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About Chris Tuff - Keynote Speaker on Culture & Connection, Best-selling Author of "The Millennial Whisperer"

Chris Tuff is a bestselling author and highly sought after keynote speaker who has presented for Nike, Home Depot, Verizon, and several other Fortune 100 companies.

He began his career as a pioneer of the social media marketing space, becoming one of the first marketers to work directly with Facebook on advertising.

His first book, The Millennial Whisperer, is a USA Today bestseller that explores the importance of empathy and relationships in the workplace, and it equips leaders with tools to attract and retain young talent through genuine connection. A global movement soon followed, as Tuff shared lessons on empathy and genuine connection at work on some of the largest stages in the world including such Fortune 100 companies as Nike.

In the interests of making a more immediate impact on ROI, Chris shifted his message to include genuine connections outside of the office, which resulted in publishing his most recent book, Save Your Asks. The book shares interviews and stories from some of the world’s greatest leaders and entrepreneurs about using authenticity and connection to become better salespeople and networkers.

In 2021, Tuff shifted toward connections outside of organizations in writing his latest book, Save Your Asks. He’s interviewed some of the world’s greatest leaders and entrepreneurs and is publishing this handbook to equip everyone with the tools to become better salespeople and networkers through a focus on authenticity and connection. In this book, he highlights real world examples of “askholes” and such sales techniques as “shawshanking.” Tuff

He’s a graduate from Vanderbilt University and lives in Atlanta with his wife and two daughters. He loves kiteboarding, travel, and Air Jordans.

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What Chris Tuff talks about:

Save Your Asks

How can fostering genuine connections have an immediate impact on topline growth? This keynote teaches how ditching the cliches of transactional networking can 3x your conversion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Look at building—and sustaining—connections in a new, more energizing light
  • Learn how identifying prospects’ pain points and offering solutions can instantly increase conversion
  • Build a new network of genuine, lifelong connections
  • 3x your sales ability in business


The Millennial Whisperer

Lazy. Entitled. Needy.
These are just some of the words used to describe Millennials and Gen Z-ers in the workplace. In this keynote, Chris offers a practical, profit-focused playbook for working with and motivating a multigenerational workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify what’s missing from your leadership style
  • Build a work culture employees crave
  • Win at recruiting new employees
  • Retain current employees by learning to motivate, manage, and grow a multigenerational workforce


Leading with Genuine Connection

In the wake of The Great Resignation, many companies are scrambling to find ways to attract & retain top talent AND improve their topline ROI. This keynote shows how the power of genuine connection—inside and outside the organization—can instantly accomplish both.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build a work culture employees crave – Increase recruitment and retention
  • Arm your sales team with tactics to improve topline ROI
  • Bring passion, fulfillment, and fun into the way you’re doing business

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After working with Chris, I was able to merge my purpose and passion to work. My next review was the best of my career

Director of Sales, Nike

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