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  • Debra's inspiring presentation helps audiences understand how mindset can shift your momentum through even the most challenging experiences
  • Audiences leave feeling inspired and with specific tools to build a resilient mindset to help leaders and teams move through change
  • After 3 1/2 months spent at sea, single-handedly rowing from Tenerife to Barbados, Debra is ranked as one of the Top 30 Motivational Speakers in the world, alongside Simon Sinek & Tony Robbins, and has founded 5 companies and authored 3 books.
  • Past clients include: UBS, Nike, IBM, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Bausch & Lomb, phd.

About Debra Searle - British Adventurer, Television Presenter, Author and Motivational Speaker: 

Debra Searle first hit the headlines when she set out to row across the Atlantic with her husband. Unfortunately, he had to be rescued so Debra, a novice rower, continued alone without a support boat and rowed 3000 miles from Tenerife to Barbados. It should have taken them six weeks, but Debra ended up spending 3 ½ months at sea alone, encountering 30' waves, sharks, and force 8 squalls in her 23-foot plywood boat. Since returning from this adventure, Debra has undertaken solo & team expeditions across the globe. She has also represented Great Britain at European and World Championship level in Dragon Boat Racing winning bronze, silver and gold medals.

Yet Debra is more than your usual sports speaker. Debra has founded 5 companies including MIX Diversity Developers, a D&I consultancy and training company. She has presented 40 programmes for the BBC and had 3 books published, most recently The Choose Your Attitude Journal. Her spirit of adventure gained her an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen and she was delighted to be appointed a Trustee of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, spending a decade working alongside His Royal Highness Prince Philip and His Royal Highness Prince Edward. Debra has been appointed a Member of the Victorian Order (MVO) for her services to the Royal Family. 

In 2020 Debra was ranked in the Top 30 Motivational Speakers in the world, alongside the likes of Jack Canfield, Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins and the World’s #1 Female Motivational Speaker outside the US. The movie of Debra’s solo Atlantic row is currently in development in Hollywood.


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What Debra Searle Talks About:

Choose Your Attitude: It’s not Magic, it’s Mindset!

Research shows that 75% of a top performer’s success can be attributed to positive attitude traits, with only 25% of their success attributed to skillset. Debra helps people tap into that 75% by sharing her amazing personal story of rowing the Atlantic solo after her husband was rescued from their small boat. In her speech, Debra shares the attitude enhancing tools she relied on during those 111 days alone at sea.  More than just an inspiring storyteller, Debra leaves her audiences with practical and actionable golden nuggets for work and life success, and ideas around how to stay connected with your team.  Her ‘Choose Your Attitude Toolkit’ helps leaders and individuals to support themselves, rather than sabotaging themselves mentally when the pressure is on, so they can show up well for their colleagues and clients.

Testimonial: “Your insights have certainly inspired the team to challenge the status quo and dig deep within to achieve what feels like the impossible.” Veronica Jones, Google


Mental Resilience & Wellbeing

There aren’t many people in the world who have spent more than 100 days totally alone, and there are probably even fewer who could say that they thrived during those 100 days. Debra Searle MBE spent 3.5 months unexpectedly rowing the Atlantic solo after her husband and rowing partner developed a crippling phobia of open ocean and had to be rescued from their tiny plywood boat. In these unprecedented times of unexpected change, self-isolation, and working remotely from your team, Debra will present the mindset and wellbeing strategies she has adapted from her time at sea and that she has successfully brought into her business life while working from home.  This session is about hearing an inspirational story of resilience and the practical ways to stay positive and productive during times of adversity, when there is no obvious end to the journey in sight. 

Testimonial: “We have lost that precious ability to connect and yet you managed to have us all gripped in a virtual world.” Michael Lavelle, Citibank


Choose To Challenge (Ideal for International Women’s Day/Women in Leadership events or Female Talent Development Programmes)

Debra took on her first board position at 27 years old, working with members of the British Royal Family.  As the youngest and only woman on the Board, it challenged her confidence and courage to speak up and be heard.  But Debra is no stranger to challenging herself!  Debra has founded five businesses, one of which is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy, and has completed expeditions all around the world, including rowing solo across the Atlantic.  In this inspiring talk for women and male allies, Debra uses storytelling to demonstrate how to choose to challenge yourself, how to challenge unconscious bias and how to challenge imposter syndrome to push yourself outside your comfort zone to make major step changes in your career and confidence.

International Women’s Day Speech Testimonial: “Your story was deeply inspirational to both women and men. We received hundreds of comments from individuals across the globe. Comments ranged from people who shared how your story touched them personally as well as from people who shared how they desperately needed to hear your words of hope and strength during a time like this.” Jana Falvo, Dell Technologies

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Debra has the ‘human touch’ and connected well with everyone in the audience. She held the audience from start to finish and balanced humour with more serious messages.


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