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About Diana Jordan - Healthcare and Nurses Speaker, Cancer Survivor, Corporate Comedian & Laughter Therapist:

Diana Jordan is "healing the world one laugh at a time..." Having entertained over a million people live and on television, she came to realize that by making people laugh - she could help them deal with life’s stresses, motivate them, and teach them what she has learned over the past 25 years - how great laughter is in nourishing yourself and changing your outlook on life.

Diana has toured the country many times over as an extremely successful stand-up comedian and author. She is also a cancer survivor and speaks about her journey to many cancer organizations and events nationwide.

As a funny motivational speaker in Diana’s keynote speaker address, messages ring loud and true about how you can make the choice to be happy, find the funny in your life, take responsibility for your own health, and bust stress. Just these four things can make a happier, healthier, and more productive you!
 And she’s funny too!

Diana has been nominated by the American Comedy Awards as a Top Five Female Comedian in the country. She has been seen on Showtime, Showtime Specials, HBO, ComedyCentral, VH1, and more.

Diana has also been featured on Oprah for her talent as a comedian and writer. Her hilarious, best-selling book called, A Wife’s Little Instruction Book, Your Survival Guide To Marriage Without Bloodshed! has sold over 500,000 copies.

Being a funny motivational speaker was a natural transition for Diana. She realized her gift and talent for comedy was much needed around the country.

A world traveler, Diana has lived in Greece, Hawaii, Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and even ‘starved’ while working as a waitress in New York to get a job on Broadway. She never gives up! For the last two decades, Diana has headlined America’s top comedy clubs and entertained our troops overseas.

For over a year she performed her widely popular one-woman-show, “Female, Fertile, and Frustrated!” which she wrote, produced, directed, and starred in at the world famous Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, California. “Female, Fertile, and Frustrated!” is still the longest running one person show in the forty year history of The Ice House. No longer FERTILE, Diana makes light of getting older and using humor to cope with being a breast cancer survivor.

“When my Reconstruction Surgeon asked me if I wanted to go up a cup size or two I told him, ‘let me put it this way, when I fly I want to be the flotation device!’ “

Diana studied improv comedy in “off the wall” classes with classmate Robin Williams (whom she also dated). She has been under contract to CBS Network and Twentieth Century Fox for her self-written sitcom and is a member of SAG, AFTRA, The National Speakers Association, and The Writers Guild of America.

As a talented comedian and singer, she has opened in concert for major stars at The Kennedy Center, Garden State Arts Center, and Radio City Music Hall. She has also been the Master of Ceremonies for gala events with prestigious speakers such as Former Secretary of State, General Colin Powell and Yolanda King, daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King.

On screen, Diana co-starred in “Loretta’s Surprise,” featured at the Sundance Film Festival, and was handpicked by director Cameron Crowe to be in the Oscar nominated movie “Jerry Maguire” with Tom Cruise. You’ll see her sitting next to Cruise during the now famous “You complete me” and “You had me at hello” scenes!

Cruise says, “Diana is funny and smart, she had me at her first joke!”

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How to use your Comedy Sense Of Humor In The Workplace!
What if you could hire a fantastic speaker who was not your boring cookie-cutter type? What if after the event people talked and laughed for weeks about how fantastic she was? What if you would look like a hero for finding her and hiring her?

Congratulations! You found her!

Business Comedian, Corporate Keynote Motivational Speaker, and Laughter Therapist Diana Jordan believes you can’t be less stressful and fearless in business unless you are less stressed and fearless in your life. Dare to see the positive in all kinds of changes and use your common sense of humor to deal with the challenging situations.

Sharing laughter has been proven to bond people, increase productivity and make for less sick days and happier employees!

The Healing Power of Laughter!
A laugh-out-loud presentation with a great message! If you want an uplifting, insightful, and not your typical boring cookie-cutter speaker, you want Diana Jordan.

As a motivational, entertaining and cancer survivor speaker, Diana brings an inspirational, informative, and funny look into the healthcare field like only she can. Diana drives home the message of how people in the healthcare industry always seem to take care of themselves last. “Put your oxygen mask on first! Even if yellow isn’t your best color!”

Being a two year breast cancer survivor, Diana knows a thing or two about all areas of Healthcare. From her diagnosis forward she has experienced it all.

Diana includes some of the best health care groups in her resume, such as:

  • AHIA
  • Nurses, medical centers and even human resources

Nourishing the Nurse within You!
Being a three year breast cancer survivor, Diana knows a thing or two about nurses. The tremendous stress they are under and the compassion that fills them.

Diana knew first hand that Angelina Jolie was in good hands when she recently discovered that they shared the same Physicians for their mastectomy, Dr. Christy Funk of The Pink Lotus Breast Center and plastic surgeon, Dr Jay Orringer both of Beverly Hills, California.

If you’re looking for an uplifting, insightful and laugh-out-loud message then look no further than Diana Jordan, women’s healthcare speaker.

Diana shares how we can lower stress, what causes stress, who causes stress and could you be addicted to stress? All this is wrapped in a hilarious package that explains why Oprah tagged her, “One of the funniest people on the planet!” and Dr. Oz says, “Hire Diana! She proved how laughter is truly the best medicine and I LOVE her gigglebox!” Diana also shows everyone how to prevent less sick days.

Diana brings home the message of how laughter is the best medicine and how we need to take time to love and laugh more. Diana brings humor, but keeps the importance of having healthy work and mental habits. Her topics are all real-life situations that we can all relate to, but find the humor in it along the way. Everyone leaves feeling energized and informed.

Fun, Female & Fearless!
Is a rib tickling and tinkling down your leg presentation by Diana Jordan. This is not only a hilarious stand-up comedy show, it also delivers an important message to everyone.

You will be fully engaged in stories such as how she was broken up with her then boyfriend, Robin Williams – to her hilarious “Oops” moments with Tom Cruise when she appeared in Jerry Maguire, and the almost “OOprahs” moment with good Oprah. Diana talks about Stress in the workplace, Stress in the family, Stress about getting older and the BIG “M” … Menopause. In four years, 44 million women will be in menopause … talk about global warming!

Diana is guaranteed to make your women’s event or meeting an enormous success and you a hero for hiring her.

How laughter helped me fight cancer!
Three years ago, Diana was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. Her Mastectomy was performed by Breast Surgeon, Dr. Kristi Funk of The Pink Lotus Breast Center in Beverly Hills and Dr. Jay Orringer, reconstructive plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills as well. In 2013, these same surgeons were chosen by ANGELINA JOLIE to perform her bi-lateral preventative mastectomy due to her carrying the BRACA gene.

Diana shares her thoughts and personal story as no one else can.

Diana has been a favorite speaker at many Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure luncheons and cancer awareness events over the years. Her many years of experience as a comedienne shines through as she delivers a heart-felt message about early detection and taking responsibility for your own health.

Be Smart With Your Heart!!
Diana Jordan is an extremely popular “Go Red” speaker with fantastic reviews!

She receives a well-deserved standing ovation at each event!

Diana is unique as a speaker for heart healthcare in that heart disease and COPD have played a major role in her own family. Diana lost her best friend in the world, her mother, to heart disease and emphysema.

Diana is a strong advocate of early detection and preventative medicine. Diana’s ability to make her mother laugh greatly improved the quality of her remaining years. She finds that keeping her own sense of humor and choosing to be proactive helps keep her healthy and vital.

If you’re looking for something different and refreshing and not the same, boring, cookie-cutter luncheon or event, then shake things up and bring this high-energy, dynamic, full-of-life woman. She is guaranteed to have your guests leaving informed, inspired, entertained and with a smile!

Diana delivers facts and statistics and wraps it all in a touching, fun presentation like only she can do.

Stand-Up Gal & Stand-up Comedy
As a stand-up comedian or A Mistress of Ceremonies, twenty year comedy veteran & female comedian, Diana Jordan has worked for the best, with the best, and IS ONE OF THE BEST! “DIANA JORDAN is a very funny comedian, and those are hard to find!” – Indianapolis Comedy Connection

Diana has been nominated by the American Comedy Awards as one of the top five female comedians in the country. She’s seen on Showtime, HBO Specials, Comedy Central, VH1 and many more. Diana has also used her talents as a writer in a hilarious best selling book featured on Oprah called, “A Wife’s Little Instruction Book, Your Survival Guide To Marriage Without Bloodshed!”

For 15 years Diana has headlined top comedy clubs. She has also performed her women’s only, Girls Night Out show around the country. Her reviews are always top notch! She not only performed in, but wrote, produced and directed her own One Woman Show at the world famous Ice House Comedy Club in Pasadena, California for over a year. It was at the Icehouse that Diana was discovered for many television rolls|TV contracts, and movie parts.

Diana has been under contract to the CBS Network and Twentieth Century Fox for her own sit-com which she wrote, directed, and stared in based on her life. So far!

Diana has also worked as a celebrated opening act for many Stars in Las Vegas, as well as in such prestigious venues as The Kennedy Center, Garden State Arts Center and the world-famous Radio City Music Hall in New York.

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Diana was a creative, refreshing and delightful break from our busy schedules!

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