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About Deborah Gardner - Author, Athlete & Competitive Performance Expert with a Business Focus on Competition, Sales and Negotiating:

Deborah Gardner is a swimming champion turned author and competitive performance expert, who helps companies and organizations work with change, advance to new levels of success, and achieve maximum winning results. She helps companies close more deals and adapt to a rapidly changing business climate. Her signature keynotes present compelling thoughts on maintaining a competitive advantage, identifying weak spots in the competition and increasing market share.

Better known by many Fortune 500 companies as the "Pit Bull in a Skirt," Deborah is rising to international prominence with a captivating, entertaining and humorous sassy presentation style.

Deborah's experience identifying untapped potential has helped hundreds of audiences discover their competitive spirit. Deborah has had a lifetime of competitive experiences, from a Marine brat (with lots of target practice), to life growing up in a double-wide mobile home with a family of 5 - and learning to fend for herself. From real life wedding crasher, to an Olympic Trial swimmer, Deborah has learned how to succeed when the chips are stacked against her.

Deborah was one of the first female television broadcasters with CBS Sports Network, as well as a 27-year hospitality veteran and ambassador for Meetings Mean Business.

Deborah has been recognized by International Speakers Association, 100 Top Motivational Speakers 2018, 2017 Top Woman Leaders by Smart Meetings Magazine, Convention Industry Council's Top 30 Influential Meeting Professionals. In a Meetings & Convention Magazine recent poll of meeting planners, Deborah was voted as one of the best speakers heard in the last 2 years, putting her in the category with Bill Clinton, General Collin Powell, Barbara Corcoran, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Magic Johnson, and Tom Brokaw.

Deborah lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband - and their loving dog, Chief.

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What Deborah Gardner Talks About:

Awaken Your Inner Champion: Successful Leadership Lessons From a Swimming Champion
Taking from Deborah’s competitive swimming career, learn how having a goal is not enough to stay ahead of the competition. To transform and deal with change, there’s purely more than just having the edge or advantage to win. Success is a process. Striving for what’s the most effective way to accomplish your goals, dreams and passions, you have to learn to fail to succeed. Whether it’s for personal or professional, attain remarkable success by taking the plunge. Up for the challenge?

Changing the Game: Negotiation and Competitive Decision-Making to Achieve Winning Results
Our studies show that most negotiators know they are faced with on-going, intense and complex daily negotiating issues. However, they don’t realize the simplicity to prevent losses can happen just by developing the bare bones truth to effective skills for better negotiating decision-making on the spot. Learn to strip away the old techniques while delivering profitable and winning results. Participating in this highly interactive and practice-driven program, everyone will experience how to win without even dealing with the competition.

Win Mega Business: Crush Your Sales and Win Customers for Life
The key element that separates top producers from all others is their ability to think MEGA Business. Learning new sales techniques are great yet mastering the fundamentals provides greater results. Apply the new “MEGA” formula like a champion. Hear how relationships and partnerships impact your goals. Attend this humorous, content-filled program and check out the recent trends so you can stay ahead of the sales game while winning customers for life.

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A charismatic and compelling voice for proactive business solutions, thoughtful competition and competitive advantage.

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