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About David Goldsmith - Leadership and Business Management Expert:

David Goldsmith's close work with top-level decision-makers and world leaders gives him comprehensive insight into the challenges facing leadership today, and enables him to challenge leaders to think differently, cross-pollinate solutions across industries - and provide practical, and sometimes counterintuitively innovative, tools and strategies that create immediate, rapid, and sustainable results.

David is a trusted consultant and adviser to executives in some of the world’s largest companies, including Infosys, Maersk, Illinois Tool Works, Dole, KPMG, Techtronics, and Wipro - travelling more than 300,000 miles each year to improve leaders and their organizations. He is an award-winning businessman, author, speaker, and President and Co-founder of the Goldsmith Organization (New York & Hong Kong) - a consulting firm servicing executive clients across six continents in commerce, nonprofits, governments, militaries, and education.

David is the author of Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future - a work described by readers as “an MBA in a book” and acclaimed by experts as a groundbreaking approach to modern leadership and management. He taught at New York University for twelve years - and is the recipient of its Excellence in Teaching Award. David has also taught at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University - and was a guest speaker for Cornell University and the Wharton School of Business for five consecutive years.

Meetings Magazine, the premiere magazine for the meetings and events industry, named David One of its 26 Hottest Speakers for his captivating, educational, and high-value Consulting from the Stage™ programs - delivered to leaders across diverse industries such as banking and FinTech, healthcare, nanotechnology, gaming, communications, transportation, water and sewage, consumer products and retail, and more.

David does not subscribe to an all-work-and-no-play lifestyle. Rather, clients glean additional value from his strong emphasis on experiencing a high quality of life in simultaneous pursuit of professional excellence - a practice by which he lives daily. Those who know David equally attest that he approaches every endeavour with an authentic zest - to fulfill the promise written on the cover of Paid to THINK "Achieve More, Earn More, and Live More".

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What David Goldsmith Talks About:

Paid to Think™: The Twelve Game-Changing Secrets to Great Leadership
The world is confused into believing that execution is the most important part of organizational leadership, but execution is NOT the primary role of a leader – nor will it ever be. Although execution is assumptively associated with results, execution without the right thinking behind it first will never lead to the best results for your organization. Your real role as a decision maker is to think! You must be able to think through every initiative, every directive – and every project well enough that when something is put into action and executed upon, it produces optimal results.

Most decision makers are doing a pretty decent job, but they admit behind closed doors – they aren’t always confident that they’re taking the right steps to lead their organizations toward the brightest of futures. Further, they unwittingly default to the misconception that busyness is better than idleness – which impels them to leap to action before they have properly vetted out their best options. With the right thinking tools and an understanding of how to use them, leaders globally have transformed their abilities to accelerate growth, complete wildly successful projects – and drive long-term successes for themselves and their organizations.

This presentation has been described as a “hurricane to the brain” for how quickly David Goldsmith replaces mental clutter and guesswork with the twelve daily activities of leadership – along with immediately-applicable tools that empower attendees to achieve more, earn more, and live more.

Rethinking Creativity and Innovation’s Impact on Leading in an AI Future: What Every Decision-Maker Should Know Now about How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the Workplace
Everyone is questioning what it will be like living, working – and leading in a future world of Artificial Intelligence. Contrary to popular belief, high human-touch jobs, even those that currently require creativity and innovation – will either look very different than they do today or will not exist at all. As an organizational decision-maker, how confident are you that you’re taking the right steps now to lead your organization down the right path for tomorrow?

In this presentation, David Goldsmith shares with audience members the changes that are already occurring behind the scenes, reveals the markers that foretell AI’s shaping of work in the future – and teaches leaders the moves they can make in advance of upcoming changes that will impact their organizations and industries.

Attendees will gain new perspectives and proven “thinking tools” they can immediately apply in their daily roles – to get out ahead of the challenges and opportunities to come in a world that is increasingly being transformed by AI.

The Age of Infinite: The Rewiring, Rethinking, and Paradigm Shifting that Transforms How You Lead, Work, and Live
As a collective humankind in an increasingly evolving and “smaller” world, we face challenges in a number of areas: environmentally, geopolitically, organizationally, and individually. The hurdles involved in solving these challenges are compounded by the immense conflicting opinions and options that we throw at them from every corner of our globe.

The Age of Infinite is a presentation that describes:

  • How paradigm shifting and innovations necessary for producing self-sustaining life on the Moon – can be utilized back on Earth to address our environmental challenges
  • How leaders both within and outside the space industry, i.e. everyday business and nonprofit leaders – can adapt and adopt similar innovative approaches to solving their organizations’ challenges
  • How anyone can apply innovative thinking to transform their communities, organizations, careers – and lives for the better

Highlights and takeaways include but are not limited to:

  • Rewiring oneself to drive new future-focused opportunities
  • Using time-line thinking and convergence to innovate faster
  • Defining paths and direction for any initiative
  • Using paradigm-shifting to create forced multiplier returns
  • Leveraging big and small data to give rapid insights
  • Creating momentum in groups
  • Rethinking what’s considered “normal” to expand opportunities

The Four Ds of Innovation: Disrupt, Differentiate, Dominate, and Deliver
In 2009, a survey of leaders conducted by McKinsey & Company revealed that more than 70% of leaders expected innovation to become one of the top three drivers of growth for their organizations – in the upcoming three to five years. Yet a decade later, while most leaders understand the need for innovation and want to build more innovative organizations – few feel they actually know how. Innovation is actually a leadership issue, and this program gives the decision-makers who want to step off the sidelines – the information they need to take first steps to replacing “vanilla” practices and offerings with stand-out-in- the-crowd “raspberry swirl”!

If you’ve ever wondered how to initiate disruptive ideation within your organization, where your focus should be once you gain traction in building culture of innovation, how to bypass pitfalls and truly make concrete progress whether you’re doing strategic planning, product development, or competitive analyses as related to innovation – this program will give you the knowledge and takeaways to set your compass on the right target and get started.

Decision-makers who have struggled with innovation in the past find David Goldsmith’s approach to yield a refreshing departure from their former experiences. Audience members are moved beyond theory and “should-do” talk. They leave this presentation with practical, actionable tools and techniques to convert their self-thinking from “I’m not sure” to “Yes I can” – as they begin to build their own unstoppable, innovative organizations.

Great Leaders See the Future and Deliver in the Present: How to Forecast the Future, Make the Invisible Visible, and Deliver Results
All decision-making is based on your perception of the future, so before you make your next plan or take your next action – it’s important that you have as accurate a picture as you can of what the future will actually bring. By doing a great job seeing opportunities and challenges through a future-focused lens, you’ll enjoy the excitement – results, and peace of mind that come from making great decisions.

Leaders with strong forecasting tools and skills are typically happier and their teams have higher morale. That’s because they anticipate better, resulting in superior, sustainable strategies and outcomes. The people in their organizations are more likely to maximize potential and increase performance. Resources are better positioned to outpace competitors – and capitalize on advantages that others don’t yet see.

This highly rated program gives attendees a proven process for forecasting trends and opportunities – from within and outside their industry or sector that will have impact. It shows participants how to develop a mindset that makes predictive solutions a reality, teaches them how to promote forecasting within their teams – and brings about self-awareness of one’s own “default perspectives” so that people can calibrate their thinking to make optimal decisions immediately and for years to come.

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David sees what others don’t see, has the talent to turn situations into opportunities, possesses the skill to offer new methodologies & shares the insight to bring simplicity and clarity to any situation. We’re about to sell our business, and our work with David has helped to get us the deal we wanted - while shaping how we move forward.

Founder and CFO, Sperasoft

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