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About Daniel Levine - Executive Director, The Avant-Guide Institute:

Daniel Levine is an international social trends expert with an uncanny ability to help consumer-oriented brands and businesses be more relevant, innovative and profitable.

A well-known expert on both travel marketing and global cultural trends, Daniel Levine is the author of over a dozen best-selling travel-related books, he is regularly featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide, and he is often on television and radio as trends expert. For over a decade Daniel has been the Executive Director of the Avant-Guide Institute (AGI) where he is the hands-on leader of a huge international team of trend-hunters - over 10,000 spotters who track the latest ideas and experiences from around the globe.

A wide variety of businesses seek out Daniel when looking to understand the impact of forthcoming social and cultural trends and to hip up their image. MasterCard selected Daniel to be the spokesperson of a major television campaign to reach stylish spenders. South African Tourism chose Daniel to be the face of a major campaign to attract business tourism. Deutsche Telekom AG asked Daniel to help them understand what's happening in the world of tourism, restaurants, nightlife and retail. Samsonite teamed with Daniel when launching their style-driven Black Label line. Saatchi & Saatchi tapped Daniel to be the judge of their first ever Lovemarks holiday contest to help give it credible cool. Both HBO and NBC turned to Daniel when they needed an exceptionally well-connected expert to produce international segments for primetime lifestyle shows.

Daniel is an award-winning speaker and presenter who is known for delivering highly praised keynotes for select major businesses and conferences worldwide, including World Travel Market (England), Mandarin Oriental Hotels (Worldwide), BrandMarker (Europe), International Luxury Market (France), Jumeirah (Dubai), EIBTM and others.

While Daniel's presentations are inspirational and packed with captivating visuals, the focus is on the practical. Using inspirational and enlightening examples of where culture is headed, he utilizes the full resources of the Avant-Guide Institute to demonstrate how creative businesses from around the world are reaping major benefits by responding to real-world trends in innovative new ways. Then he demonstrates how you too can immediately take advantage of these same trends to transcend market challenges, win customers and dramatically increase sales.

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What Daniel Levine Talks About:

What Customers Want…and How to Give it to Them
Why do some people choose to buy from you while others choose to go elsewhere? Understanding social trends is a natural component of sales, yet few businesspeople are able identify motivations that drive consumer behavior. In a riveting presentation, global trends expert Daniel Levine unveils our quickly changing consumer landscape and spotlights organizations, brands and products that are taking this world to new heights. Revealing what customers are thinking and feeling, Daniel unmasks the values and attitudes that underpin purchasing behaviors. Then he offers easy ways that any businesses can embrace trends to attract customers and increase sales. By the end of an hour Levine will have you looking at the world in which you live and work in a smart new way. With fresh rules creating new winners (and losers) there’s no time to waste.

Technology Trend Showcase: 14 Future Trends That Will Change Your Business… and Your Life
Business leaders need to know what will be, not just what is now. So fasten your jetpacks and get ready for an exhilarating look forward to the most spectacular and useful tech-driven trends that are just around the bend. Packed with great examples of where contemporary culture is headed, this fun and educational presentation takes a one-of-a-kind look at the profound changes that are dramatically re-shaping how we all live, work and consume. Global trends expert Daniel Levine offers a sneak peek into everything from ecology, technology, transportation and medicine, to the future of communications, business and human relationships. Here’s your introduction our changing world, along with pro-tips for success that will keep you from falling behind.

Killer Customer Service: Trends in Consumer Experience
Because consumer expectations are often set and shaped outside your industry, it is likely that your offerings have fallen out of sync with the increasing desires of your customers. In this exceptional presentation, global trends expert Daniel Levine will introduce you to the evolution of expectations that is raising the bar on customer care. You will explore new ways in which consumers are researching, trying and buying, and be brought bang-up-to-date on the state of the art of customer service. While this presentation is inspirational, funny and packed with amazing visuals, the focus is on the practical: You will learn about trends that will significantly impact your work, discover straightforward strategies to take advantage of these developments, and walk away with remarkable insights and specific ways you can better meet your customers’ needs.

The Future of Work: 10 Trends Shaping the New World of Business
In a world whipped by winds of unprecedented change, smart businesses are adjusting their operations to benefit from new economic and social realities. Now you can engage with the global trends expert Daniel Levine to discover major new forces shaping organizations and processes and learn how creative companies from around the world are embracing the latest trends to increase efficiency and production in innovative new ways. Find out how smart business people are transforming their offices, offerings, marketing and brands to better align themselves with colleagues and customers. Learn what today’s generations of workers want and expect, and identify the trends that naturally instill loyalty in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The future of work doesn’t belong to the largest or the strongest companies, but the ones most adaptive to change.

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The response to Daniel's high-energy presentation was phenomenal. He is like a whip-smart double shot of espresso. There's always attendees who find something negative to say about a speaker, but not this time. Each and every comment about Daniel's keynote was enthusiastically positive.

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