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About Darci Lang - Speaker on Motivation and Customer Service:

Darci Lang will show you how developing a positive 90% attitude is at the heart of your personal and professional success. It helps you to stay focused and keeps you motivated and productive during challenging times. It helps you feel happier and more fulfilled at work and have something left for friends and family when you get home.

Darci is an inspirational speaker, an award-winning entrepreneur, a best-selling author, a wife and a mom, whose simple tool helps individuals re-frame the way they look at, and think about, their work and their interactions and relationships with others.

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What Darci Lang Talks About:

Focus on the 90%

Have you ever met anyone who complains about their job? Do you believe a negative person can bring down the group? Why do we spend 90% of our time on 10% of our clients? Why do we give 90% at work and 10% to our families at the end of the day?

These are just a few of the questions that Darci answers in her Focus on the 90% presentation. She believes we hold a magnifying glass out in front of us in our lives and only we can choose where we focus it, on the 90% or the 10%. It’s a tool that makes sense — it’s simple, it’s easy to use and easy to remember.

You know motivational speakers… they come in, pump everyone up and they are nice for an entire week! Darci’s message is simple. Focus on the 90% is one simple idea that actually sticks.

Client-Focused Service: Forget Friendly – Get Genuine
Have you ever been to service training and one week later everything was the same as before the training? Have you ever been served by someone who was friendly but it did not seem genuine? Have you ever been served by someone who was not a people person?

Friendly is a very important part of providing great service. But often the other part is missing — the genuine piece. If we want to create the ultimate client experience, we need to be sure we are genuine too. Building great service starts with building up your employees first. When an employee enjoys what they do and they have a passion for serving others they can start to build the genuine portion.

Motivating Others: Become the Leader they Want to Remember

Have you ever worked for someone positive that you will never forget working for?
Have you worked for someone who you would like to forget? What was the difference? The difference was their attitude. Darci shares her ideas on how to get reconnected with your employees and the reason you were chosen to lead them.

We have all worked for someone who was less than motivating — and you know the
negative impact that can have on a group. Leaders have a huge impact on the lives of
their employees. How can we motivate others? It really just goes back to the basics. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Employees need to feel valued and respected by their employer.

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You are an inspiration with your intuition, courage, honesty and loving yet challenging approach to focus on the 90%! I believe everyone needs to hear your message.


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