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About David Posen - Speaker on Health and Stress Management:

Dr. David Posen was a family physician for 17 years before devoting his time exclusively to stress management, lifestyle counseling and psychotherapy in 1985.

As both a keynote speaker and seminar presenter, David has spoken widely to education, government, business and professional groups across North America. His clients have included Warner Bros., University of Michigan, Chevron, Verizon, American Express, Ontario Crown Attorneys Association, University of California, Allstate Insurance, Hydro One, State Farm, Rogers Communications, Pfizer, Kraft, Hilton Hotels, US Foodservice, London Life, Dun & Bradstreet (D & B), Microsoft, University of Florida Athletic Association, BC Association of Broadcasters, Canadian Home Builders Association, McKinsey, Ernst & Young, City of Hamilton, CIBC, IBM, Mohawk College, Ontario Government Centre for Leadership, Citizenship & Immigration Canada, Shoppers Drug Mart and the Million Dollar Round Table. His areas of expertise include Stress Mastery, Work-Life Balance, Workplace Stress and Mastering Change.

David is the best-selling author of four books, Always Change A Losing Game, Staying A Float When The Water Gets Rough, The Little Book Of Stress Relief (translated into seven languages) and Is Work Killing You? which was profiled in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, The Globe and Mail & Winnipeg Free Press. His fifth book, Authenticity, is due out in January, 2018.  His magazine articles have appeared in Canadian Living and Readers Digest as well as several medical journals.  He wrote a weekly column on stress and lifestyle management for a year on the popular website www.canoe.ca. David has appeared many times on TV and radio across Canada and has been quoted in many leading U.S. media outlets such as US News & World Report, People, Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Redbook and McCall’s,

Married with two adult children, David lives and works in Oakville, Ontario.  In addition to his busy schedule of seeing patients, writing and public speaking, he is an avid reader, musician, baseball and tennis player.  He played trombone in the Oakville Symphony Orchestra for nine years and now plays in the Oakville Wind Orchestra.

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What David Posen Talks About:

Change Mastery & Resilience in a Rapidly Changing World

Change is a fact of life – as demonstrated during this pandemic

Change is uncomfortable for most of us but there are ways to make it easier 

Resilience and adaptability have become survival skills in today’s world

Given that change is happening, whether we like it or not, this presentation will address three questions: 

  • What would increase your comfort with change?
  • What would make it easier for you?  
  • What tools would you need to handle it?

The key is to control the things that you can control:  

  1. ATTITUDE (“Attitude is Everything”)

Believe in your Ability to handle change. Look for the Benefits, the Positives. Learn to live with Uncertainty: avoid “Long Distance Worrying.”

Keep – and use – your Sense of Humour

  1. ENERGY (Adaptation Energy)

Generate and maintain Energy for change – Tired people are not resilient! Back to Basics: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise – the tried and true still works!

Pacing: Monitor your stress & energy levels – and pace yourself accordingly

  1. BALANCE (Maintaining Stability during Change)

Work-Life Balance: the need to make time for yourself

Support Systems – needed even more at times of change


Treating Workplace Stress: A Doctor’s Prescription
As the pace of work continues to increase, the economy sputters and jobs are in short supply|organizations and the people who run them keep ramping up the stress levels on their employees. Some workers wear their stress like a badge of honor; others resign themselves to what they see as the “new normal” and accept the situation as “the way it is”.

The real truth is that workplaces are making people sick. Not enough people are talking about it, and when they do, no one is listening.

Join best selling author and renowned speaker on stress, David Posen MD, for a revealing look at workplace stress – what’s causing it and what can cure it. Discover:
  • The scope and cost of workplace stress.
  • How the conspiracy of silence affects everyone.
  • The misconceptions about productivity.
  • The fallacy of face time and the futility of long hours.
  • The myth of multi-tasking.
  • Simple, yet enlightened strategies to fix the problem.
Stress Mastery
Stress is a fact of life – but it doesn’t have to be a way of life. Many people use the word without actually understanding what it means. In this clarifying and reassuring presentation, Dr. Posen demystifies the subject by explaining the fundamentals of stress theory without the jargon and then, most importantly, what to do about it.   Filled with insights and “aha” moments, Doc Calm will make stress less intimidating and give you tips and techniques to master it. Learn:
  • What stress is, how to recognize it and where it comes from.
  • The simple PPP formula for taming stress in your life.
  • Time management tips to help you control your day.
  • How the way you think affects the way you feel.
  • How simple lifestyle changes can profoundly improve your energy and your mood.
Be Good to Yourself and the Bottom Line
In today’s dynamic work world, a staggering number of people choose to take care of business instead of taking care of themselves. Not only is it a bad personal decision, but in the end it’s just as destructive for the business. The reality is that good health and self-care can not only co-exist with business success, but actually promote it. With a little persuasion and a touch of humor, Doc Calm will show you how to be good to yourself and improve the bottom line. Learn To:
  • Discover five simple self-care strategies that leverage productivity.
  • Understand the relationship between stress and performance.
  • Discover a tool to monitor your stress and pace yourself.
  • Marvel at some paradoxical truths, including when Less is More.
Workplace Stress: How It’s Hammering Your Bottom Line
Today’s corporate agendas are tied to the premise of more – more units sold, more clients seen, more billable hours. Everyone wants bigger profits and more growth. Unless you can measure it, it didn’t really happen. No one has taken a hard look at what the quest for more has really done to the bottom line. Until now.
Join best selling author and renowned speaker on stress, David Posen MD, for an up-close and honest look at what’s going on under the hood of corporate engines across North America. Discover:
  • The misconceptions about productivity.
  • The real business cost of workplace stress.
  • The fallacy of face time and the futility of long hours.
  • The myth of multi-tasking.
  • How a top-down approach can make a real difference.
The Stress of Success
There’s an old piece of wisdom that says, “Be careful what you wish for”. For many people who have struggled to get ahead and find success, those words speak volumes. They’ve discovered that stress doesn’t diminish with success – it simply changes. In fact, they just trade one set of problems for another.
Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, new managers and every executive in between will know that Dr. Posen speaks their language when they hear him talk. Join David for a thoughtful presentation that looks at how to manage your stress and your life once you reach the level of success you’ve been striving for. Learn:
  • How to deal with overload and complexity as success spins off new problems.
  • How to protect your work time for the things that matter most.
  • How to maintain your energy and enthusiasm.
  • How to reap the rewards of your success: time, adventure, and giving back.
Running on Empty: Manage Your Energy, Manage Your Stress
Bank accounts work on a simple premise: you have to put money in before you can take money out. Our bodies are exactly the same. How can you draw on energy to combat stress, if there’s nothing in the bank?
This could be the most revealing time you’ll spend in years. Doc Calm explains how acute stress generates quick energy, yet chronic stress drains it. Using the players in the NHL as his examples, he demonstrates the link between increasing energy and reducing stress; and he does it all with rock-solid logic and a good dose of humor. You’ll Learn:
  • What a healthy stress cycle looks like and how to use it to pace yourself.
  • Why sleep is so crucial and how to get what you need.
  • How sugar and caffeine can actually drain you of energy.
  • Why exercise is an “energy factory.”
  • How to create a “flow state” for better psychic energy.

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