Deborah Rosado Shaw


  • Deborah talks about shaping workplace cultures to elevate performance. 
  • Audiences learn strategies to create vibrant and healthy workplaces where people think powerfully, act courageously and invent collaboratively, while offering mindset shifts to sustain a high performance culture.
  • Fortune 50 Trusted Advisor, Award-winning Entrepreneur, Author, Former SVP, Chief Global Diversity & Engagement, PepsiCo.
  • Past clients include: PepsiCo, ING, UPS, Microsoft, Texas Instruments, P&G, RiteAid and American Express.

About Deborah Rosado Shaw - Leadership & Peak Performance Speaker: 

Deborah Rosado Shaw is a leading and powerful voice, who founded and led PepsiCo’s transformational global leadership program that provided leaders with strategies to guide their people beyond limitations. Deborah’s New Realm of Mastery program helped employees see beyond their constraints in order to pave a path toward their best levels of performance.

  This is an entirely new area of prowess that Fortune 50 leaders are seeking in this era of company culture that requires a focus on commitments, goals and personal values. When leaders focus on their people in this deeper way, they transform them into self-starters, risk-takers and people who know how to find their voice and path even in the most challenging times. 

As Deborah shares with global leadership audiences, the best leaders help people learn how to motivate themselves in times of uncertainty and challenge. She helps leaders and organizations elevate to new heights by sharing the strategies of the New Realm of Mastery, which former Chairman of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi praised: “Deborah took our company-wide conversation about diversity from one focused on inclusion to a broader dialogue about the engagement of all employees with each other and with the diverse world around us.”

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What Deborah Rosado Shaw Talks About:

The New Realm of Mastery: Shaping A Culture that Elevates Performance
In this keynote, Deborah takes the audience through an empowering and tangible definition of culture and gives them the mindset, behavior and tools needed to powerfully contribute and deliver results at unprecedented levels, no matter their role in an organization. This keynote creates a powerful mindshift in every individual contributor and provides the following takeaways:


  • Strategies to create a vibrant and healthy culture where people think powerfully, act courageously and invent collaboratively.
  • Mindset shifts to sustain a high-performance culture that becomes a competitive differentiator for talent attraction, retention, and engagement.
  • Clarity about their role and impact in crafting and cultivating their signature culture.
  • Perspectives and tools to build a culture where people feel valued, honored and heard.
  • The realization that they are co-creators of their culture having discovered their own voice and power in the matter of shaping culture.
Success Strategies for Women: Access to Increased Performance, Impact & Fulfillment
This experiential, actionable, and validating keynote gives women at work a roadmap to recast their future from predictable struggle to empowered legacy.

This keynote serves leaders, managers, and individual contributors experiencing:
  • Frustration with the tried approaches and slow progress of workplace and societal initiatives to promote gender parity.
  • Fatigue from working, fighting, and pleading to be heard, valued and given the full opportunity to express their highest potential.
  • Fear and feeling ill-equipped to handle the complexity of the moment yet committed to doing it well.

The audience will leave with:

  • Clarity and confidence from a heightened awareness of their personal and organizational performance inhibiting beliefs and how to move through them.
  • Greater capacity and new access to specific actions to step up their leadership and achieve greater organizational influence and impact.
  • An innovative approach to the work/life blend challenge with a clear pathway for action and fulfillment in the workplace and at home.

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