Christina Kerley


  • Professor at Rutgers Business School for Executive Education where she instructs on Mobile, IoT, AI, and Immersive Media (AR-VR-MR)
  • Talks about: FUTURE-PROOF: Today’s Big Tech - And Bold Moves - To Win You Tomorrow
  • Innovative tech forerunner for 20+ years
  • Past clients include: Verizon, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, E*TRADE, ADP, Johnson & Johnson, Prudential

About Christina "CK" Kerley - Innovation Keynoter, Futurist, and Professor: 

Christina Kerley -- known simply as “CK” -- pushes Fortune 500's ahead of the curve through the 10+ tech dominating the next 10 years. An innovative tech forerunner for 20+ years, CK takes on the big topics, like: The Tech Megatrends; Future-Proof; The Human-Robot Revolution; Business In The AI Age; Hi-Tech Health; Next-Gen Marketing; and The Reskilling Revolution.

CK connects with diverse generations -- from Boomers to Zoomers -- and guides a wide range of professionals working in IT, marketing, sales, HR, R&D, supply chain, and leadership.

Through her next-level content, edu-taining style, and razor-sharp insights, CK electrifies audiences while navigating executives through scores of digital revolutions. Praised for her boundless energy, humor, and inspiration, she has wowed crowds at Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Amazon, TEDx, E*TRADE, The United Nations, Bissell, Best Buy, Cisco, Prudential, and The Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation.

A top-rated member of faculty at Rutgers Business School for Executive Education, she has guest lectured at Stanford, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, and USF.

Along with work for commercial industries -- across tech, consumer, healthcare, insurance, and financial -- she’s also addressed state governments in IL, MN, MO, NY, TX, VA, and WI.

A passionate advocate for closing the opportunity divide, her pro bono program, aptly named impaCKt!, gives a leading edge to under-served groups.

Constantly reinventing her business -- and herself -- CK is always on-trend, ahead of the curve, and in pursuit of the next BIG thing. She is based in New York City.

Get Ahead. Get Inspired. Get CK!

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What Christina “CK” Kerley Talks About:

MetaVersity: An Intro To The 3D Web: The Meta-What’s, Meta-Why’s, And Meta-How’s

In this session–across the Meta-What’s, MetaWhy’s, and Meta-How’s–audiences learn what the much-hyped Metaverse is. . . and more importantly, what it will become.

From stale 2D Websites to dynamic 3D Worlds. Replacing a Web that we only look at, with an “Internet that we’re inside of.” No more clicking links to access Web pages. Now we’ll be teleporting our way through a virtual universe of work, shop, and play. But, while all of this sounds fascinating and future-forward—The Metaverse presently begs more questions than it answers.

Through “Meta-Versity!” CK provides an intro to the 3D Web that asks—and answers!—the BIG questions, like:

  • Why is The Metaverse hitting NOW?
  • What’s in it for companies?
  • How does one get there—and what can one do once there?
  • Will virtual worlds change customer behavior?
  • Is The Metaverse merely a playground for B2Cs, or will B2Bs play an important role, too? Moreover, what are the applications across industries, sectors, and fields?
  • And how can professionals begin preparing TODAY . . . for the fast-approaching 3D Web of TOMORROW?

FUTURE-PROOF: Today’s Big Tech – And Bold Moves – To Win You Tomorrow

Yesterday belonged to billions of smartphones – but tomorrow belongs to the trillions of smart things digitizing our physical world. As job-killing robots invade our headlines, the real automation story is this: the “CoBOTS” won’t be taking our jobs away. Instead, they’ll free executives to create new forms of value.

Digital transformation is our destination, and Web 3.0 technologies like blockchains will help us get there. After decades of humans adapting to the Web, the Web finally begins adapting to us… through a New Digital Order of conversational, visual, holographic, and gestural systems. The AI Arms Race is officially on, and companies must become real-time, know-it-all, data-enlightened enterprises, or risk losing their relevance. And leap we must, while many in the U.S. view robotics and AI as big threats, China sees it as a BIGGER opportunity. Yet, as emerging tech explodes, our greatest resource remains uniquely human. A Reskilling Revolution – unrivaled in size, scope, and scale – must prepare them to compete globally for this fast-approaching future.

In this session, high-energy, Christina “CK” Kerley brings you through the big tech and bold moves that leaders must take today in order to be the winners of tomorrow.

Next-Gen Marketing: The NEXT Generation Of Marketing Channels, Tools, And Touch Points
Experience is the new engagement. Context is the new content. Bots are the new killer apps – and the physical world is digital’s new frontier. Where smartphones gave us anytime-anywhere media, IoT grants us the capability to convert anything into a smart object… and our products are now becoming their very own marketing channels.

While Augmented Reality turns the air all around us into a brilliant layer of new media, Virtual Reality transforms static 2D ads that merely “show and tell” into immersive 3D simulations that audiences can fully experience and feel. AI moves us from apps that demand more actions from our audiences to bots that enable their devices to do more for them. And predictive tech shifts us from serving customers in real time… to anticipating their needs AHEAD of time.

The decades-old model of mass-market messaging is becoming a personalized paradigm of right-time, right-place interactions. And the Web is breaking out of the box – and outside of our screens! – into an exciting new ecosystem of intelligent products, objects, and locations. Most compelling, through these new technologies, tools, and touch points, marketing professionals who have always faced scores of limitations, will shortly be limited to only one: their imaginations.

In this high-impact, idea-rich session, CK explores how the record-setting, remarkable number of advancements are giving rise to a thrilling new world of marketing opportunity, ingenuity, and creativity.

In this session, attendees learn:

  • Next-Gen Marketing Tech: Mobile, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Beacons, Big Data, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and more
  • Next-Gen Channels, Tools, & Touch Points: Smart, connected objects, products, and proximities, geo-targeting, intelligent machines, and more
  • Next-Gen Marketing Paradigms: New paradigms across personalization, precision, contextual messaging, experiential, and predictive

Tech Megatrends: The Tech And Trends Reshaping Our Lives, Our Work – And Our World
Humanity is experiencing record-setting levels of disruption at an unprecedented, unimaginable pace. In just a handful of business quarters, our focus has shifted from smartphones to smart things, apps to algorithms, devices to data, screens to sensors…and the 2D Web to 3D Virtual Worlds. Where mobile made our phones smart, IoT turns ALL things smart as the physical world becomes digital’s newest frontier. The Next-Gen Web is breaking out of the box – outside of our screens – and into an exciting new ecosystem of connected objects, products, and places.

Intelligent automation is bringing sophisticated new capabilities—and a savvy new coworker. Enter the CoBots: collaborative robots that take away some of our tasks, while giving us back more of our time. While the 20th century belonged to computers, the 21st will belong to intelligent machines, as AIs predict our needs, protect our health, and propel our businesses.

Even the Web’s fundamental underpinning becomes disrupted – and distributed – through Blockchain Technologies as the world embarks upon a new era in digital security, cryptocurrencies, business models, and intense innovation. Our planet is becoming datafied, our activities are getting digitized, our machines are being cognified, the  next BIG things will be nano-sized, and more!

In this engaging, insightful session, CK takes audiences on a tour of the tech trends reshaping every facet of our lives, work, and world.

Attendees Learn 5 Megatrends Spanning:


  • The EXPECTATION Economy: Constant Connectivity Changes Humanity And The Economy
  • From Smartphones To Smart EVERYTHING: The Physical World Is Digital’s BIGGEST New Frontier
  • The Next-Gen Web: The Web Gets Conversational, Visual, Contextual, Experiential – And Disrupted through Blockchain Tech
  • Man-and-Machine Collaboration: Intelligent Automation Gives Rise To The CoBots
  • Data & AI Win The 21st Century: Society Moves From The Info Age To The Intelligence Era

Technologies Covered Include: Mobile, IOT, Big Data, Blockchain, Wearables, Robotics, The Internet Of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Immersive Tech (AR, VR, MR), Health Tech and more!

The Reskilling Revolution: Preparing Today’s Talent For Tomorrow’s Challenges
In this highly interactive session, CK illuminates how industry leaders, higher education institutions, and HR teams must prepare today’s workforces…for the massive challenges of tomorrow’s business landscape. CK advocates how continued learning – a term connoting intermittent training – no longer applies within a time of radical disruption. Instead, organizations must adopt a mindset of continuous learning, as talent assets need constant training in the “new normal” of constant upheaval.

Further, CK explains how Learning and Development should be reinvented into Learning & Transformation. Perhaps most important, organizations can no longer merely embrace or only adapt to change – they must now SEEK change. As a result, this new priority will position their brands, strategies, and business models to leapfrog their competitors, while upskilling their valued employees.

In this eye-opening, thought-provoking session, CK:

  • Takes audiences on a tour of how the area of continued learning must evolve into a practice of continuous learning
  • Cites examples from top companies that are setting the gold standard, as well as chronicling her own talent development methodologies and programs
  • Showcases the major megatrends that companies and employees are contending with now – and what they will be faced with NEXT.

Technologies Covered Include: Mobile, The Internet of Things Big Data, Wearables, Robotics, (IoT) Artificial Intelligence, Immersive Tech (AR, VR, MR), Health Tech, and more!!

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A "walk on water" presentation, CK is gifted at presenting complex elements in a compelling way.

Stanford Graduate School of Business, Executive Education

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