Christina Kerley


  • Professor at Rutgers Business School for Executive Education where she instructs on Mobile, IoT, AI, and Immersive Media (AR-VR-MR)
  • Talks about: FUTURE-PROOF: Today’s Big Tech - And Bold Moves - To Win You Tomorrow
  • Innovative tech forerunner for 20+ years
  • Past clients include: Verizon, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, E*TRADE, ADP, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential

About Christina "CK" Kerley - Innovation Keynoter, Futurist, and Professor: 

Christina Kerley -- known simply as “CK” -- pushes Fortune 500's ahead of the curve through the 10+ tech dominating the next 10 years. An innovative tech forerunner for 20+ years, CK takes on the big topics, like: The Tech Megatrends; Future-Proof; The Human-Robot Revolution; Business In The AI Age; Hi-Tech Health; Next-Gen Marketing; and The Reskilling Revolution.

CK connects with diverse generations -- from Boomers to Zoomers -- and guides a wide range of professionals working in IT, marketing, sales, HR, R&D, supply chain, and leadership.

Through her next-level content, edu-taining style, and razor-sharp insights, CK electrifies audiences while navigating executives through scores of digital revolutions. Praised for her boundless energy, humor, and inspiration, she has wowed crowds at Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Amazon, TEDx, E*TRADE, The United Nations, Bissell, Best Buy, Cisco, Prudential, and The Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation.

A top-rated member of faculty at Rutgers Business School for Executive Education, she has guest lectured at Stanford, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, and USF.

Along with work for commercial industries -- across tech, consumer, healthcare, insurance, and financial -- she’s also addressed state governments in IL, MN, MO, NY, TX, VA, and WI.

A passionate advocate for closing the opportunity divide, her pro bono program, aptly named impaCKt!, gives a leading edge to under-served groups.

Constantly reinventing her business -- and herself -- CK is always on-trend, ahead of the curve, and in pursuit of the next BIG thing. She is based in New York City.

Get Ahead. Get Inspired. Get CK!

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What Christina “CK” Kerley Talks About:

While the world fixates on “The Rise Of The Robots,” another phenomenon will also emerge: A “Human” Renaissance.

But this shouldn’t be viewed as an anti-technology movement. On the contrary, this wouldn’t be possible without intelligent machines. Because for people, AI is a blessing not a curse—as the more tasks that humans can automate, the freer they become to pursue their own projects and passions.

In Human Renaissance CK shows audiences how life among the machines will re-humanize—not de-humanize!—our companies, strategies, technologies, and customer experiences. Contrary to the headlines, hashtags, and Hollywood Movies, robots will not replace us, but they will remove many of the “robotic” tasks that hijack our time. While it sounds counterintuitive, in a world filled with intelligent machines, intrinsically human skills will increase in popularity.

The issue, heretofore, has largely been a shortage of tech skills. Now, AIs will pick up that slack, and your “human-ness” becomes your competitive advantage. Hyper-personalization, and machine-to-machine insights, will lead to greater human-to-human interactions. But businesses take note: When everyone has access to top-tier technologies, make sure you’re focusing on the Human Experience—as humanity will be holding you accountable, too.

Let CK teach your executives how wrong our assumptions on automation have (always) been, and why, in the AI Wars, humanity will be the BIG winner!

This session takes audiences on a tour of The Tech Megatrends reshaping our lives, work, and world. Data is the new battle-ground. De-centralized tech is the new disruptor. And intelligent machines are the new business partners.

An unprecedented era in human-machine partnerships has given rise to a very unique—and very powerful!—new breed of collaborators. By “thinking” un-like us, AIs are fast-tracking innovation. And by “working” alongside us, Co-Bots (collab-orative robots) are improving our jobs, homes, and health.

The Web is evolving from a singular destination into a vast collection of digital environments. Our classic Internet is extending into a real-world Outernet of connected products and places. An emerging Metaverse of 3D Worlds is moving us away from 2D Websites. And Blockchains are powering next-generation companies, cryptos and creative assets (NFTs).

More robust than a modernization, Web3 is a massive movement—across changing technologies, economies, philosophies, and power. Far from trivial, this digital order will drive more disruption to the Web over the next 10 years . . . than throughout the past 25.

Finally, in this age of extreme acceleration, fast is the new big, skilled workers are the new silver bullet–and adaptability is surely the new killer app.

This insightful, introductory session covers the Meta-What’s, Meta-Why’s, and Meta-How’s of the much-hyped Metaverse. Executives learn what The Metaverse is—and more importantly, what it will become.

From stale 2D Websites to dynamic 3D Worlds. Replacing a Web that we only look at, with an immersive Internet that we’re inside of. No more clicking dull links, through our avatars we’ll teleport around a virtual universe to work, shop, learn, and play.

But, while all of this sounds fascinating and future-forward, The Metaverse presently begs more questions . . . than it answers.

In this session CK answers all the BIG questions, like: Why do we need a Metaverse? Why now? What’s in it for companies? Who owns it? What are the opportunities, and what are the risks? Will virtual worlds change customer behavior? Is The Metaverse merely a playground for B2Cs, or will B2Bs play an important role, too?

Don’t miss out, let CK energize your audience while they get versed on The Metaverse.

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    A "walk on water" presentation, CK is gifted at presenting complex elements in a compelling way.

    Stanford Graduate School of Business, Executive Education

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