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About Don Reynolds - Economy and Finance Speaker:

Don Reynolds is not just a great economist, he is a gifted storyteller capable of explaining real world trends - and how they impact corporations, individuals and associations. He has presented over 1,000 speeches, won numerous speaking awards - and been described as 'passionate, motivational, charismatic and mesmerizing.'

Having served eleven years as Chairman of the Investment Advisory Board of a $22 Billion trust fund, his success resulted in his being appointed by George W. Bush as Pension Board Chairman - with oversight of $120 Billion in Pension & Trust Funds. He understands how important personal accountability and bottom line performance is, and the need for decision-makers to have a clear vision of future trends and events - in order to make successful long term strategic decisions.

Don Reynolds has developed a track record of success and is constantly being invited back by clients for updates on specific economic and industry trends. Clients and media have described him as 'near clairvoyant, uncannily precise and brilliant.' He has lived 14 years overseas, visited over 50 countries, has lectured on Free Market Systems at the University of Moscow, spoken about the Global Economy for the Saudi Arabian Central Bank, keynoted the Australian IT Summit, advised the Heavy Equipment Industry in Rome, Keynoted for international correspondents in Indonesia - and spoken on the impact of global warming in Santiago.

Don developed the nation's first graduate business course on the 21st Century. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration/Planning, a Doctoral background in Economics, and is a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute of the Wharton School. He has an honorary degree from the University of Moscow - and was the first American member of the Moscow Center for Consulting Scientists.

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What Don Reynolds Talk About:

Global Economic Tour
In the last twenty years the global economy has produced three billion new capitalists with a voracious appetite for consumer products, while creating a new global labor market. Asia has become the second engine of global economic growth; Europe seeks to define its new global identity; Latin America witnesses the birth of a new middle class; and mineral and agricultural rich Canada is perfectly positioned. Don presents a bold assessment of the current political and economic events and forecasts major trends in the global economy.

Economy & Financial Markets
As a former Chairman of the Board on Pension & Investment Committees responsible for $120 Billion, Don specializes in strategic asset allocation based on long-term trend analysis and understanding of ‘Big Picture Scenarios’ and their impact on specific industries. He has a profound real-world insight into Financial Markets in such key areas as interest rates, energy prices, real estate, and economic policy. Though a long-term optimist, he is refreshingly candid about current economic realities and short term solutions vs. long term wealth creation.

Tectonic Plates of Change
The velocity of change is accelerating due to Globalization, Demographics, and Technology. When these forces interact, massive changes or tectonic shifts occur, creating a visceral new reality. To be successful, companies and individuals need to become pro-active, anticipatory, and inter-disciplinary. You will learn how these trends will impact your own work environment and how to apply those trends in predicting your own future.

Ethics in the 21st Century
From Aristotle to the inheritance rights of human clones, Don discusses the significant moral and ethical challenges confronting society from: corporate scandals and white collar crime to privacy rights. New ethical dilemmas are posed by technology, biogenetics, and an aging population. He believes that the increasing velocity of change is outstripping society’s ability to cope or regulate, leading to a decline in civility and ethical standards. But, answers can be found in corporate responsibility and a coming resurgence of long term values.

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