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About David Allison - Human Values Expert, Bestselling Author, and Founder of The Valuegraphics Project:

After decades of helping big brands engage people, David Allison recognized that demographics weren’t working like before. Gender roles were blurred, age has nothing to do with how we behave, and our income doesn’t change what’s in our hearts. Instead, our values drive our behavior and our shared values that engage people and influence outcomes. So he launched the Valuegraphics Project to turn human values into data and create a revolutionary new approach to inspiring action – with the enormous power of shared human values.

Today, after a million surveys in 152 languages, David is the world’s foremost human values expert, and the CEO of a global research firm, with two best-selling books and an international speaking career. Innovative organizations like PayPal, Lululemon, and the United Nations Foundation use David’s data to connect with people in new, more profound ways - by honoring what they value. He coined the term valuegraphics to describe his unique approach to understanding people, which now appears next to demographics in textbooks used on campuses worldwide. Valuegraphics have been featured in Forbes, INC Magazine, and the Harvard Business Review, and his latest book, The Death of Demographics, was hailed by critics as "Convincing, insightful, and ... revolutionary."

He’s developed an entirely new and powerful way to address any issue, and seize any opportunity by leaning deep into a fundamental human truth: we are what we value. His highly engaging and passionate keynote delivery, combined with game-changing insights, make his keynote presentations entirely unique can’t-miss events.

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What David Allison Talks About:

Survive & Thrive in the Values Economy

“News Flash! It’s not all about profit anymore.”

David Allison tackles head-on the confusing times we live in today and makes the confusion fall away. He shows how the dawn of a new economic era is responsible for everything that people do, all around the world. It’s not the gig economy, the sharing economy, or the experience economy anymore – we live in the Values Economy now. The future of work, the future of leadership, the future of marketing….the future of everything is all about people, and people are all about their values. Because our values drive everything we do.

  • See the groundbreaking results from nearly a million surveys in 152 languages: the world’s first inventory of shared human values.
  • Learn how human values can radically transform the way you engage with the people you want to reach.
  • Be inspired to change how you look at people, and leave with data-tested tools to ensure you succeed in a values-driven world.


The Power Values & How to Use Them

“Data-driven insights that will transform the way you work, and how you look at people.”

David Allison reveals the results of a custom research project for your event. He uses data to pinpoint a precise set of Power Values that will motivate, engage, and inspire employees, customers, prospects, donors…whoever your attendees need to reach. He explains how to use the Power Values to make decisions about everything: from leadership to marketing, from people & culture to branding. For every issue and any opportunity, the Power Values become your timeless and predictive guiding light – a beacon that makes the path clear. PayPal, lululemon, the United Nations Foundation, and many other global brands use this way of thinking about people – and now your audience too.

  • Discover the motivating values of customers, prospects, investors, members…anyone, anywhere on earth.
  • Learn how to reach those people deep inside their hearts, and engage with them like a trusted friend.
  • Leave with a toolkit for building values-driven solutions, and strategies to motivate more people more often.

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