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About Dan Waldschmidt - Champion Extreme Athlete, Best-selling Author, Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker on Peak Performance & Sales:

Dan Waldschmidt is an elite ultra-runner, an internationally awarded business strategist and is considered to be one of the top sales thinkers in the world. His book EDGY Conversations has sold over 250,000 copies around the world and hit the Amazon best-seller list on 3 different continents.

Dan has spent his life attempting (and often achieving) the outrageous. He got the usual entry-level sales job right out of college, but then he changed the sales process, boosted revenue $50M, and became CEO by the time he was 25. After expanding offices and driving even more growth over the next few years - he would go on to sell that technology company to a much larger competitor, delivering tremendous value to the shareholders.

Known as an industry disruptor, Dan refuses to accept business as usual - making him an unconventional, yet highly effective, strategist to some of the world’s largest companies.

After founding (and then selling) his technology company, several Fortune 100 companies began to recruit Dan for senior executive level positions. But instead of joining a big company, Dan decided to build a consulting company to provide strategy to the most powerful companies in the world. Through his advice & coaching he’s helped multinational organizations conquer the world.

Dan shares his insights daily on his popular blog which Dow Jones called "one of the top sales blogs anywhere in the world." He has also been a popular contributor to Business Insider and has been published in Forbes, INC Magazine, Bloomberg, Yahoo, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Italia and dozens of other popular magazines around the world.

Having devoted years to studying over 1,000 of the world’s most unlikely high performers, he understands exactly what it takes to disrupt an industry, create a new conversation, and drive massive success.

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What Dan Waldschmidt Talks About:

The “IF” Factor
The same lessons the Spartans of Ancient Greece used to repel the Persians, the global superpower of their day, are the same lessons Alexander the Great used to conquer the known world and are the same lessons you and your team can use to dominate your industry.

Audiences will learn what it takes to conquer the world – and build a billion-dollar business:

  • It takes outrageous amounts of hard work
  • Make the choice to do the weird things
  • Use smart tools to guarantee outcomes
  • Sabotage your short-term cravings
  • Give so much value it no longer makes sense
  • You have to be willing to “embrace the suck”

Everything you Think you Know about Success is Wrong
Ultimately, success is not about what you do – it’s about how you think. How you approach problems, how you fundamentally see the world determines your outcome.

Audiences will learn the four principles of “EDGY”:

  • Extreme behaviour – expand your perception of possibility
  • Disciplined activity – execute flawlessly and consistently
  • Giving mindset – stop trading, start giving
  • (Y)Human strategy – emotional intelligence regulates success

28 Epic Strategies to Take your Business to the Next Level
Your organization has already achieved some impressive metrics. But you’ve realized that to get to where you want to be, that’s not going to be good enough. You understand that for your organization to achieve results you’ve never had, you have to do something (or “somethings”) you’ve never done before.

Audiences will learn that’s where Dan comes in – he’ll present 28 epic ideas including these:

  • How to craft a winning strategy
  • Developing a culture of champions
  • Why battles are won on the training ground, not the battlefield (the value of preparation)
  • Why hard work works (and how to work hard)

Creating an Internal Culture of Success
Driving outrageous performance is less about the tools you use and the training you offer – than the environment you create to inspire super-human performance. The hard truth about business performance is that most of our training efforts are a waste of time and have almost no impact at all on long-term growth. Leaders teach new skills but fail to cultivate an environment where employees develop the will to apply what they learn and exceed expectations.

Audiences will learn the 7 proven strategies to empower outrageous results from ordinary individuals:

  • Perception of effort
  • Living fit
  • Importance of morning rituals
  • Using smart tools
  • “Awesome” is a tangible business goal
  • Gratitude is a habit not an emotion
  • Possibility is just someone’s opinion

Sales Secrets of Billion-dollar Companies
Drawing on over a decade and a half of massive scaling both startups and Fortune 500 firms, Dan Waldschmidt shares 21 ideas to help you achieve the same level of success – everything from smothering your customers to using your humanity to your advantage.

Audiences will learn the hard truth about massive sales success is that conventional strategies no longer work.

  • Why empathy is everything
  • Honesty is more than just telling the truth (it’s about recognizing when a win was just plain luck)
  • How giving it all away can be a successful sales strategy

34 Killer Secrets of High Performance
Working with the largest organizations around the world, Dan Waldschmidt understands the keys to unlocking breakthrough success. He works with firms in over 30 different verticals in 13 different countries to market, message, and scale massive growth efforts across the enterprise. The secrets he’s learned and that he’ll share have increased response rates by 520x and generated 900% revenue growth – and will help you drive the success you’ve been yearning for.

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Dan is an active, persuasive and inspiring leader, who can in a few minutes change people's energy and attitude, driving teams to perform better and achieve great results.

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