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About Damian Mason - Businessman, Author, Futurist and Speaker:

Damian Mason speaks on the two subjects he knows best: Business and Agriculture.  Since 1994, he has spoken to over 2,000 audiences in all 50 states and 7 foreign countries. Damian understands change and innovation in the business of food, fuel, and fiber production -- because he’s lived it. He had his first job at age eight, bottle-feeding calves on the Indiana dairy farm where he was raised. Like many children of agriculture, he was involved in FFA and was a ten year 4-H member. 

Damian is a graduate of Purdue University, holding a degree in Agricultural Economics. He also studied comedy writing and improvisation at The Second City, Chicago. Damian is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the National Speakers Association.

Damian released his first book Do Business Better: Traits, Habits, and Actions to Help You Succeed in April 2019 (Wiley).

When he’s not traveling for work, Damian can be found on his Indiana farm with his wife Lori or escaping from winter at their Arizona residence.

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What Damian Mason Talks About:

Do Business Better
This rapid-paced, humorous presentation helps organizations and individuals Do Business Better.

Why do some companies die while others thrive? Why is consumer relevance important for prosperity? Why are habits good but routines are bad? How can your organization avoid commodity mindset?

Damian answers those questions while inspiring people to continually transform to stay in front of tomorrow’s marketplace. He provides tangible lessons for success and longevity.

What your audience will take away from this program:

  • Why success requires constant ReInvention
  • Real world examples that apply to your business
  • Action steps to avoid commoditization
  • Why attempting something new won’t kill your business but stagnation will!

Damian will meet or have a planning call with your management/leadership team to explore specific challenges to be addressed.  The objective of the workshop: to Do Business Better! Generally these extended sessions include a worksheet reinforcing critical points of the keynote. When points are personalized to your industry and your organization, your people have greater “buy in.”  Which results in better assimilation of the message and better execution of the action steps. 

As an Agriculturist, Damian’s presentation is a fast-paced mix of AG Economist, Futurist, Talk Show Host, and Comedian
People in the business of Agriculture love Damian’s AG-themed material, and they respect his knowledge and advocacy for the industry. Damian can either deliver side-splitting Ag humor with a point, or an insightful & entertaining look at current issues impacting Agriculture. No other speaker is as farm knowledgeable AND exceptionally funny as Damian!

Build on this program by adding a workshop with Damian before or after your keynote event.

Similar to the business breakout session, Damian meets with your members in an intimate breakout session for an in-depth discussion on the specific challenges facing the business of agriculture and changes you can make to strengthen your position in this ever-changing marketplace. Get step-by-step advice on your choice of a variety of topics from: Sales, Communication, and Business Practices.

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Believe me when I say that you were by far the best keynote we have had! Your message hit home for many, and that was proven in the number of individuals you had attend your breakout. You are great at what you do!


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