speaker and renowned corporate trainer, mobilizing companies and organizations in search of peak productivity, helping them achieve new levels of excellence. He understands how to transform thinking within organizations and challenge the competitive spirit of diverse work teams.  

Hired by over 200 Fortune 500 Companies from around the world, Brian Holloway has set himself apart in delivering high performance value for hard-charging corporate competitors. In fact, multi-billion dollar giant HP and Compaq called upon Brian Holloway to help meld their two extraordinary cultures into one, single, focused, turned-on team during one of the world’s largest industrial mergers. 

Featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and The 700 Club, Brian Holloway is recognized as a team building expert & visionary. His client list includes: Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Honeywell, MBNA, Bank of America, Apple, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cisco Systems, State Farm, SalomonSmithBarney, Knight Trading, AIG, Reebok, DaimlerChrysler, Google, Stanford, Yale, Fox, The White House, Best Buy, Wachovia Bank,  and thousands more. Brian Holloway has been a featured guest lecturer at Harvard’s Business School, Stanford University, Princeton, New York Graduate School of Business and Williams College. 

Brian Holloway’s stories and case studies are scenes from his own life. Entertaining, motivating and instructional, Brian Holloway uses multi-media technology along with actual NFL game footage to showcase critical points on competitive excellence. These powerful, high-impact presentations have immediate take-home value for everyone — athlete and non-athlete alike.

Brian Holloway’s accomplishments have landed him appearances on Good Morning America, the Today Show, ESPN and NBC Sports, as well as feature coverage in USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the L.A. Times, and the Chicago Tribune. He has testified before Congress, guest lectured at Harvard University Business School and been the featured speaker at Stanford University’s Centennial Celebration. 

Brian Holloway grew up to face and overcome many challenges — he spent much of his youth adjusting to life in 12 different states, even being labeled a “slow learner”. Persistence and an unstoppable spirit propelled Brian Holloway through his early struggles and on to academic and athletic awards throughout his high school and college years. He was heavily recruited by Ivy League Universities Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, and Princeton, and inundated with over 350 scholarship offers. Brian Holloway chose Stanford University and earned varsity letters in both football and track under Coach Bill Walsh. 

Brian Holloway’s commitment to service grew throughout his playing days, when he helped develop the first College Degree Completion Program for Professional Athletes. Beyond the game, he helped establish the Challenger Center for Space Science Education — a living education memorial to the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger. Brian Holloway’s community activism embraces the homeless and inner city youth, and he vigorously supports Special Olympics, D.A.R.E., United Way and Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Brian also maintains a seat on the Stanford Athletic Board. 

Brian Holloway is more than “just another” professional athlete. A former All-Pro football player, Brian Holloway understands how to attain optimum results and, most importantly, he knows how to communicate. Brian Holloway excels at providing transformational outcomes for organizations and companies who must break through to an extraordinary future. 

Brian Holloway is direct, frank and brings a level of intensity and focus to his presentations that moves, inspires and changes people. This intellectual capital comes from over 16 years of experience inside the super-culture of championship teams and the ten-plus years spent inside corporate boardrooms. As a consultant to billion dollar companies, Brian Holloway brings high-level sales and marketing expertise that transforms thinking, and translates into millions in increased sales. As an international motivator, his speaking engagements reach over 1 million people world-wide. President Bill Clinton recognized Brian Holloway as one of America’s top emerging leaders.

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What Brian Holloway Talks About:

Leadership – The Ultimate Winning Edge
Vince Lombardi built champions by focusing on the fundamentals of dedication, preparation, sacrifice and intensity. Holloway reveals how to create LEADERS that win and win and win again in the face of massive competition, disruption and adversity. 

Sales – Total Market Domination
You’re not selling a product; you’re selling something much more, it’s infinite, scalable and sustainable. Learn the SECRETS to being #1. Holloway reveals his SECRETS his 126|000|000 media reach that extends to 185 countries around the world. 

The Passion of The Playmaker
The Playmaker changes the game. They shift the odds. They are the ultimate competitive advantage. When facing adversity Playmakers get bigger, stronger and better. Find out how to unleash that passion in your TEAM to outperform the competition. 

Crafting Dynasties: The New Mindset of The Champion 
You won last year…so what? The competition is still coming with more intensity, passion and intent to raid your customer base. Dynasty Crafting requires total focus, new ideas and better outside the box solutions. Stop playing small. Complacency crushes winners. 

Building Teams: The Secret Of World Champions 
For Champions who must win big now! Everyone must share the vision, velocity, belief and passion to win as a total TEAM. Learn the insider secrets that produce the World Champions. No more settling for less. 

The Goliath Strategy to Outperform the Competition 
This is not a speech. This is a frank high level, no nonsense conversation – stuff they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School. Holloway reveals the SECRET to the most aggressive mindset of total take-over and market domination.

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    Brian does an outstanding job, we’ve worked together for over 15 years now. He can communication greatness, he can reach our team and he can drive that change to increase performance and awaken the PLAYMAKER in our high powered Team. Brian you did it again.

    Eric Dante - Apple, VP Bids & Contracts, Business Intelligence

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