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About Curt Coffman - Chief Science Officer & Senior Partner, The Coffman Organization, and Pioneer of Employee Engagement & Workplace Consulting:

Curt Coffman, a New York Times best-selling author, researcher, business scientist, and consultant, has been at the forefront of employee engagement for more than thirty years as an expert in the science of high performance cultures.

As the Global Practice Leader for employee and customer engagement at Gallup for twenty-two years, and now as Chief Science Officer at The Coffman Organization, Coffman has studied hundreds of organizations and millions of their employees and customers.

His international best-seller, First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently (co-authored with Marcus Buckingham), launched a new era in employee and manager development. The books that followed, Follow This Path: How the World’s Greatest Organizations Drive Growth by Unleashing Human Potential, and Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch: The Secret of Extraordinary Results (co-authored with Dr. Kathie Sorensen), provide practical and unconventional management insight for individuals and organizations.

An international leader in the world of management and engagement consulting, Mr. Coffman’s work has been translated into over 40 languages. His research and writings have appeared in the Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Business Week, Chief Executive Magazine, CIO Magazine, The Economist, Fast Company, Fortune, among other management journals.

An insightful and engaging speaker, Mr. Coffman has presented to thousands of groups on creating great cultures that impact individuals and their families, drive organizational growth, and create engaged customers.

Mr. Coffman has been married for over 30 years, to his talented wife, Tammy. They reside in Denver, CO and are the proud parents of daughters, Katie and Claire, a son, Clayton, son-in-law, Geoff, grandsons Eli and Ollie, and granddaughters Lucy and Stella.

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What Curt Coffman Talks About:

First, Break All the Rules – What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently
We studied 250|000+ managers and discovered a few things about what distinguishes the best from the rest. Great managers break the rules of conventional wisdom. They select people based on talent rather than experience, skills, and knowledge. They focus their people through clarity of desired outcomes rather than steps and processes. They motivate people by discovering strengths rather than fixing weaknesses, and they create growth by finding the right fit between a person’s talents and a role’s demands. Great managers get really close to people and recognize that relationship drives performance, and they play favorites, spending most of their time with their most productive people.

Half-Day Program includes Keynote followed by group breakout challenges around selection, characteristics, and accountability measures for today’s managers.

Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch – Culture as Competitive Advantage
Top organizational cultures in every size and industry, from Google, Zappos, and Nordstrom, to the local grocery store, restaurant, or coffee shop, share these key characteristics: They get specific about the practices, rituals, and quirks that distinguish their culture. They have sticky values that drive innovation and frontline decision-making. They examine and move from excellence rather than average. They define their religion and their science and the relationship between the two, and they see how each individual’s contributions attract and keep customers.

Half-Day Program includes Keynote followed by group breakouts to define strengths of your current culture and examine the specific charges of the three levels of culture (Micro, Macro, and Bridge).

Creating a Place Where People Just Can’t Wait to Come to Work Everyday – From the Study of 1 Million+ Employees and What Attracts, Retains, and Energizes Them
Having a clear focus, great manager, proper talent, and quality relationships are the keys to personal and professional success. Individuals want to contribute to a team that has high standards and expectations that enable success they never thought possible. They constantly raise the bar for themselves and others by tracking personal bests and encouraging pressure to perform from team members. People leave managers, not companies. Great managers, therefore, are the foundation of great organizations. How we select, focus, and recognize managers can be the best predictor of business results. Great people managers have strange practices: playing favorites among their direct reports, getting very close to their employees, firing people quickly, and customizing roles to fit the unique needs and talents of their team.

Half-Day Program includes Keynote followed by group breakouts to address specific workplace issues and create a plan for building a fun, energizing, and productive environment at every level.

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Customers are willing to pay a premium for strong brands. Strong brands are the result of employees and the cultures they create. Curt Coffman brings the clear direction necessary to understand and capitalize on these realities.

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